İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

debated whether   (tartışmalı mı)

Recently, researchers have debated whether joint training (i.e.

Historians have debated whether the Confederacy could have won the war.

As a result, it is debated whether some areas belong to Franconia or not.

hotly debated   (sıcak tartışma)

Bordeaux won the match 3–0 on a hotly debated try.

The origin of the pipe has been hotly debated.

Vidal's claim about a homoerotic subtext is hotly debated.

still debated   (hala tartışıldı)

The explanation of this illusion is still debated.

The context of these developments is still debated.

The etymology of the name "Levico" is still debated.

much debated   (çok tartışıldı)

The validity of this inference has been much debated.

One item much debated was the "Religious Education of Youth".

(However, the sense in which it was "best" is much debated among scholars.

widely debated   (geniş tartışmalı)

Kimball's birthdate is still widely debated.

The exact date of origin is unknown and has been widely debated.

The nature of the work has been widely debated by art historians.