İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

data collection   (Veri toplama)

DAMA/LIBRA phase 1 data collection started in September 2003.

The funding supported development of an online data collection system.

HINTS 2005 also used RDD/CATI and identical data collection procedures.

census data   (nüfus sayımı verileri)

The census data were collected from January 23 to 27, 2001.

Recent historians using census data have shown that is a fallacy.

Central government could also use census data to allocate funding.

data collected   (toplanan veri)

The data collected by him was as below: SN Date Ini.

The plan used data collected through Kanj.

To achieve this, all data collected should be gender disaggregated.

data analysis   (veri analizi)

Noah Smith praised CORE for "focusing more on hands-on data analysis."

In statistics, the term "analysis" may refer to any method used for data analysis.

His position on data modelling would appear to be implicit in the term data analysis.

data set

codice_2 specifies the contents of the output data set.

The FRGC data set contains 50,000 recordings.

Data set A data set (or dataset) is a collection of data.

data sets

IEBCOPY copies, compresses and merges partitioned data sets.

The source data sets are not cataloged.

Mozilla publishes Common Voice data sets under a CC-0 license.

data structure

It was the first such data structure to be invented.

The domain name space consists of a tree data structure.

It uses S-expressions to denote both code and data structure.

data storage   (veri depolama)

3D optical data storage has also been proposed.

Latches and flip-flops are used as data storage elements.

File copying is a fundamental operation for data storage.

data center

This will be the first green data center in the world.

In 2011 he founded the data center storage company Infinio.

Prior to the 1980s all IT operations were performed at the data center.

data structures   (veri yapıları)

In practice, the state is stored in one or more data structures.

It is also possible to create circular data structures with conses.

COBOL's data structures influenced subsequent programming languages.

data processing   (veri işleme)

The company is equipped with a data processing center.

The major characteristic of Stage III is reconstruction of data processing operation.

Afterwards it evolved towards a more general and advanced 3D data processing software.

personal data   (kişisel veri)

Most personal data assistants (PDAs) and smartphones also have such a feature.

The dissemination of personal data makes PII gathering a hotly debated social issue.

They have been accused of collecting personal data from student which is consider illegal.

big data

She championed the use of big data in motor racing.

In the era of big data veracity is a must.

She helps TFL use big data to optimise transport in London.

other data   (diğer veri)

Metadata is data that defines and describes other data.

Here are some examples of other data sets that are freely available.

They are also used to implement many other data structures, such as lists and strings.

data centers

ServerCentral's private 10-Gigabit IP network connected the data centers.

By 2013, Apple was using 100% renewable energy to power their data centers.

Online owns and operates several data centers, all located in the Île-de-France region.

data mining

Vero markets itself as a social network free from advertisements, data mining and algorithms.

Companies can use data mining technologies and web searches to understand relational signals.

SPSS Modeler IBM SPSS Modeler is a data mining and text analytics software application from IBM.

data types

* domain as a set base data types for all UTIs.

Eiffel formally supports abstract data types.

"what" data types go in and come out of it.

data points

If all data points lie on a straight line, this line is called an isochron.

Consider any matrix formula_1 consisting of formula_2 formula_3-dimensional data points.

The better the fit of the data points to a line, the more reliable the resulting age estimate.

data management

Next comes the data management phase.

Nowadays, data management has transferred over from local storage to the cloud.

In early 2018, Rubrik purchased, another cloud data management company.

data transfer

He hoped "to remove barriers to data transfer."

Primarily CAPI was designed for data transfer over ISDN.

An IPI-2 bus could provide a data transfer rate in the vicinity of 6 MB/s.

collect data   (veri topla)

It can be used to map the ocean floor or collect data of the water column.

They collect data that can be used to seek endangered species classification.

The regional centres would collect data and send it to the national registry.

data available   (mevcut veriler)

All of these use the latest data available, the 2010 year.

In many cases, this is the only biographical data available.

There is very little data available on its life cycle and biology.

data protection   (veri koruması)

The acquisition expanded Acronis’ data protection on mobile devices.

In the United States, federal data protection laws are approached by sectors.

