decided not   (决定不)

We decided not to use any footage of the children.

Ultimately, Trump decided not to speak every night.

Kafka had decided not to do literary work there.

decided to leave   (决定离开)

He decided to leave the club for personal reasons.

decided to leave Death Row and headed to Atlanta.

In the mid-season, Vučić decided to leave the club.

decided to move   (决定搬家)

In 1953 he needed more space, and decided to move.

It was decided to move "U-382" from France to Norway.

He decided to move to New York City soon after.

decided to take

Eighteen nobles decided to take matters into their hands.

On one visit he decided to take the revolver home with him.

He decided to take up writing once again.

decided to make

She decided to make a dash to the capital and back.

For 2002, Callaway decided to make Commemorative C8s.

They decided to make this a vocal tic for her.

decided to go

Shortly afterwards however, he decided to go solo.

In 2004, he decided to go back to Muay Thai again.

By the 1890s, Maling had decided to go up market.

then decided

He then decided to enlist in United States Navy.

Neil then decided to open the "Wade Book Shop."

Daniel then decided to give Phyllis a chance.

decided to build   (决定建造)

Finally, the Andorrans decided to build a chapel there.

In 1902 they decided to build the church.

In 1898 the Duquesnes decided to build an even better team.

decided against

Chou's agency eventually decided against his proposal.

Ultimately, they decided against pursuing another film.

The NCAA eventually decided against instituting the rule.

decided to use

In 2014 she decided to use her real name Elena Mirolioubova.

To achieve this, they decided to use market-based mechanisms.

She decided to use that as her nickname for the rest of her life.

government decided

The government decided not to repudiate the old debts.

But the Zambian government decided to refuse the GM food.

In 1979, the provincial government decided to build the Blue Line.

decided to return   (决定返回)

In 2014, she decided to return to Royal Victory HC.

He decided to return to Hungary and finish his studies.

The captain decided to return to Portsmouth.

decided to stay   (决定留下)

Brown ultimately decided to stay in the draft.

Liccione declined and decided to stay and focus on circus.

Minino decided to stay; the conjunto never returned to Cuba.

decided to create

He decided to create a pen using the same type of ink.

Finally, it was decided to create a 'really splendid' park.

The congress decided to create the post of President of the USSR.

decided to retire

Harris decided to retire after his wife died in 2012.

At the end of the 2018/19 season, Gašić decided to retire.

After his release, Griese decided to retire from football.

decided to become

In 1956, he decided to become a De La Salle Brother.

Capp already had decided to become a cartoonist.

At the age of 25 he decided to become an entertainer.

decided to pursue   (决定追求)

Madhur decided to pursue acting as a profession.

2043 (AD 1986 having decided to pursue the B.Sc.

After graduating, Saweetie decided to pursue a rap career.

decided to give

Daniel then decided to give Phyllis a chance.

He told Dr. Welner, "I decided to give them a reason to fire me."

After much consideration, Lauren decided to give Jason a second chance.

decided to join   (决定加入)

In November 2012, ESA decided to join NASA's Orion programme.

The club decided to join the Northern Ireland Intermediate League.

In 2016, he decided to join Amicale for the 2016 OFC Champions League.

eventually decided

Chou's agency eventually decided against his proposal.

They eventually decided to separate, but not officially.

It was eventually decided to fire at 16:15 on 9 October.

decided to continue   (决定继续)

Lachenal decided to continue on with Herzog.

Burgoyne decided to continue the advance.

After a few rehearsals, the three decided to continue as a trio.

decided to change

", after which he decided to change his career.

They decided to change their name again.

In 2013, club's owners decided to change club's name to "Turan-T".

decided to start

Next, Dead Man decided to start on making their debut album.

It was at this point that he decided to start ST Incorporated.

Trojan decided to start when the film had 70% of finances ensured.

decided to form

From that experience they decided to form Mark-Almond.

Both interested in music, they decided to form a band.

Once he got home, he decided to form a band of his own.

decided upon

Following this inquiry, the case may be decided upon.

After doing dramas in college he decided upon acting.

It was, however, decided upon before the album was made.

decided to run

His son Erik decided to run for his father's seat.

She was afraid and decided to run away from home.

Nine candidates decided to run for the position.

band decided

In late 2008, the band decided to focus on other projects.

Following this, the band decided to record their material.

The band decided to self-release it, without seeking a record deal.

ultimately decided   (最终决定)

American ultimately decided to keep the new look.

Brown ultimately decided to stay in the draft.

Clinton ultimately decided that Breyer seemed "heartless."

later decided

He later decided it deserved its own genus, "Antrodemus".

They later decided on Kevorkian's artwork.

Han later decided to file a divorce with Choi shortly after.

decided to keep

American ultimately decided to keep the new look.

Once Carter actually visited the place, he decided to keep it.

He decided to keep it as "codfish".

decided to try   (决定尝试)

So the United States decided to try a new tactic.

They decided to try to marry Abd al-Rahman into their family.

Manu decided to try his chances in New Zealand Rugby in 2015.

decided to sell   (决定出售)

By October 1999, MGM decided to sell the film.

