Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

days later   (días después)

Two days later, a collapse of ice crushes another.

Ten days later, Jasta 68 joined "Jagdgruppe Nord".

He was buried two days later in Lincoln Cathedral.

few days   (Pocos diás)

The beans were left out to ferment for a few days.

However, after a few days, new fighting broke out.

After few days, on 13 May, she released the O.S.T.

days before   (días antes)

Three days before the official release date, M.I.A.

His death came 17 days before his 50th birthday.

He had announced his retirement just ten days before.

early days   (Primeros días)

In the early days, much of Hillhurst was a slough.

In its early days, WCOW signed on with a cowbell.

In its early days, it was also called Coalfield.

several days

Comas can last from several days to several weeks.

Her estate was auctioned off over several days.

It was released on YouTube several days later.

few days later

A few days later he moved to Dutch side Willem II.

The gunman was captured by police a few days later.

A few days later, many people attended his funeral.

ten days   (diez días)

The single sold 20,000 copies in the first ten days.

Death occurs seven to ten days after symptoms begin.

She was ten days out of Vigo and had taken no prizes.

days a week

During this time students trained 6–7 days a week.

The service operates hourly, seven days a week.

Metro buses and rail service run 7 days a week.

days earlier   (días antes)

He was released five days earlier on August 17, 1999.

The official music video premiered three days earlier.

Tiberius Sempronius Gracchus had landed two days earlier.

days prior   (días antes)

Dunn had turned 34 nine days prior.

Women's estrogen levels often dip in the days prior to menstruation.

Zinck had been reported missing to police by an unknown party two days prior.

few days before

The insurance of the rink had expired a few days before.

The draw was held few days before the event.

Lightfoot died in Malvern a few days before her 77th birthday.

last days   (últimos días)

Her family had been by her side in her last days.

He goes to Punta Rassa to live his last days.

The novella is based on the last days of Marlowe's life.

days when   (días cuando)

But there were the days when they used to be of silver.

It was dangerous to be around him on days when his namesake lost.

We're back to the days when we were asking, "Does Saddam have WMD or not?"

days per

Snowfall is infrequent, averaging 24 days per year.

There are an average of 198 rain-free days per year.

They are live with local programming 7 days per week.

following days

Attacks on the following days were half-hearted.

In the following days clashes were reported to continue.

Twenty two activists were arrested in the following days.

couple of days   (par de días)

In a couple of days, I'll go to Tangshan to visit Zhang Youren.

As a result of the delay, both men died within a couple of days.

Over the next couple of days the tension in Orangeburg escalated.

just days   (solo dias)

Bosques Saldívar died just days short of his 103rd birthday.

Kessaris made her WTA Tour debut at Charleston in 1987, just days after her 14th birthday.

The song was recorded just days before the group's greatest hits was sent to be manufactured.

days following

Vernon in the days following the battle.

Gonadal differentiation begins 42 days following conception.

The winter days following December were not included as part of any month.

next few days

Over the next few days, the party struggled to ascend.

Parham followed within the next few days.

Over the next few days, Cisneros pulled ahead of Young Kim.

final days

Saying that it might be Tearjerker's final days.

In his final days, Carnegie suffered from pneumonia.

The story takes place in the final days of the Shōwa Era.

earliest days   (primeros días)

Bates had a rhyming talent from her earliest days.

A program for Junior Knights existed from the Order's earliest days.

Abbreviations in English were frequently used from its earliest days.

playing days

During his playing days, he stood tall, weighing .

During his playing days he won two All-Star awards.

When his playing days were over he turned to refereeing.

number of days   (número de días)

The privateers stayed off shore for a number of days.

The restaurant had to close again for a number of days.

The number of days between two dates may be calculated.

school days   (días de colegio)

Consisting from 190 - 205 school days a year.

He played as forward during his school days.

She spent her high school days at St. Stephen's High School.

first days

In the first days only two airfields were functioning in the province.

These changes were said to take place during the first days of a mission.

All of them were arrested on July 31 and during the first days of August.

within days   (Dentro de días)

The German army took over Białystok within days.

Sinclair was freed within days of the rally.

Gloucester died within days of being arrested for treason in 1447.

consecutive days

The race includes three road stages on consecutive days.

It is usually performed for two to five consecutive days.

On February 5, 2018, Janine defended the golden microphone for 5 consecutive days.

days old

He was 27 years, 11 months and 11 days old.

A third child, Henry Robert, died at only a few days old.

Piglets less than 5 days old die with a probability of 90%.

more days

A few more days pass and Liu Dong is also suspicious about Song Qi.

