Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

most dangerous   (mas peligroso)

The most dangerous are attached to female shamans.

He grew up in the most dangerous time in Medellín.

It is one of the most dangerous regions in Carabobo.

more dangerous   (más peligroso)

With this, Carmelo became more dangerous to his enemies.

A more dangerous rogue software appeared in August 2010.

Other types of abscess are more dangerous.

too dangerous   (demasiado peligroso)

with Edward stating that it would be too dangerous and would act as a warhead.

Fabius continued to argue that confronting Hannibal directly was too dangerous.

They spent most time camping on the ice itself—it was too dangerous to launch the boats.

very dangerous   (muy peligroso)

That allowed us to win and it wasn't very dangerous."

It's a very dangerous precedent for the entire world."

He escaped in 1813, under very dangerous circumstances.

potentially dangerous   (potencialmente peligroso)

Careless use of pointers is potentially dangerous.

This method, too, has potentially dangerous environmental consequences.

This species is potentially dangerous, but has not been implicated in any attacks.

extremely dangerous

The brothel is well guarded and considered extremely dangerous within the sex work community.

Both the flora and fauna of the continent are extremely dangerous, as Death's Library attests.

Some naturally occurring elements are extremely dangerous for human health when digested excessively.

dangerous situation   (situacion peligrosa)

"The police created a dangerous situation.

A very dangerous situation developed when a group of Métis rushed the artillery.

The Armenian population of the city at the time was 50,000, putting the 1,000 Azeris in a dangerous situation.

dangerous situations

Thereby he also gets into dangerous situations.

It tries to rescue Charlotte even in the most dangerous situations.

Although most of his coworkers are afraid of him, they also know to come to him in dangerous situations.

considered dangerous

Tackling with "studs up" is considered dangerous.

All this time was followed closely by the Rosario police since he was considered dangerous.

Before establishing the facility, polar bears who were considered dangerous used to be shot.

less dangerous   (menos peligroso)

If possible, hazards should be removed, or modified to be less dangerous.

Subsequently, the region became less dangerous, and Sanford was first settled in 1739.

Going as far away as possible from the "success secret" may be a less dangerous route to take.

particularly dangerous   (particularmente peligroso)

A particularly dangerous stretch was known as the Elbow.

The 1970s were particularly dangerous times for icon painters.

dangerous driving

Those equivalent to dangerous driving are included.

Ide also had his Super Licence revoked for severe dangerous driving.

The above types of dangerous driving charges can only be tried on indictment.

dangerous because   (peligroso porque)

Liquid ammonia is dangerous because it is hygroscopic and because it can freeze flesh.

In 1965, the St Helen's House building was declared dangerous because of falling tiles and masonry.

They are dangerous because they attract the birds and cause disorientation, largely in young petrels.

highly dangerous

Despite this, liquid oxygen is highly dangerous.

Even a little bit of carelessness can prove highly dangerous.

They prove it to be highly dangerous.

dangerous game

Pasuckuakohowog was a dangerous game and was played almost like a war.

This model is specifically designed for heavy and dangerous game hunting.

The power of the cartridge (for stopping dangerous game quickly) was also praised.

difficult and dangerous

Organizing in Flint was a difficult and dangerous plan.

The strait is a difficult and dangerous passage for a sailing vessel.

These factors make it more difficult and dangerous to diagnose problems.

dangerous conditions

These must be planned well in advance by divers who know how to read currents and are aware of the dangerous conditions.

Bjarnason was a soldier during World War II, commanding a Canadian tank regiment through dangerous conditions in Europe.

The race may also be restarted in the event of a serious accident or dangerous conditions, with the original start voided.

dangerous place   (lugar peligroso)

It was not easy for everyone to sleep at this new and dangerous place.

free-kick in a dangerous place but an unbelieveble save by Aaron Hare .

"Time" magazine called Ramadi the most dangerous place on the planet at that time.

dangerous task

The advertisements appeared in major cities calling for men willing to "face a rough and dangerous task".

She was always a willing and tireless helper, who could be called upon to carry out a difficult and dangerous task at short notice.

Sending humans to space is a dangerous task in which the implementation of various cyborg technologies could be used in the future for risk mitigation.

not dangerous

PVD in of itself is not dangerous and a natural process.

Physical withdrawal is not dangerous.

There are four species of snake on the island and these are not dangerous to humans.