Privacy, data protection, and identity theft have become issues of increasing interest.

using data

(2003) using data from the 2MASS and SDSS surveys.

confirmed their findings using data from XMM-Newton and Chandra.

These can often be determined using data collected for other studies.

new data   (yeni veri)

In April 2015, the company announced a new data platform called Benchmarks.

Monitoring is needed and the species should be reassessed if new data becomes available."

Further, application developers who design new data types can easily extend the UTIs available.

based on data

Shares are based on data expressed in tonnes oil equivalent.

The latest population figures are based on data from the 2011 census of India.

Its discovery is based on data from the K2 mission of NASA's Kepler spacecraft.

all data

Almost all data in a NIFF file are optional.

New technology means that all data are now scanned and processed.

To achieve this, all data collected should be gender disaggregated.

experimental data   (deneysel veri)

Many experimental data supports the prediction.

Interactions complicate the interpretation of experimental data.

Then find the best probability result to explain the experimental data.

data rate   (veri hızı)

Uncompressed video requires a very high data rate.

This effectively triples the gross data rate offered by GSM.

The data rate is 2047 kbit/s.

data sources

Marketers use many data sources to create lookalike seeds.

The data sources are the following:

Different data sources are available in different compute context.

data transmission   (veri aktarımı)

Azerspace-2 will provide digital broadcasting, data transmission and other services.

The ground conductor cable may also support fibre optic cables for data transmission.

However, it would require all data transmission to send eight bits when seven could suffice.

amount of data

The minimum amount of data for S0/S1/S2/S3 records is zero.

The FDA has collected a large amount of data through decades.

Consequently, the amount of data stored in each chip is "N"2 bits.

enrollment data   (kayıt verileri)

The schools in the district (with 2017-18 enrollment data from the National Center for Education Statistics).

Schools in the district (with 2015-16 enrollment data from the National Center for Education Statistics) are: Core members of the district's administration are:

Schools in the district (with 2014-15 enrollment data from the National Center for Education Statistics) are: Core members of the district's administration are:

available data   (ulaşılabilir bilgi)

Based on available data, Selk'nam seems to have had 3 vowels and 23 consonants.

In January 2017 Steam Spy guessed, based on available data, around 20,000 owners.

There are no available data on Benin's level of investment in research and development.

data type

The ADT defines the logical form of the data type.

Generic Functions are also a first class data type.

Many programming languages defined the data type "byte".

collected data

The flight also collected data about earth’s atmosphere and its ozone layer.

Over the next seven years he collected data material on 352 cases of birth delivery.

He later used the collected data in his work "Flora der Wolgagegenden" (Flora of the Volga Region).

raw data   (işlenmemiş veri)

DMPs first begin by gathering raw data.

In the context of examinations, the raw data might be described as a raw score.

Diagonalization typically involves either raw data, percentages, means or residuals.

data between   (arasındaki veriler)

The OS seamlessly moves data between the two as needed.

It directs the flow of data between the CPU and the other devices.

more data

In practice, the state is stored in one or more data structures.

I'll just wait for a bit more data."

Arago's letter went on to request more data on the external fringes.

historical data   (tarihsel veri)

The ratings are compiled by using only statistical and historical data.

Despite its hagiographic nature, Chapter 36 contains a lot of reliable historical data.

OI collects real-time data and correlates against historical data to provide insight and analysis.

scientific data

The book is filled with scientific data, and its world-wide scope was unusual at the time.

GZT uses scouts to collect scientific data, provide security, surveillance, and run education programs.

The purpose of the expedition was to assert Britain's claims on the continent, as well as gather scientific data.

data model   (veri örneği)

The "top-down" approach is designed using a normalized enterprise data model.

It was initially published in 1997 as a logical data model for architecture data.

Different processor families and Coupling Facility levels also change the data model.

input data   (veri girişi)

LITTLE_R's improvement again makes it easier for users to input data.

Usually, two C structs will be defined, one for the input data and one for the output data.

This is wrong because, this power increase allows working with large input data (big data).

data link   (veri bağlantısı)

It is also possible to establish a connection using the data link layer.

