eldest daughter   (長女)

The figure is Diana, the merman's eldest daughter.

He married Ellen Isabella, the eldest daughter of Rev.

She is the eldest daughter of Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne.

only daughter   (一人娘)

His only daughter, Sophia Elizabeth, survived him.

His only daughter married Baron Gustave de Romand.

Bibijan is the only daughter of Sheik Chinna Moulana.

youngest daughter   (一番下の娘)

She is the youngest daughter of four siblings.

Tamika Scott is the youngest daughter of Rev.

The youngest daughter Norah died in 1972 at the age of 98.

second daughter   (次女)

He married in 1806 the second daughter of the Rev.

They gave birth to their second daughter in 1930.

Their second daughter, Lena, was born in 2014.

daughter named   (という娘)

1990), and a daughter named Ayetri Aradhan Roy (b.

Their only child a daughter named Tecla, died 2001.

The couple has a daughter named Sana (born in 2001).

wife and daughter

Francis lives in Leeds with his wife and daughter.

Bozaci lives in Zurich with his wife and daughter.

Wilk lives in Las Vegas with his wife and daughter.

young daughter

Brown is married to a violinist and has a young daughter.

In one scene, his young daughter headbutts a social worker.

Deviprasad leaves the house with his wife and young daughter.

younger daughter

Eleanor selected the younger daughter, Blanche.

His younger daughter Noemie is also a slalom canoeist.

At the time she was living with her younger daughter Mitzi.

son and daughter

They had a son and daughter, but divorced in 1993.

He and his wife are parents of a son and daughter.

Smith brought up her son and daughter on her own.

illegitimate daughter   (非嫡出娘)

He also had one illegitimate daughter.

In 1835, she gave birth to an illegitimate daughter, Georgiana.

He also had an illegitimate daughter Marjorie, who married Alan Durward.

third daughter

Bao Sanniang was the third daughter of Bao Yuanwai.

His third daughter was born in September 2019.

She was the third daughter of Emperor Kinmei.

adopted daughter

She played Anju, an adopted daughter craving love.

Gauri has an adopted daughter, who she adopted at the age of 4.

Eliot's adopted daughter, Hope, went on to graduate from college.

daughter and heiress   (娘と相続人)

His mother was a daughter and heiress of Robert de Lacy (d. 1193).

Henry married Margaret Yeo, daughter and heiress of Robert Yeo of Heanton Satchville.

Charles, 12th of Loup married the daughter and heiress of William Somerville of Kennox in 1792.

own daughter   (自分の娘)

Porambo also adopted Glenna as his own daughter.

O'Reilly brings his own daughter by for a visit.

Finally, he sold his own daughter, Mestra, into slavery.

married the daughter

The latter also married the daughter of Nur ad-Din.

while Chih-Chih married the daughter of the Kangju ruler.

He married the daughter of Harshavardhana.

first daughter

Danise's first daughter, Floria, was born in 1905.

On June 6, her first daughter, Maria Eduarda, was born.

In 2010 their first daughter was born Michelle Raidman.

elder daughter   (長女)

His wife was the elder daughter of Prince Kaya Kuninori, Yukiko.

Her elder daughter had died in 1937.

He has two children, elder daughter Nupur and younger son Mohit.

whose daughter

Peter Hobart, whose daughter Bathsheba married John Leavitt's son John Jr.

Billy Wirth plays Stephen Roland, a man whose daughter is dying of neuroblastoma.

Greta tells Frances she is a widow, from France, whose daughter is studying in Paris.

s daughter

She plays the role of Perreira’s daughter, Diana.

His Empress was , Emperor Richu’s daughter.

Valentine, almost seventeen, is Cécile and Luc’s daughter.

oldest daughter

Amba was the oldest daughter of the King of Kashi.

His oldest daughter offered to go and was equipped.

Their oldest daughter, Robin, died of leukemia in 1953.

s daughter

She plays the role of Perreira’s daughter, Diana.

His Empress was , Emperor Richu’s daughter.

Valentine, almost seventeen, is Cécile and Luc’s daughter.

teenage daughter   (10代の娘)

McCuddy has a teenage daughter from a previous relationship.

Davey's teenage daughter Martha assisted with the creation of "Looking for Alice."

His teenage daughter Carlota was billed as a co-author of his first Alatriste novel.

another daughter   (別の娘)

1930), and another daughter, Margaret born in 1931.

Wadler's mother also adopted another daughter in 2009.

They were gifted another daughter.

mother and daughter

They are the first mother and daughter to play for the Black Ferns.

Despite the distance between them, however, mother and daughter do love each other.

The two have a frank conversation during which they become closer as mother and daughter.

daughter of former

She is the daughter of former General Liu Huaqing.

She is the daughter of former Tasmanian MP Heather Butler.

He married the daughter of former Lawman Jógvan Justinusson.

married a daughter

He married a daughter of Ivan Asen II of Bulgaria.

1718), married a daughter of his stepbrother Wolf.

He married a daughter of the prominent Rolle family.

daughter was born

Bowie and Iman's daughter was born on 15 August.

His third daughter was born in September 2019.

In 2010 their first daughter was born Michelle Raidman.

daughter married

His only daughter married Baron Gustave de Romand.

His daughter married sculptor Eugène-Louis Lequesne.

His daughter married the engraver Filips Sadeler in 1624.

infant daughter   (幼児の娘)

In 2011, Davis and her husband adopted an infant daughter.

