İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

decide whether   (karar ver)

Consumers want to decide whether to accept an ad.

to decide whether or not to divulge this information.

The individual states decide whether these delegates are bound or unbound.

decide what   (neye karar ver)

Now, it is up to the individual to decide what should be sought.

However, the board's co-chairs decide what action items are placed on the board's agenda.

Companies decide what proportion of the dividends they pay will have franking credits attached.

decide to go   (gitmeye karar ver)

Batman, Robin and Batgirl decide to go after Mr.

After some thought, the Animorphs decide to go.

This bitter experiences make them to decide to go back in hell.

decide how   (nasıl karar ver)

Academics cannot even decide how to translate the term.

In a contest, Wylie wins the right to decide how to split up the teams.

The Elliott Newspaper Group therefore had to decide how to respond to this challenge.

not decide   (Karar vermemek)

Priam cannot decide the next course of action.

However, Genk did not decide to sign Plet permanently.

Experimental results were needed; theory alone could not decide the nature of the code.

decide to take

Being deprived they decide to take revenge on them.

The two decide to take his advice to lie low.

They decide to take it and kill him, so that Robin Hood would not know.

decide the winner

The match was to decide the winner of the 2012 MTN 8 tournament.

It took NASCAR founder Bill France Sr. three days to decide the winner.

Extra time and penalty shoot-out were used to decide the winner if necessary.

decide to get

The two families meet, and decide to get the couple married.

After escaping, the two Afghan brothers decide to get rid of her.

They discover their love for each other and decide to get married.

decide to leave   (ayrılmaya karar ver)

Too disturbed, Ji-Hyun and Charlotte decide to leave.

Angered by Gene's actions, Tom and Kay decide to leave.

They decide to leave their marriage open.

then decide

The Chromobears then decide to reainhabit the Great Forest.

Sauncho and Doc then decide to place a claim on the schooner.

The two families then decide to settle the problem once and for all.

used to decide

Extra time and penalty shoot-out were used to decide the winner if necessary.

In the knockout stage, extra time and penalty shoot-out are used to decide the winner if necessary.

As of 2015, D21 has not been used to decide any major general elections in the country or elsewhere.

decide not

At the play, Tom and Christine decide not to divorce.

The burglar alarm goes off, but the police decide not to attend.

After trying to catch-up, Brandon/Ryan spot Hunter T-Bo and decide not to catch-up.

decide between

The Blue Team must decide between voting for Aubrey, Cathy, or Kristin.

On 6 November 2008, the Socialist militants voted to decide between 6 motions.

Unlike the original work, Tsai-Yong has to decide between love and filial piety.

decide to stay   (kalmaya karar ver)

Most decide to stay in the country permanently.

Only the issue of Lucille's schooling made him decide to stay.

He did however decide to stay and fight for his place at United.

right to decide

This includes the right to decide to distribute the work for free.

In a contest, Wylie wins the right to decide how to split up the teams.

Summoned to appear again, he maintained that he alone had the right to decide upon imprisonments.

decide to move   (hareket etmeye karar ver)

He would eventually decide to move to New York City.

The school doesn't involve the police and his parents decide to move over the vacation.

The successes of the Soviet in Jiangxi made the party leaders decide to move to Jiangxi from Shanghai.

decide to make   (yapmaya karar ver)

In another subplot, Ben (Adam Scott) and April (Aubrey Plaza) decide to make a surprise trip to Pawnee.

In Washington, D.C., Ben (Adam Scott) and April (Aubrey Plaza) decide to make an impromptu road trip to Pawnee.

Jan's words are carefully noted down by a company spy and reported, and the new bosses decide to make an example of him.

decide to use

Ajay and Rani decide to use some of the money to go to India.

They decide to use Gina as a way for him to confess but she fails.

Ben and Willow later decide to use Questor's magic to travel to Earth to find Abernathy.

difficult to decide

Furthermore, the missionaries found it difficult to decide where to proselyte.

Without the Pac-10/Big Ten team bound to a bowl game, it would be difficult to decide which two teams should play for the national title.

As the composition is not precisely defined, some states which have a considerable division of executive power can find it difficult to decide who should attend the meetings.

decide upon

The film they decide upon comes from an adaptation of a book Eric gave to Ari some time ago.

Summoned to appear again, he maintained that he alone had the right to decide upon imprisonments.

Then that agreed resolution with text is put forward for all shareholders to decide upon which is the norm for all limited companies owned by shareholders.