Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

next day   (Día siguiente)

The return takes place the next day around midday.

The next day, he wakes up and she is already gone.

The next day the BSP returned the mandate as well.

same day   (mismo día)

This was on the same day as other local elections.

following day   (el día siguiente)

The show was aired in Australia the following day.

The following day, Hasani was suspended by Tirana.

The following day she released her first EP "REM".

per day   (por día)

Swatch reports precision of −5/+5 seconds per day.

It carries traffic volumes of up to 2,100 per day.

He would practice for three to six hours per day.

present day   (En la actualidad)

Portions of the armour survive to the present day.

The sea level is to higher than present day levels.

It is here, that the present day campus stands tall.

first day

Their first day of filming was September 12, 2012.

The first day of Vaisakh marks the solar new year.

Numerous "first day" souvenir notes have survived.

every day   (todos los días)

Around 16,000 commuters use the station every day.

There are 6 passenger trains available every day.

The willingness to f—kin' try anything every day.

day before   (un día antes)

He died one day before turning 74 on May 19, 2017.

A foreshock of 6.7 was registered the day before.

A day before the race, Ilderim prepares his horses.

each day   (cada día)

He focused on three to four Bible lessons each day.

There is a limit of 2,000 tickets sold for each day.

Approximately 69,000 tickets were sold for each day.

during the day

The Binturong is active during the day and at night.

It hides during the day and emerges at night to feed.

It generally rests or ruminates during the day.

last day   (último día)

Wilson’s last day on ESPN Radio was July 26, 2005.

On the last day of the season Napoli played Genoa.

The parade was held on the last day of the festival.

opening day   (día de la inauguración)

Its opening day in 1970 attracted 4,000 visitors.

The film earned $3,124,775 on its opening day.

In , Ponson was the opening day starter for Baltimore.

hours a day

Its emergency department operates 24 hours a day.

Their status of trading 24 hours a day was retained.

It broadcasts 24 hours a day, on 92.1 in the FM band.

final day

Yardley’s men resumed at 3/106 on the final day.

His final day with the station was September 21, 2012.

FC Heidenheim on the final day in a 4–2 win.

modern day   (dia moderno)

This tradition has lasted to the modern day.

Haidt was born in Danzig, Prussia (modern day Gdańsk, Poland).

Fossil remains were found in modern day Metro Manila and Kalinga.

second day

On the second day, the film collected ₹5.78 crore.

Australia was well ahead by the end of the second day.

Laurebinayak at about can be reached on the second day.

day later

The Ukrainians retracted the ban just a day later.

One day later, they arrested and shot 8 male Jews.

The shot resumed a day later with a similar camera.

feast day   (día festivo)

There is no feast day from Easter until Ascension.

Saint Francis' feast day is observed on 4 October.

The feast day of Barnabas is celebrated on June 11.

later that day   (más tarde ese día)

He shared the lyrics to the song later that day.

Nearby Markeaton Park was also opened later that day.

His nomination was sent to the Senate later that day.

day when   (dia cuando)

Raynor's mother died at day when Raynor visited her.

This was the day when the sun was created in Genesis 1:14–18.

He was optioned the next day when Brett Carroll was recalled.

previous day

Anti-tank fire was lighter than the previous day.

It was estimated to have originated the previous day.

7-ranked North Carolina the previous day.

all day

He would make up songs and sing them all day long.

It is an open almost all day and busy all the time.

With reruns of games all day, since 1993 until today.

day and night

Canteen for light refreshments open day and night.

This animal is active day and night year-round.

Sima Yi commented, "I'm weary from traveling day and night.

throughout the day

Her appeal was rebroadcast throughout the day.

Juveniles remain active and playful throughout the day.

This may alter throughout the day and from season to season.

day school   (día de escuela)

Carmel School is a Jewish day school in Perth.

In two of the four cities he founded a Jewish day school.

In addition to its day school, Bishop's has a boarding school.

third day

American forces put the airfield to use on the third day.

On the third day at sea he was discovered.

The third day, the third picked some jessamine and vanished.

single day

The London election thus took place in a single day.

Usually, two or three lines have service on a single day.

The beach was closed for a single day.

election day   (día de elección)

St. Paul's special election day was April 25, 1978.

On election day, McCain narrowly carried Montana.

Here are their last predictions before election day.

times a day

It can be increased to 100 mg four times a day.

CSF turns over at a rate of three to four times a day.