As per the OSI model, Ethernet provides services up to and including the data link layer.

This version includes a Plug-N-Play (PnP) III(TM) digital two-way, data link LRU inside the pod.

no data   (veri yok)

About the nervous system no data has been provided yet.

The keepalive packet contains no data.

The exact number of these conscripts is not known; no data exist beyond 1943.

statistical data

It also publishes statistical data.

The percentages given are estimates only, as accurate and current statistical data on ethnicity are not available.

Based on the statistical data issued by the City Government of Banda Aceh, Banda Aceh had 248,727 inhabitants in May 2012.

sequence data

It maps the raw sequence data from the nuclear profiles(NPs).

Based on peptide sequence data, their closest living relatives are orangutans.

With these sequence data, plot pair-wise co-segregation matrices to display pairwise chromatin contacts.

data acquisition   (veri toplama)

Genealogy software products differ in the way they support data acquisition (e.g.

Gibson has overall responsibility for data acquisition from the ring imaging Cherenkov detectors.

The 2701 could also have "data acquisition and control adapters" for direct control of external equipment.

digital data   (dijital veri)

By using a modem, a much larger amount of digital data can be transmitted through a single wire.

Codec A codec is a device or computer program which encodes or decodes a digital data stream or signal.

Most digital data today is still stored magnetically on hard disks, or optically on media such as CD-ROMs.

data compression   (Veri sıkıştırma)

This principle is the basis of data compression technology.

Speech encoding is an important category of audio data compression.

JPEG), S3TC's fixed-rate data compression coupled with the single memory access (cf.

data obtained   (elde edilen veriler)

A re-analysis of data obtained over the period of 1974–1976 by Brookes et al.

It incorporated some features based on data obtained from the United States (U.S.).

Camera-trapping data obtained between 2009 and 2011 indicate that some cheetahs travel long distances.

data such

audio recorded data such as interviews).

For example, the date dimension could contain data such as year, month and weekday.

Additional objectives consist in creating product with aggregated data such as climatological descriptions.

data shows   (veri gösterir)

Gaia data shows stars in the area are unrelated

As above data shows, this is not true.

The recent local data shows the population is above the 8000 and the literacy rate is above 76%.

data provided

However, this is not in accordance with data provided by German genealogists.

The adjustment is made on the basis of data provided by the European Commission.

Based upon the data provided, the ERF's published conclusions were not supportable.

user data   (Kullanıcı bilgisi)

At the time, Apple argued that Google collected too much user data.

The group claimed that they had taken not only company data but user data as well.

However, due to a significant number of user data export failures that deadline was extended until March 16, 2017.

data stream

The 1571 uses a saddle canceler when reading the data stream.

RFCOMM provides a simple, reliable, data stream to the user, similar to TCP.

It is an easy matter to omit them from both the data stream and the calculations.

data analytics   (Veri analizi)

He uses big data analytics to study aspects the financial markets.

The firm also offers data analytics, loyalty publishing and IP licensing.

Kogan is the CEO and founder of Philometrics, another big data analytics firm.

data deficient   (veri eksikliği)

not actually on the Red List), or are data deficient.

It is currently evaluated as data deficient by the IUCN.

data services

RPX provides data services as part of its membership.

On October 8, most data services were restored to users.

Lionbridge provides localization and AI training data services in 350+ languages.

collecting data   (veri toplama)

Nighthawk is an advanced unmanned aircraft that has been in space three years collecting data.

Primary research is collecting data through surveys, interviews, observation, and/or focus groups.

Comrades administering interventions or collecting data could contaminate the randomization scheme.

data science

He has taught online data science courses for DataCamp.

She believes that Scotland will become a world-leading destination for data science.

Kyrpides's current research focuses on microbiome research, with an emphasis on microbiome data science.

data used

The rate data used in kinetic analyses are commonly obtained from enzyme assays.

By 1979, Tetra Tech was helping to analyze data used in exploring Alaska's North Slope for oil.

