Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

several decades   (varias decadas)

A record that hadn't been touched in several decades.

The group remained active for several decades.

Smith served as the station manager for several decades.

few decades   (Pocas décadas)

Gause slowly declined over the next few decades.

The language faces extinction in the next few decades.

decades later   (décadas después)

At least two film versions followed decades later.

The pointing was added a few decades later.

The fifth part takes place decades later.

recent decades   (décadas recientes)

In recent decades they have become less frequent.

China has urbanized significantly in recent decades.

Protestantism has increased in recent decades.

many decades

The older khaki uniforms were used for many decades.

These directors' works often span many decades and genres.

This tradition dates back many decades.

following decades

Throughout the following decades, releases were infrequent.

Apostrophes following decades and single letters are also common.

The following decades before world war I saw the house flourishing.

decades before

Peace lasted for two decades before another war began in 1578.

The following decades before world war I saw the house flourishing.

Arangottukara was famous of this Saturday ചന്ത in decades before because of him.

next two decades

Over the next two decades, films were produced sporadically.

The team won every mayoral and council election for the next two decades.

Over the next two decades, 10 water companies fought, collapsed or merged.

last decades   (últimas décadas)

In the last decades of his life he became an atheist.

However, inequality has increased during the last decades.

Inflation has generally been low and stable for the last decades.

first decades

Canal traffic doubled in the first decades of the 20th century.

Women's competition began in the first decades of the 20th century.

During the first decades of the ACLU, Baldwin continued as its leader.

last two decades   (últimas dos décadas)

The 11 provinces in Africa saw growth in the last two decades.

Haddy suffered ill health for the last two decades of her life.

The last two decades witnessed a true and revolutionary comeback.

decades ago   (hace decadas)

The palace is now repainted as it was decades ago.

This would have been impossible just a few decades ago.

She started writing novels for kids , about two decades ago.

early decades

In the early decades the film industry was centred on Shanghai.

In its early decades it was one of the most prestigious horseraces in Europe.

This goal was widely shared among Esperanto speakers in the early decades of the movement.

decades earlier

The Malton Town Gaol had been opened decades earlier.

But the origins of the blues were some decades earlier, probably around 1890.

As Toussaint Louverture had done two decades earlier, the Haitians abolished slavery.

nearly two decades   (casi dos décadas)

However, the project languished for nearly two decades.

For nearly two decades, he worked as an architect and made paintings in Amherst.

Auzenne spent nearly two decades in Corporate America as a manager and executive.

past two decades

In the past two decades an extensive inventory of the cave has been taken.

It has been distributed for the past two decades in synagogues across Israel.

The club has gone through several ownerships changes over the past two decades.

first two decades

In its first two decades, the festival changed venues numerous times.

In the first two decades of the 20th century, Neo-Classical designs were preferred.

In its first two decades it built a total of 108 kilometres of standard gauge railways.

last few decades   (últimas décadas)

During the last few decades it was selective.

Over the last few decades, Océ has made numerous acquisitions.

Scott recorded infrequently during the last few decades of his career.

next few decades

Gause slowly declined over the next few decades.

The language faces extinction in the next few decades.

past decades

In the past decades, Northeast has developed an artist community.

In the past decades, the Iranian film industry has produced many war films.

The infant mortality rate in Estonia has decreased considerably during the past decades.

decades following

She made numerous trips abroad over the decades following her retirement from the stage.

Jungle boots were the standard combat footwear for mild weather for decades following Vietnam.

In the three decades following his death, his popularity waned with changing aesthetic values.

subsequent decades   (décadas posteriores)

The group broadened its mission in the subsequent decades.

In the subsequent decades, many of these wooden buildings would be demolished.

A great degree of segregation has largely continued over the subsequent decades.

almost two decades

The FEER enjoyed almost two decades of rapid growth.

Loeb would re-team with Kring almost two decades later for the TV series "Heroes".

Despite large urban centers, population has been depopulating for almost two decades.

past few decades

Because of this the standards have varied over the past few decades.

The album contains numerous hits that he has created over the past few decades.

China has a high level of economic inequality, which has increased in the past few decades.

next three decades

Over the next three decades, the number grew to around 3,000,000.

The Chaldeans once more faded into obscurity for the next three decades.

The F-35 is to be Britain's primary strike aircraft for the next three decades.

previous decades

The nineties saw the fall of music and musicians from previous decades.

Oxy-acetylene welding was a popular welding process in previous decades.

It should not be confused with a homonym Greek magazine of previous decades.

next decades

Traders, whalers, and scientific missions followed in the next decades.

It used to administer the Western German football championship for the next decades.

In 1922 she left Australia and spent the next decades painting and exhibiting in Europe.

later decades

The numbers dropped even more in later decades.

Large modifications were made to the house in later decades.