“He had me work on the pivot 100 times a day.

wedding day   (día de la boda)

But on the wedding day, the nephew ran away from home.

The fourth day is efundula (the wedding day).

It all happens on his daughter's wedding day.

school day   (día de escuela)

The school day is 7 hours 35 minutes for teachers.

The school day lasts from 7:55 AM to 2:42 PM.

The school day lasts from 7:30 AM to 2:25 PM.

time of day

Heliodons can mimic latitude, time of day, and date.

The Empeek Aya provides for a treat at any time of day.

Trading halts can happen any time of day.

full day

It has two full day pre-kindergarten classes.

If you laugh, you think, and you cry, that's a full day.

Those scenes took up to a full day to film.

day during

He meets Harold the Helicopter and saves the day during a flood.

The new moon would fall on that day during that year of the cycle.

She would work two hours a day during the summer holidays from school.

day to day

The order in which the classes meet varies from day to day.

"But we're doing these shows and taking it day to day after that.".

She thought it was nice working in a short time period that did not jump from day to day.

day care   (guarderia)

It operates 11 day care centres throughout Bangladesh.

They also manage six schools and two day care nurseries.

There is a day care, social services building and a post office.

hours per day

He would practice for three to six hours per day.

Initially, Al Manar would broadcast only five hours per day.

In 1994, service was still provided 16 hours per day on average.

fourth day

The fourth day of every month was sacred to Aphrodite.

The fourth day is efundula (the wedding day).

England then recovered to be 3/106 at stumps on the fourth day.

day off

We should have never had a day off last Wednesday.

The girls meet up by taking a day off of work.

Citi gives all employees one day off per year to volunteer.

day following

On the day following the debate Onama placed Amin on a short leave of absence.

Mr. Barry likes a good round of golf on the day following a fruitful burglary.

Tutorials are offered two days before the start of the conference and one day following.

day prior   (dia anterior)

A music video was released a day prior before the official release.

A brown bear can eat of food and gain of fat a day prior to entering its den.

In some cases, his script changes were submitted to Miller only a day prior to filming the scene.

twice a day

In urban areas, this might be once or twice a day.

She was very religious and went to Mass twice a day.

He has sessions twice a day, five days a week.

trains per day

Six return trains per day are normally operated on this section.

One can expect to see 2-5 oil trains and 1-2 ethanol trains per day.

In the Winter 1951/52 timetable there were six trains per day each way.

working day

Since the late '70s, Saturday also is a non-school and not working day.

As that day was a Sunday, the last available working day was 25 November 2011.

It wanted to end child labour and night shifts and reduce the working day to eight hours.

until the day

He never revealed his identity until the day he was caught.

Hughes responded: "I am an alcoholic and will be until the day I die...

The coffin will be held at the funeral home until the day of the funeral.

current day

None of the parameters of current day movie-making prevailed.

The current day club came out of a long string of mergers of predecessor sides.

If so, the patient is asked for name, current location, and current day and time.

very day

Fishing to this very day is still important in Spain.

These witnesses deny having seen anything, to this very day."

That very day a coincidence happened.

vehicles per day

It carries approximately 7,000 vehicles per day.

(SR 774 now carries about 360 vehicles per day.)

2017 Annual average daily traffic (AADT) on K-228 was 70 vehicles per day.

earlier that day

They had celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary earlier that day.

The story was first announced on Bonds's own web site earlier that day.

He made his ESPN debut on the midnight edition of "SportsCenter" earlier that day.

day as other   (día como otro)

This was on the same day as other local elections.

day earlier

was later added, for the day earlier, March 31, 2018.

However, the game released a day earlier than planned.

He had become an ordained priest only one day earlier.

another day   (otro día)

I didn't want him charging me for another day."

He managed to escape to the hills and lived to fight another day.

<br> Yan Hui saw Confucius on another day and said, "I am making progress."

clear day   (día claro)

On a clear day, it is possible to see Ruapehu.

On a clear day there are views as far as Sullivan County.

One can see far up to palpa, chitwan, National Park on a clear day.

trains a day

There are around 4 trains a day in each direction.

There are 20 inbound trains a day, Monday through Friday.

, the Bishkek-2 railway station sees only a few trains a day.

day job

Says Haroon "They responded by saying 'stick to your day job.'

His day job is working for in Hermansverk in Leikanger municipality.

now please get back to your day job and continue the sterling work in the community."

other day   (otro día)

In addition to this it also runs other day meetings.

That's why I was able to work every other day.

every other day and music the remaining days.

match day

Him loan ended after he broke a leg on match day.