During this time, he suffered the loss of his infant daughter in 1859.

Jacob, believing Bella is dead, blames Bella's infant daughter Renesmee.

baby daughter   (赤ん坊の娘)

Has a baby daughter and is a single father.

The couple had an ill baby daughter, Sally, who required extra care.

Bilotti left behind ten children, including a six-week-old baby daughter.

surviving daughter

Her surviving daughter becomes estranged from the black community.

Their surviving daughter Antoinette married the physician Pierre Formi.

Fang and her surviving daughter moved to the United States after the attack.

fourth daughter

In 2018, their fourth daughter, Tahlia Lennox, was born.

Josephine Erwin bore her fourth daughter in 1864, but the girl died shortly after her birth.

Alberta was named after Princess Louise Caroline Alberta (1848–1939), the fourth daughter of Queen Victoria.

daughter together

The couple had a daughter together out of wedlock.

The couple has a daughter together called Kristína.

They married in 2000 and have one daughter together.

daughter born

They had a daughter born on 21 August 2007, named Keira.

They have a son born in 2014 and a daughter born in 2016.

The couple had their first daughter born in February 1881.

daughter cells

The cytoplasm then separates, creating multiple daughter cells.

It divides by simple binary fission to form two smaller daughter cells.

The ultimate result of mitosis is the formation of two identical daughter cells.

other daughter   (他の娘)

His other daughter, Rosemary, is a barrister-at-law.

His other daughter is Elizabeth L. Johnson.

The other daughter's name is unknown.

daughter died

His wife and daughter died when he was 40.

According to Lajci, his daughter died in her mother's arms.

One daughter died shortly after arrival.

married his daughter

He had been his clerk and had married his daughter, Étiennette Vellefaux.

Kotys had already married his daughter to the Athenian general Iphicrates.

After the death of Marcellus in 23 BC, Augustus married his daughter to Agrippa.

beautiful daughter

Then the frog told her future: she would not escape, but have a beautiful daughter.

Kichaka's sister, Sudeshna, had a son Uttarakumara and a beautiful daughter, Uttara.

Meanwhile, Kirtimati, the beautiful daughter of the Shurasena king Kirtisena, visits the temple.

father and daughter

Both father and daughter had roles in the Australian TV series "Heartland".

The Regers had no children, and Max and Alma became like father and daughter for some time.

This program is looking to expand into father and daughter, grandparent and son or daughter.

marry his daughter

Mohan Rao asks Shankar to marry his daughter, but he refuses.

The king sent for the priest to marry his daughter to the general.

This satisfied Alcestis' father and he let Admetus marry his daughter.

grand daughter

He is married, has two children and one grand daughter.

She is the grand daughter of politician Faik Ahmet Barutçu (1894–1959).

His former lover was Maria Karolina Sobieska, grand daughter of John III Sobieski.

daughter called

Married to Yendry, they have a daughter called María Fernanda.

In 1942, she gave birth to her only child, a daughter called Jean.

A daughter called Matrunna had a non-semitic, possibly Hurrian name.

daughter and son

A daughter and son were born from this marriage:

The couple have a daughter and son – Kashvi and Sohail.

They had a daughter and son born after they migrated west.

daughter and heir

His daughter and heir Mor O’Rely was then 15 years old and married".

He married Elizabeth, daughter and heir of Edward Gilbert, alderman of London.

biological daughter

Bates and his wife, Rebecca, have one biological daughter, and three children adopted from South Korea during the 1970s.

Meanwhile, Jiayi has been persistently trying to dig up her past and realises that she is not Fang Honglie's biological daughter.

Her biological paternity remains a mystery; one rumour had it that she was her adoptive father's biological daughter born by his servant.

older daughter

Knight also has an older daughter named Aneka.

Shannon and her older daughter Lauryn denied these reports.

Miller's older daughter Marissa also had a small role in the film.

newborn daughter   (生まれたばかりの娘)

The name was very similar to "Lilah", the name of Brown's newborn daughter.

Peter also met with his sister and her newborn daughter, Princess Tatiana Radziwill.

Lowe and Giudici are currently living in Dallas, Texas with their two sons and newborn daughter.

husband and daughter

As of 2004, she is living with her husband and daughter in California.

She was buried in the Salt Lake City Cemetery next to her husband and daughter.

A native of Houston, Texas, Locke lives in Los Angeles, California, with her husband and daughter.

daughter of actor

She is the daughter of actor and singer Jamie Foxx.

She is a daughter of actor David Markham and writer Olive Dehn (1914–2007).

She is the daughter of actor and comedian Rob Schneider and former model London King.

daughter house

A second daughter house, Valroy Abbey, was founded in 1147.

A daughter house of Aghaboe was later built at Kilkenny, the capital of Osraige.

In 1162, Pedro and Diego Jiménez founded the Cistercian daughter house of Santa María de Rute.

when his daughter   (彼の娘が)

Miller got the idea for the movie when his daughter Savannah was a toddler.

Meanwhile, Madocks became a father when his daughter Eliza Anne Ermine was born.

In 1899, when his daughter Sadie was 1 year old, he abandoned his family and moved to Wales.


His interests include swimming, trapshooting and following his daughter’s equestrian career.

Her name was Mary MacNamara, and she is mentioned in the song as ‘Mack the Ranger's daughter’.

After a rest at her daughter’s home in Italy, she returned to the U.S. and resumed teaching in 1895.