İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

when dealing   (uğraşırken)

when dealing with people seeking to obstruct him.

Heterogeneity is an important factor to consider when dealing with genetics.

The method of equating coefficients is often used when dealing with complex numbers.

drug dealing   (uyuşturucu ticareti)

It is a story about illegal immigration, crime and drug dealing.

Eventually Jake fell into the easy money-making system of drug dealing.

Eventually being desperate for money led him down the path of drug dealing.

fair dealing   (adil işlem)

Since then, the Canadian fair dealing exception has broadened.

Fair Use Week is an international event that celebrates fair use and fair dealing.

Over time, this doctrine evolved into the modern concepts of fair use and fair dealing.

dealing with issues   (sorunlarla uğraşmak)

The political element is the role of successfully dealing with issues and mediating in the Council.

Deuell also worked to ensure passage of bills dealing with issues such as education, transportation, lawsuit reform and family issues.

Cornelis Hulsman has published on a number of topics dealing with issues throughout the Arab world, Muslim-Christian relations, and Arab-West relations.

way of dealing   (baş etme yolu)

This system has its own court and way of dealing with infractions.

As a way of dealing with his parents' divorce, he would perform for his family, mimicking his father.

"We were asked to figure out what we thought of him and what would be the best way of dealing with him.