Both home and away fans can stand here on a match day.

Liga and on 28 August 2012, on the seventh match day of the 2012–13 3.

entire day   (Todo el día)

Hale's phone "never stopped ringing the entire day".

He said,I didn't feel anything the entire day.

He spends the entire day with his family.

light of day   (luz de día)

Only 6 issues of the magazine saw the light of day.

I do not recollect ever seeing my mother by the light of day.

To bomb the target accurately, the raid was made in the light of day.

fifth day

On the fifth day, they were able to reach the trapped miners.

It collected on the fifth day, on the sixth, and seventh day.

on the fifth day, made national headlines in the United States.

whole day

His friends work a whole day cutting squid for Chin Kee.

The enemy kept up a continuous fire on this place during the whole day.

The battle started around 6 a.m. on 8 August 1655 and lasted the whole day.

work day   (dia de trabajo)

This is called the "cumulative work day".

In a work day, we rack up 26 feet on the mouse's scroll wheel."

The death rate was so high the people had to work day and night to bury the dead.

day and boarding

It is a day and boarding school educating boys from ages four to 18.

Pinkerton continued to function as an independent day and boarding school until 1948.

The later two schools are day and boarding schools who provide education from Preschool to Year 12.

very next day

Tomášek was secretly consecrated the very next day.

The very next day, he began his first painting.

It starts on the very next day of Chhath Puja.

deadline day   (Fecha límite)

Seven of them had filed nomination papers on the deadline day.

Grigg signed for Sunderland on transfer deadline day, 31 January 2019.

On deadline day Dom Thomas returned to the club on loan from Kilmarnock.

seventh day

It collected on the fifth day, on the sixth, and seventh day.

Robertson and Scadding survived and Magill died on the seventh day.

It is recalled memorably with the phrase "... and on the seventh day they rested."

day is celebrated

This day is celebrated as "Tiatr Dis" (Tiatr Day).

The day is celebrated on the 5th of May each year.

In 2019, the feast day is celebrated on 24 November.

within a day

It gained 2,400 signatures within a day.

Among Hindus, the dead body is usually cremated within a day of death.

The first shows at Brooklyn's Barclays Center sold out within a day of going on sale.

day between

on 3FM radio, every day between 16:00 and 18:00.

Milton travelled each day between school and home, and his path took him by St Paul's.

He was caught up in the disputes of his day between Arianism and mainstream Christianity.

just one day   (solo un día)

Tommy Bridges won after just one day of rest.

The coalition from the east can't be defeated in just one day.

An inspired Newsom won Game 5 and pitched Game 7 on just one day's rest.

day against   (dia contra)

He made his debut for the club on the same day against Mumbai.

He made his NHL debut the next day against the New York Rangers.

He made his A Group debut on the following day against Litex Lovech.

day due

Tickets on sale were sold out in less than a day due to high demand.

Mall Dini was withdrawn the following day due to injury and replaced by Just A Par.

On 20 December 2010, the Channel Tunnel was closed off for a day due to snowy weather.

only one day   (sólo un día)

He had become an ordained priest only one day earlier.

Until recently, women were allowed entry only one day in the year.

However, he left the show after only one day - the first Kiwi celebrity to quit the show.

day of release

"Motorcycle Girl" grossed from Pakistan on its first day of release.

2" #75 worldwide, nearly all of which sold out within the first day of release.

On its first day of release, "Along with the Gods: The Last 49 Days" scored 37 million"."

day long   (día largo)

He would make up songs and sing them all day long.

Moon wrasses are active fish, said to be moving all day long.

German aircraft were in the air above our positions all day long.

once a day

Food was pushed in and bodies removed once a day.

Macitentan is taken as a 10 mg oral dose once a day.

Sangok-ri is also served by a bus from Daegu once a day.

race day   (día de la carrera)

The final race day in 1926 was Monday, 6 September.

On race day, however, Crawford created quite a stir.

On race day, he showed himself to be a contender early.

national day   (día Nacional)

Canada Day Canada Day () is the national day of Canada.

Australia Day is our national day.

28 March 2018 was declared the national day of mourning in Russia.

polling day   (día de la votación)

On polling day, always a Sunday, a volunteer at the voting bureau checks the voter in.

Accordingly, the Malaysian Election Commission set 28 April as the nomination day and 9 May as the polling day.

night and day

Sam solves the first riddle, the answer is night and day.