Since the data used by search engines belongs to the user they should have absolute control over it.

open data   (açık veri)

Challenges remain in unifying and expanding the open data initiatives.

In 2012, Resnick introduced and passed Wisconsin's first open data ordinance.

"OGD Platform India" is a platform for supporting open data initiative of Government of India.

amounts of data

NoSQL’s greatest power is its ability to store vast amounts of data.

This requires physical scanners and produces enormous amounts of data.

A database is intended to organize, store, and retrieve large amounts of data easily.

data using

These may process data using fixed-point arithmetic or floating point.

A modern digital computer represents data using the binary numeral system.

Over a four-week period, couples recorded IELT data using a stopwatch and noted condom use.

flight data   (uçuş verileri)

Both the flight data recorder and the cockpit voice recorder were recovered.

On the other hand, all the data from the flight data recorder, which used a solid-state drive, was recovered.

The cockpit voice recorder was to retrieve any information, though the flight data recorder yielded useful information.

data exchange

Autolisp routines were used for the data exchange.

The data exchange format (spML) is also under development.

By abstracting access, it facilitates cross-platform data exchange.

data showed   (veriler gösterdi)

The local weather bureau data showed Pingtung as a whole received of rain since August 22.

Research data showed a strong negative relationship between DDT residual house sprayings and malaria.

In 2011, census data showed the number of dwellings increased to 2,172 while the population fell to 5,079.

data gathered   (toplanan veriler)

This information was calculated by data gathered from the US Department of Education.

The data gathered is analogous to the cues humans use to perceive emotions in others.

The data gathered, and the analysis, will be fed back to the group that does performance tuning.

data stored   (depolanan veriler)

B+ trees can also be used for data stored in RAM.

Consequently, the amount of data stored in each chip is "N"2 bits.

data stored at those queues will be released upon receipt of a frame).

data suggest   (veri önerisi)

Experimental data suggest that a two-stage mechanism is required.

These data suggest that GFAP is necessary for many critical roles in the CNS.

However, molecular data suggest the polyphyly of this assemblage of fossorial genera.

data rates

JEDEC has set standards for data rates of DDR SDRAM, divided into two parts.

Lower data rates also reduce cost and improve performance when the data is transmitted.

For USB 3.0, additional data transmission encoding is used to handle the higher data rates required.

same data

Finally, the manipulated data gets loaded into target tables in the same data warehouse.

Each entry has associated "data", which is a copy of the same data in some "backing store".

The semantics were just loose enough that there might be several ways to describe the same data.

empirical data   (ampirik veriler)

The BGIT is based on empirical data and heat of formation.

Their research was rooted, in Nuffield style, in a range of social survey empirical data.

This work was accomplished by creating a synthetic day using empirical data from the OSOTF.

data through

The FDA has collected a large amount of data through decades.

The Trianon pledge manual recorded sorority data through 1967.

This mode provides the data through the observer’s point of view.

data files   (veri dosyaları)

SPICE data files are usually referred to as "kernels."

These picture data files can then be put on to film using a film recorder for film out.

A decoder to convert from this format into well-defined subroutines and data files is available as a separate package.

such data

It was the first such data structure to be invented.

An accompanying graph shows a GAO analysis of such data.

A useful summary of such data is the population pyramid.

survey data   (anket verisi)

E.g., survey data can be merged with randomized, controlled trial data.

The company generates revenue by selling advertising and subscriptions to its polling survey data.

According to ISSP survey data (2008), 8% consider themselves "highly religious", and 31% "moderately religious".

molecular data

Later molecular data have supported this early hypothesis.

Recently, it was assigned to the genus "Neverita" based on molecular data.

However, molecular data suggest the polyphyly of this assemblage of fossorial genera.

data entry   (veri girişi)

The HP 12c featured the reverse Polish notation mode of data entry.

It also provides error-checking and lighting-specific data entry shortcuts.

The advent of personal computing swallowed up this type of data entry by 1990.

provide data   (veri sağlamak)

"The bus continued to provide data until at least 25 April 1983."

Streams provide data parallelism.

SSOT systems provide data that are authentic, relevant, and referable.

research data

It is one of the world's largest archives for research data.