In later decades, coins were issued sporadically with various commemorative subjects.

last three decades   (últimas tres décadas)

He also wrote books, more than twenty of them, in the last three decades of his life.

The weight of the Canadian economy has shifted south and west over the last three decades.

During the last three decades household saving rates in Denmark have increased considerably.

next several decades

Competing hotels opened up nearby over the next several decades.

Numerous additional specimens of "Deinosuchus" were discovered over the next several decades.

Researchers documented the depletion of soil cations (especially calcium) over the next several decades.

nearly three decades   (casi tres décadas)

The "S" has not been repainted for nearly three decades.

His film credits are numerous, spanning nearly three decades.

Su retired after nearly three decades of service to the church, after which the Rev.

decades to come

For many decades to come, this was the easternmost limit of Muslim rule.

The epithets "Conservative" and "Orthodox" remained interchangeable for decades to come.

The master Rover map was the basis of maps of the upper yarra valley for decades to come.

coming decades

According to "Mort" the area was to be united in the coming decades.

Therefore, complete extinction of French Flemish can be expected in the coming decades.

Projections for the coming decades assume growth throughout the watershed, including the interior.

couple of decades   (un par de decadas)

The duo shared many adventures during the next couple of decades.

Over the last couple of decades, the village has undergone some housing development.

For the next couple of decades Colombia, and South America in general, remained largely unexplored.

decades that followed

It was only rarely seen in public in the decades that followed.

In the decades that followed, the company expanded steadily east.

In the decades that followed, the farm lapsed in and out of active use.

decades prior   (décadas anteriores)

For decades prior to 2018, the MPD wore light blue shirts.

For two decades prior to the impeachment, Parliament had dealt with the Indian issue.

Nearly all of the buildings are of log construction and date from the two decades prior to the turn of the century.

next four decades

The organization remained active for the next four decades.

The park continued to serve as the Suns' home stadium for the next four decades.

Over the next four decades, the B&L declined until the more successful B&M leased it on April 1, 1887.

past three decades

The station has been a leader in the market for the past three decades.

Farming-related sales more than quadrupled over the past three decades, from $7.3 billion in 1974 to nearly $31 billion in 2004.

Buchheit’s "academic papers, books and legal briefs over the past three decades fill much of the void where no formal law exists."

ensuing decades

In ensuing decades, however, "It's a Wonderful Life" and other Capra films were revisited favorably by critics.

In the ensuing decades, she served in administrative and advisory capacities of numerous boards and institutions.

Throughout the ensuing decades, Simmons Field was used by little leagues, amateur leagues and for exhibition games.

nearly four decades   (casi cuatro décadas)

The rates were never revised for nearly four decades.

The same foster family previously took into their care hundreds of other children over nearly four decades.

On July 30, 1948, Latchford retired at the age of 65 after working nearly four decades at the State Department.

almost three decades

He lived in the United States for almost three decades.

Panken was a rabbi, scholar, teacher and Reform Jewish leader for almost three decades.

For almost three decades, politics in Old Bhopal has centred around one man—Arif Aqueel.

first three decades

For its first three decades, The Automotive Hall of Fame had four name changes.

The station was unable to get a direct network feed for its first three decades on the air.

In the first three decades of the 20th century, many more companies entered the time-selling business.

last four decades   (últimas cuatro décadas)

And everyone has been fighting for the last four decades about water."

The following table shows the change of the population during the last four decades.

following two decades

The following two decades saw Atenism's terminal decline.

During the following two decades she often played mother figures.

In the following two decades she became known as a cabaret performer.

final decades

It is the thirteenth book in his "Roma Sub Rosa" series of mystery stories set in the final decades of the Roman Republic.

During the final decades of Imperial rule, the troops were supplied by Franci chieftains employed by the Roman administration.

The land on which the Presidential Mansion was built was, until the final decades of the nineteenth century, outside city limits.

first few decades

The first few decades of work with APT focused on metals.

The first few decades of British coincided with an era of medical and scientific advances throughout the empire.

Built as a transit route, the line acted as part of a long-distance, north-south, trunk route for the first few decades.

past several decades

This Senate seat was unfavorable to incumbents over the past several decades.

The devastation caused by the snake has been significant over the past several decades.

The rate of global warming during the past several decades has been about 0.18°C per decade".

different decades

Young became the first player to tour for the Lions in three different decades.

Mr. Bradley is the only arranger to place 3 different steel orchestras in the top-three at panorama in 3 different decades.

3, becoming the only male tennis player to finish a year ranked in the top 3 in three different decades (1980s, 1990s, 2000s).

few decades later

The pointing was added a few decades later.

A few decades later, the Central District became a home to Japanese-Americans in Seattle.

A few decades later in 1839 a visitor to the whaling settlement on Arapawa Island wrote in his diary that it "swarmed" with goats.