Col. Bradley said, "Put ten men with her night and day if it will help.

We finished three days rallying (with one day to go), night and day, 32 seconds in front of Ari Vatanen.


I did it for a day – I shot for one day.

I don't accept this view of freedom fighters one day – terrorists one day, freedom fighters the next.

Initially there were no facilities on site – gliders were rigged and derigged each day – so the priority was to erect a hangar.

day by day

The migration rate is growing day by day.

This is a marketing area and also it's improving day by day.

It also broadcasts for different periods of time day by day.

day without

He was released the next day without charges.

It is open every day without an entry fee.

I go every day without fail, and often at night – sometimes stay very late."

moon day   (dia de luna)

It is the auspicious full moon day.

Amis Harvest Festival is held on the full moon day after the autumn harvest.

Buddha's Birthday is called "Buddha Purnima" in Nepal, Bangladesh, and India as he is believed to have been born on a full moon day.

given day   (día dado)

On any given day of the year rain is more likely than not.

In the strip, Sadie Hawkins Day fell on a given day in November (Capp never specified an exact date).

On any given day, some 3 million vehicles pass Metro Manila's main circumferential artery, EDSA or C-4.

day because   (día porque)

Jim saves the day because Conan's gun is made of chocolate.

She withdrew from the beam final the next day because of the injury.

which were worshiped by the indigenous people of Nargho from ancient times to the present day because of their myths.

both day

Abbotsholme initially accepted both day students and boarders.

He kept her skin in a chest and the key with him both day and night.

This had been her wish for a long time and it consumed her both day and night.

rest day

15 August was a Sunday, and thus a rest day.

The match took place on 14–18 August, with a rest day on 15 August.

There was one rest day at the tournament, on 7 September after the fifth round.

passengers per day

Predictions estimate 190,000 passengers per day using Line 1.

Approximately 1,000 extra passengers per day are expected to be generated by the new hospital.

Stagecoaches provided the passenger aspect of the transport, moving 100 to 120 passengers per day.

day kindergarten   (día de jardín de infantes)

The school provides full day kindergarten.

Ephrata Area School District uses its $522,541 to fund all day kindergarten, to fund teacher training through coaching and paying for conferences.

day or night

It can occur at any hour, day or night.

No one who needed her was turned away, no matter the hour of the day or night.

The combination meant that the Children of Israel "could travel by day or night".

secondary day

Marist College Canberra Marist College Canberra is an independent Roman Catholic primary and secondary day school for boys, founded in 1968 by the Marist Brothers.

Coomera Anglican College Coomera Anglican College is an independent Anglican co-educational early learning, primary and secondary day school ng Centre on the same campus.

Today, Aquinas College is an independent Roman Catholic single-sex primary and secondary day and boarding school for boys, located at Salter Point, Perth, Western Australia.

day students

Abbotsholme initially accepted both day students and boarders.

Classes for day students continued at CBC Perth under new headmaster Brother PL Duffy.

Whilst day students were still enrolled, the focus of the school was on boarding students.

day schools

All in all, there are 19 Jewish day schools in Australia.

Pupils from day schools were admitted free from aged 11 to 16.

In addition to the boarding and day schools the sisters conduct orphanages.

barrels per day

In 2002, production was nearly 200,000 barrels per day.

The initial site was 16 acres and processed approximately 1,600 barrels per day.

As of May 2012 Kuwait's three existing refineries produce 930,000 barrels per day.

times per day

three times per day and fifteen times per week.

The usual dosage was 25 mg, up to four times per day.

Mane may change into a cat and back again five times per day.

boarding and day

In addition to the boarding and day schools the sisters conduct orphanages.

It caters for boys from Grade 00 to Grade 12 and offers both boarding and day options to its pupils.

On 19 October 1858, they purchased land near the Cathedral and opened a convent and girls' boarding and day school.

until one day

He begins to delight in taunting them, until one day when Chief breaks his chain and chases him.

After his death, the mother worked every day and night to feed the family until one day, she was sick.

Lillien always battled with her weight until one day she decided she was going about dieting all wrong.

hours each day

KNLS is on the air each day for 13 hours each day in English, Spanish, Russian, Arabic and Chinese.

For about six hours each day, students drew from a model who remained in the same pose for one week.

The film explores the life of an individual with two identities; each functional for 12 hours each day.

save the day

It is up to Donald and Douglas to save the day for him.

But Duklyon always shows up to save the day.

Just as all seems lost, Lola and her angels arrive to save the day.