İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

dated back   (geri tarihli)

The last win then dated back to matchday eight.

There was a castle that dated back to the 11th century.

Dali was a county dated back to Qin Dynasty.

issue dated   (tarihli sayı)

In the issue dated 12 October 2011, there was another revamp.

In the issue dated 28 January 2012, "The Beano"'s cover changed.

It entered the UK Dance Chart at number 39 in the issue dated 23 January 2010.

chart dated   (tarihli grafik)

50 on the Hot Country Songs chart dated May 19, 2007.

It debuted on the Hot 100 chart dated October 10, 1981.

7 on the US "Billboard" Hot 100 chart dated October 4, 2012.

letter dated

wrote Peter in a letter dated 13 August 1710.

The king requested the pope to confirm it in a letter dated May 1253.

His letter of 14 July 1732 was answered by a letter dated 31 October 1732.

dated between

It is dated between 29 August and 27 September 72.

The present Georgskirche is dated between 1150 and 1160.

The effigy is dated between 1275-1300 CE.

dated to around   (etrafında tarihli)

From architectural clues, the present building has been dated to around 1570.

It was dated to around 3,300 BP, but the origin of the jade material is unknown.

One variety of these jars, which were biconical shaped, dated to around 700-650 BCE.

document dated   (tarihli belge)

He is first mentioned in a document dated to 1170.

The Ottomans first mention it in a document dated from 1565.

The Free Judges were first mentioned in a document dated 1337.

dated to between

The remains were dated to between 5100 and 4900 BC.

It can be dated to between 5 BC and 2 AD.

The fossils were dated to between 4.35 and 4.45 million years old.

signed and dated

He signed and dated each one of his works.

Form 1040 must be signed and dated in order to be considered valid.

Benvenuto has 11 signed and dated paintings that are still surviving.

dated the manuscript

F. H. A. Scrivener dated the manuscript to the 12th century.

Guglielmo Cavallo dated the manuscript to the 7th or 8th century.

Julius P. Gilson of the British Museum dated the manuscript 1185–1225.

inscription dated

A further inscription dated 1760 is found here.

At the door is an inscription dated 1842.

The Kelurak inscription dated 704 Saka (782 CE) was discovered near this temple.

chart issue dated

After staying out for a week, the song re-entered at number 60 on the chart issue dated October 27, 2012.

On the chart issue dated November 10, 2012, the song rose to number 25, becoming the "Greatest Gainer" of the week.

In Australia, "Soon We'll Be Found" debuted at number 89 on the ARIA Singles Chart on the chart issue dated 4 May 2009.

report dated   (tarihli rapor)

A British embassy report dated 1940 estimated there were almost 1,000 German nationals in Iran.

In a report dated October 8, 1868, Lee described the cause of the "riot" and the death count, saying that five blacks had been killed.

According to the Flexible Plug and Play progress report dated June 2012 a Quad Booster could be fitted at the British Sugar factory site in Wissington.

charter dated   (tarifesiz)

A non-authentic royal charter dated to 1186 contains the last reference to Makar.

Moreover, a falsified charter dated to 1135 lists one Archbishop Simon of Kalocsa.

His name was only maintained by a 15th-century copy of an obviously falsified charter dated to 1093.

grant dated   (tarihli hibe)

One independent grant dated 574 CE made by Garulaka king Simhaditya is also found at Palitana along with him.

In the Plantation of Ulster by grant dated 13 March 1610, King James VI and I granted "four polls of Ballemagoechan to Cahell M'Owen O Reyly".

In the Plantation of Ulster by grant dated 4 June 1611, King James VI and I granted, inter alia, "two polls of Tewbay to Breene Og Magauran, gentleman".

decree dated   (tarihli kararname)

These privileges were granted in a royal decree dated March 20, 1532.

The Second Audiencia was named in a royal decree dated January 12, 1530.

briefly dated

Though they briefly dated, they married other people.

Faron Young briefly dated Billie Jean Jones.

Austin briefly dated Kim Kardashian in 2010.

manuscript is dated

The manuscript is dated by the INTF to the 15th-century.

The manuscript is dated by the INTF to the 14th-century.

The manuscript is dated by the INTF to the 12th-century.