Thus, until the end of assembly, they remain in reserve for a few more days.

A few more days for to tote the weary load, No matter 'twill never be light.

eleven days   (once días)

He died eleven days later on 30 April in Paris.

The 'star' only did eleven days work in the entire film.

They had spent eleven days in the water.

days during   (días durante)

Shooting was completed in 21 days during the summer of 1994.

It experiences föhn winds on a large number of days during the year.

Shooting concluded in July 2018 after 100 shooting days during 16 months.

just two days   (solo dos dias)

In mid-2010, Hawkins shot the film "Being Sold" in just two days.

Batchelor died on 14 May 1991, just two days after her 77th birthday.

On just two days' notice, he established a well-organized supply depot.

ten days later

He finished his sketch of the slow movement ten days later.

The first race, for 2-litre prototypes, was held ten days later.

Sudan took it back ten days later.

twelve days

The film was shot over twelve days in mid 1972.

Radziwill was again defeated twelve days later at the Battle of Shepeleviche.

He filled the position ably and creditably until his resignation only twelve days before he died.

several days later

It was released on YouTube several days later.

Jensen's body was found several days later.

She died several days later with burns over 80% of her body.

many days   (muchos dias)

He did this for many days until he found land.

These sequences are then repeated in bouts lasting up to many days.

Richardson was given notices of four courts-martial in as many days.

days a year

The Mystery Spot is open for tours 365 days a year.

I estimate I was home only four days a year."

Consisting from 190 - 205 school days a year.

thirty days   (treinta días)

They did not start again for at least thirty days.

Young are weaned after approximately thirty days.

He served thirty days in jail for the crime.

next two days

The next two days there was a lull in fighting.

The next two days decided the final outcome.

It began to rain at and continued for the next two days.

days per year

Snowfall is infrequent, averaging 24 days per year.

There are an average of 198 rain-free days per year.

Night dew may occur in up to 180 days per year.

old days

Justin and Jennifer begin reminiscing about the old days.

Just like the old days".

He would write: In the old days I had looked up to MacDonald as a great leader.

days without

In December 1998 there were 20 days without sun recorded at Yeovilton.

Shellbourne park provides pay and display car parking on days without major events.

days leading   (días adelantados)

Embryos develop in two to three days leading to a planula larvae.

In the days leading up to the event, two new drivers were entered.

She teased still shots from the video in the days leading up to its release.

just days before   (solo días antes)

The song was recorded just days before the group's greatest hits was sent to be manufactured.

The remaining scientists were denied access to papers that they had written just days before.

It was written in San Francisco in 1969 and completed just days before the Stonewall Riots in New York City.

first two days

For the first two days, it was a one-sided affair.

After the first two days the match was tied at 8–8.

In the first two days, 180,000 copies were sold.

fifteen days   (quince días)

The shoot took fifteen days in all.

The young are weaned a fifteen days, by which time their eyes have opened.

Ronda fell to him after fifteen days, thanks to his negotiations with the city's leaders.

days in jail   (días en la cárcel)

He served 60 days in jail for contempt of court.

He served thirty days in jail for the crime.

He was sentenced to thirty days in jail.

few days earlier

In "Eucera nigrilabris", the males also emerge a few days earlier than females.

He died on 6 November 1895 aged 66, having suffered a stroke a few days earlier.

He made his test debut against India in 1982, and had also made his ODI debut a few days earlier.

days leading up   (días previos)

In the days leading up to the event, two new drivers were entered.

She teased still shots from the video in the days leading up to its release.

The album was exclusively streamed via in the days leading up to the release.

forty days   (cuarenta dias)

But for nearly forty days they remained intact.

The ceremony began forty days before Easter.

The pain may last for seven to forty days.

feast days   (días de fiesta)

Her feast days are March 27 and August 29.

New holidays were introduced to replace religious feast days.

This icon has two feast days: and .

college days

He met her during his college days at Ambajogai.

Their friendship continues even after their college days.

Right from his college days, Ramamurthy had a love for drama.

first few days

It was a commercial success, selling out in the first few days.

For example, in the first few days, British donated 1 million pounds.

The first few days are blissful, but then reality catches up with them.

days per week

They are live with local programming 7 days per week.

Both bus and rail service are available seven days per week.

MIT therapy on average lasts for 1.5 hours per day for five days per week.

earlier days

The news followed six earlier days of local strike action.

In the earlier days, agriculture was the main source for their livelihood.

Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay was in-charge of the subdivision in its earlier days.

working days

"Parinda" was shot over the course of 66 working days.

Each week consists of five working days.

The tribunal sits on working days.

only two days   (solo dos días)

Delius died only two days after Jelka returned.

They were chased off by a hurricane after only two days on-site.

Like McLain in Game 6, Lolich was starting on only two days' rest.

just three days   (solo tres dias)

China defeated Iran 1–0 in a friendly match just three days later.

Her fourth sortie was relatively uneventful and short, lasting just three days.

Marco Asensio scored the lonely goal in a 1–0 win over RCD Espanyol, just three days later.

days between

The number of days between two dates may be calculated.

Eastwood shot the film in less than 40 days between June and July 2004.

The basis of the list is the inclusive number of years and days between dates.

days each

This means the month of Ramadan shifts 11 days each year.

The CFR runs for six days each season.

The Fair continues in Borough Street for three days each October.

days of fighting

After several days of fighting Israeli forces withdrew.

Over six days of fighting, the battalion suffered 71% casualties.

After two days of fighting the town was recaptured by the Iraqi army.

only days   (solo dias)

Their only days off were for Chinese national holidays.

He is able to walk (with the aid of a cane) only days later.

Released only days after recording was complete, it reached number two on the album chart.

days and nights

The event takes place over three days and nights.

It has humid days and nights and rainfall is abundant."

They prayed to the supreme deity Cheonjiwang for four days and nights.

several days before

Investigators examined the body for several days before burying it on November 11 in a local church cemetery.

Vietnamese state media did not acknowledge the death for several days before stating that it would investigated.

The SPS engine performed the burn flawlessly despite the malfunction that had delayed their landing several days before.

most days   (la mayoría de los días)

On most days, three aliyot are given as honors.

CI Taxi Service also operates most days.

Electricity is available a few hours most days from a communal generator.

days off

She had spent three days off Murmansk, to no avail.

We should never have three days off after the season.

You shouldn't even have two days off after the season."

within ten days

Some electrical power to the mines was restored in three days, and some coal production resumed within ten days.

"The principle rule is that the buyer or the seller may rescind the deal within ten days if he feels dissatisfied.

On 18 February 2009 General Motors warned Saab may fail within ten days, should the Swedish government not intervene.

only three days   (solo tres dias)

He died in June 2012, only three days before his retirement.

Svärd was then signed only three days later by Dutch club Roda JC.

By the 8th, only three days out, a third of the Uprising troops had deserted.

younger days

Nelson was an accomplished rower in younger days.

Kom's father was a keen wrestler in his younger days.

In his younger days, Carne played for the Roma Wattles.

within three days

All organised resistance was crushed within three days.

Half of them were captured and murdered within three days.

Once a cask is opened, it should be consumed within three days.

glory days   (dias de gloria)

Simwala's glory days were not without controversy.

These were the glory days for the House of Marchak.

The 1980s saw a return to the form of glory days past.

first three days

Results from the first three days were compiled from the CACAC webpage.

Hydration and hardening of concrete during the first three days is critical.

Apple sold 4 million iPhone 4S phones in the first three days of availability.

twenty days

Mithqal spent twenty days in an Amman hospital.

The tiger gave up after about twenty days and left the cave.

The Vice President calls the House of Assembly meeting twenty days before the meeting date.

during the days

The coats of arms here were chiselled away during the days of the revolution.

Due to the controversy, hundreds of Finns resigned from the church during the days following the media exposure.

ITV never broadcast a teleprinter/vidiprinter during the days of "World of Sport" or its replacement results programme "Results Service".

died two days

Purdell died two days after his 44th birthday.

He died two days after returning home.

She died two days later, and her ghost is reputed to haunt the house.

student days   (dias de estudiante)

During his student days, he was influenced by leftist ideas.

Jenkins met his wife, Amanda Benson, during his student days and they married in 1984.

The average teacher salary in the district was $50,185 for the 180 student days worked.

days to complete

It took 84 days to complete "Alexandru cel Bun".

The protest march took four days to complete.

It spins slowly and takes 520 days to complete a rotation.

summer days

These summer days have highs around and high humidity.

The city experiences long summer days and short winter days.

The mountain climate ensures warm summer days and cool nights.

fourteen days   (catorce días)

Repairs were expected to take seven to fourteen days.

Adult moths will emerge from the pupae in ten to fourteen days.

He was released after fourteen days.

within two days

They earned fare for round-trip plane tickets, about $400, within two days.

According to Epic Sports, the contracts were sent within two days of the purse bid.