Each health effect is categorized by evidence of association based on available research data.

Primary research data suggests that cigarette smoke promotes the dysregulation of a number of miRNA's.

image data

XBM image data consists of a line of pixel values stored in a static array.

Computer graphics produces image data from 3D models, computer vision often produces 3D models from image data.

additional data

All versions of USB specify cable properties; version 3.X cables include additional data paths.

If not, additional data is collected to see if the signal represents a new orbit of a known object.

For USB 3.0, additional data transmission encoding is used to handle the higher data rates required.

set of data

The mode is the value of a set of data that appears most often.

Scanning this smaller set of data reduces the number of disk operations.

(It is unclear whether this last set of data is comprehensive or CSA only.)

satellite data

On September 28, satellite data and ships' observations indicated a closed circulation.

Recently, Greenland's three largest outlet glaciers have started moving faster, satellite data show.

These projections have the possibility of changing as satellite data only dates back to 40 years ago.

data is available   (veriler mevcut)

Its population was last estimated at 75, but no current U.S. Census data is available.

Bible Analyzer is updated regularly and a CD-Rom with over 1200MB of data is available.

For more sophisticated analysis, a powerful algebraic calculator for gridded data is available.

weather data

The weather data is given in the following table.

The French BEA then collected weather data prior to the crash.

The free weather data service is very popular, with around 30 million downloads a day.

voice and data

Both voice and data (via SMS or GPRS) is transmitted.

GLO has the largest roaming coverage for voice and data in Africa.

Project HERMES has a maximum coverage of 22,000 km and can transmit voice and data.

according to data   (verilere göre)

Of those shares, 90 were lower one year later while 21 gained, according to data from S&P Capital IQ.

Turkey became the European Union's fifth-largest trade partner in 2015 according to data released by Eurostat.

Serbia is the second top investor in Bosnia and Herzegovina, according to data spanning May 1994–December 2013.

data access   (veri erişimi)

Measures to prevent unauthorized data access should also be used.

Full data access available here.

The in-memory data-store provides high speed data access to the portion of the data that needs it.

data recorder   (veri kaydedici)

Both the flight data recorder and the cockpit voice recorder were recovered.

The gun had a semi-automatic breech mechanism, automatic charging, and a data recorder.

On the other hand, all the data from the flight data recorder, which used a solid-state drive, was recovered.

data regarding

Being deemed divisive, the 1961 census data regarding religion was not published.

However, there is no specific data regarding the sale of vultures in Tanzania's markets.

The lack of data regarding these concerns makes increasing awareness for worker safety more challenging.

data suggests   (veriler düşündürüyor)

Some data suggests that only the males of "A.

In fact, data suggests that around 25% of patients arrive having coagulopathy.

Estimates of the Bangladeshi population vary, but UN data suggests (162.9 million) in 2017.

data base

The data base has several sections.

A file-builder is included to allow players to insert new words in the data base.

The resulting data base is very popular among social scientists for quantitative analyses of social and economic change.

types of data

There is no built-in distinction between types of data in that area.

Field experiments allow researchers to collect diverse amounts and types of data.

However, some types of data are more difficult to recall after many years than others.

data bus

It features a 16-bit address and an 8-bit data bus.

The CPU has 8-bits data bus and 22 bits instruction bus.

Then it reads or writes the data in the memory cells using the data bus.

financial data   (finansal Veri)

Several websites provide detailed financial data on Samaritan's Touch.

Businesses use accounting books such as journals and ledgers to record financial data in a practice called bookkeeping.

Preqin Preqin provides financial data and information on the alternative assets market, as well as tools to support investment in alternatives.

data visualization   (veri goruntuleme)

It specializes in business intelligence tools and data visualization.

data visualization.

She shared a patent for a data visualization tool designed and developed at the MathWorks.

large data

Online resources involve complex programming and large data bases, such as censuses.

This is primarily useful for extraordinarily large data stores, accessed without human operators.

GPGPU pipelines may improve efficiency on especially large data sets and/or data containing 2D or 3D imagery.