recently deceased

Huck puts the money in the coffin of a recently deceased family member.

Buffy buries Chloe's body next to that of the recently deceased Annabelle.

Later, Primus testified that the orders came from the recently deceased Marcellus.

now deceased

All four of the subjects are now deceased.

His brother John Golitzin was an opera singer, now deceased.

They had two sons, both now deceased.

deceased father

"Jack" Murphy, Karrin Murphy's deceased father.

Viszlát nyár is lyrically about the singer Örs Siklósi's deceased father.

All this is watched over by Joe's deceased father, who pulls the two stories together.

deceased person   (故人)

A family member places uncooked rice in the mouth of the deceased person.

Funeral games Funeral games are athletic competitions held in honor of a recently deceased person.

One lakh to the next of kin for every deceased person subject to certification by a competent authority.

deceased wife

In 1790 he was in Vienna again to settle the estate of his deceased wife Maria Anna.

Herkomer named the house Lululaund after his deceased wife, Lulu, who had died from a heart attack in 1885.

Flanders is hesitant, but Bart convinces him by reminding him of Bart's former teacher, Flanders' deceased wife Edna.

deceased husband

Her grandfather willed The Palatinate to Rupert II, the nephew of her deceased husband.

There were limits to her legal rights in that she was not allowed to sell her deceased husband's home.

The series and her performance as a widow struggling to overcome with the memories of her deceased husband were positively received.

deceased mother

A man comes home from prison to claim from his deceased mother's estate.

Haruhi is dedicated to her studies and aspires to enter law school to emulate her deceased mother.

The story ends with a group of bullies throwing Alvin's bathrobe, which belonged to his deceased mother, over a bridge.

deceased brother

Chaos, replacing her deceased brother in the band.

Constans then took control of his deceased brother's realm.

Sarah Collins died of pneumonia after a cold night spent hiding in the woods from her deceased brother.