The pupae were 10–12 mm long, green at first turning mahogany-brown within two days.

sick days   (dias enfermos)

This misuse is from late arrivals, leaving early, long lunch breaks, inappropriate sick days etc.

It also has been found to decrease sick days, raise physical activity levels, and enhance cognitive functioning.

Employers must now keep a payroll and provide workers with written notifications regarding sick days, vacation days, and work schedules.

holy days

He also depicted Jewish prayers, gatherings, festivals and holy days.

These three days are major Baháʼí holy days, on which work must be suspended.

Rabbinical services are also provided for high holy days and occasional Friday night services.

sunny days   (días soleados)

The rest of the year is dry with mostly sunny days.

The flowers are scented, insect-pollinated and open on sunny days.

The flowers only open on warm to hot sunny days and then only slowly.

just four days   (solo cuatro dias)

Within just four days, over 10 million phone numbers had been registered.

The Leopold Cafe opened its doors to customers just four days after the attacks.

Møller died on 16 April 2012, aged 98, just four days after his last public appearance.

ten days before

He had announced his retirement just ten days before.

Coogan died on 22 March 2017, ten days before his 100th birthday.

In 1967, he crashed in Yukon as was missing for ten days before being found.

days due

In autumn 1960, Lympne was closed for a few days due to waterlogging of the runway.

Defendu was also designed to be able to be mastered in a mere days due to the extremely compressed curriculum.

Taylor's loan with Yeovil was cut short without making a competitive appearance after just two days due to "personal reasons".

next three days

For the next three days the Chinese attacked southwards.

Over the next three days these forces would slowly reduce the PAVN's perimeter.

The next day Zoran meets a company of shepherds with whom he spends the next three days.

clear days   (días despejados)

The Isle of Man in the Irish Sea can be seen on clear days.

Annually, the town has 85.5 clear days.

Ballarat has 55.2 clear days annually.

days at sea

She returned home on 29 April after 87 days at sea.

She would spend ten days at sea and four days in port at Dover.

The group spent five days at sea before they drifted ashore in Panama.

days ago

", or "What did I eat for breakfast four days ago?").

This was previously attempted by Natalie four days ago.

Up to a few days ago he had not left his bed since his sickness.

other days   (otros dias)

Tuesdays and Fridays are more crowded than other days.

On other days, the extra parts are omitted.

School ends every Wednesday at 1:30 p.m. and 3:30 p.m. on other days.

days or weeks

This often happened only a few days or weeks later.

Patients may be advised to avoid physical activity for days or weeks.

Saturation diving lets divers live and work at depth for days or weeks at a time.

matter of days

The "Give It Up" gained over a million views in a matter of days.

Mondo's portable tracks can be assembled and disassembled in a matter of days.

Conrad spent several months designing the film before shooting it in a matter of days.

days ahead   (días por delante)

The film was completed in six weeks, two days ahead of schedule, and under budget.

It's pathetic, people wallow in misery and accept anything – 'Have a cup of tea, good days ahead."

Three days ahead of schedule C Company was suddenly ordered to cross the Arghandab River and move into Pashmul.

sixty days   (sesenta dias)

The session began on January 21, 1895, and ran for sixty days.

A state election must be held within sixty days after the dissolution.

thirteen days

The wreckage of the aircraft was found thirteen days later.

They were cyclical, so that the same god recurred every thirteen days.

The two had a rematch thirteen days later, which was also won by Kudo.

days later against   (días después contra)

Weston scored on his debut two days later against Bradford City.

Gojun scored his first goal for the club three days later against US Ivry.

Morristown continued the offensive barrage 5 days later against Wytheville.

only four days   (solo cuatro dias)

I estimate I was home only four days a year."

He himself, however, was deposed by Gustavo Jiménez only four days later.

It was remembered for an appearance by horror icon Barbara Steele, of whose time Reeves was given only four days.

few days prior   (unos dias antes)

This all came out after Dolan threatened to ban a fan from the arena for yelling at him to "sell the team" a few days prior.

The show was cancelled by Talkradio on 3 June 2019 following an allegedly anti-Semitic tweet Galloway made a few days prior.

A few days prior to the elections, a radical Islamic leader called on Muslims to vote for former Prime Minister Ibrahim Boubacar Keïta.

days in advance

Seedings for the draw were confirmed two days in advance.

Note that "Billboard" publishes charts with an issue date approximately 7–10 days in advance.

The game was sold out to Spartan Stadium's capacity of 72,027 days in advance, and the final attendance was later announced as 75,262.