The Mella accounts decided to sell the building in 1922.

In November 1931, it was decided to sell R100 for scrap.

decided to focus   (决定集中精力)

In late 2008, the band decided to focus on other projects.

He decided to focus on his art from 1896.

De Vries decided to focus on her working career after this.

decided to send   (决定发送)

He finally decided to send a written challenge.

It was decided to send "U-275" back to Norwegian waters.

The government decided to send him to the US and finance his treatment.

finally decided

Johnson finally decided that slavery had to end.

Pence finally decided to name him Marlon Bundo.

He finally decided to send a written challenge.

decided to establish   (决定建立)

The Norwegian Polar Institute decided to establish a summer station.

The yearly meeting decided to establish a retreat center on the property.

In 1925, Ovanes Ohanian, decided to establish the first film school in Iran.

decided to release   (决定释放)

Koelewijn decided to release them on vinyl.

Pearl Jam later decided to release a special EP of the highlights from the show.

In 1996, they decided to release a selection of recordings as their debut album.

decided to withdraw   (决定退出)

It decided to withdraw toward the village center of Kvam.

It was decided to withdraw the pumps and freeze the ground.

In his honour, Municipal Limeño decided to withdraw the no.

decided to put

We decided to put those words into this song.

The judges decided to put Quickenden through to bootcamp.

Later, Franklin Stern decided to put the paper up for sale.

decided to close

Rykoff & Co. decided to close the operations.

Four years later the Yearly Meeting decided to close the school.

Rykoff & Co. decided to close the metropolitan New York Division.

decided to abandon   (决定放弃)

Grant decided to abandon the Spotsylvania area.

That night, the insurgents decided to abandon the city.

In 1959, it was decided to abandon 25 Hz generation altogether.

decided to end

So they decided to end it for good.

In 2016, he decided to end his yearly seasonal residency at Space Ibiza.

Seeing this, Richard decided to end the fight quickly by killing the enemy commander.

team decided

Then, the team decided if the statement was true or false.

Due to the Black Widows' small roster, the team decided to play 8-on-8.

In 2011, the team decided to withdraw from the league due to the budgetary problems.

decided to write

So he decided to write a code editor to run the compiler.

He then decided to write about himself.

Chesney liked that line and decided to write a song based on it.

decided to remain

However, Dell decided to remain in Germany.

They decided to remain in hiding.

But negotiations failed and Bogotá FC decided to remain in the city.

company decided

The company decided to agree to a merger with the Australian Opera.

In 1997, the company decided to close its Summit Park Mall Location.

The French parent company decided to divest from its Argentine operations.

decided to stop

However, Philippe had already decided to stop the case.

In 2016, the villagers decided to stop their protest marches.

In 1998 he ran only 8:48 minutes, and decided to stop running.

decided to play

They decided to play with 15 players on each team.

In November 2018, he decided to play for Cameroon.

After one season he decided to play football full-time.

decided to turn

It was decided to turn Gavi into a powerful fortress.

She worked as an editor, then decided to turn to writing.

Ransohoff decided to turn the script into an original story.

decided to enter

In 1969 Vixen decided to enter Formula 3.

Robinson, It was decided to enter a team in the Munster Junior and F.A.I.

Berry's success continued until 1893, when he decided to enter the hotel business.

when he decided

He was wearing the red jersey when he decided to quit.

Tipu Sultan surprised Haripant when he decided to advance for Adoni.

According to him, this was the moment when he decided to become a violinist.

decided to replace   (决定更换)

She decided to replace the terms with "Nervous Illness" instead.

As a young child Max decided to replace his birth name with "Robert."

He also decided to replace some 8-pounders with a larger proportion of 12-pounders.

decided to call

They decided to call their new business a "design agency".

[sic] The 4 of us have decided to call it quits to the life that was ME.

Klaproth decided to call the element tellurium after the Latin word for earth.

decided to launch

They discussed and decided to launch an all-out attack.

With the coast still away, Nansen decided to launch the small boats.

In his usual style he decided to launch an immediate attack on them.

decided to work

Eventually, the duo decided to work with the singer.

The pair became friends and decided to work on music together.

decided to work for the enemy.

decided to quit   (决定退出)

He was wearing the red jersey when he decided to quit.

With the setback, he decided to quit professional badminton.

It's a good thing I didn't lose hope or just decided to quit.

group decided

The group decided to mimic the more popular features of the website.

In early September 2017, the group decided to try something a bit different.

", the group decided to abandon their exclamation mark for subsequent releases.

decided to expand   (决定扩大)

In 1976 it decided to expand its activities to other parts of the country.

After the Chicago Fire of 1871, the company decided to expand its operations.

Also it was decided to expand Divizia A and first four teams of both series were promoted.

decided to hold

He decided to hold his ground and give battle.

The members of the association decided to hold another convention in a year.

Hallowell determined her to be French, but decided to hold to his original plan and passed her by.

decided to bring

At age 14, a friend decided to bring Tonon to a local jiu-jitsu tournament, which interested Tonon.

As a joke they decided to bring the garbage to the exhibition as well, after Kikuhata urinated on it.

However, in 2004 during an extensive Rancid hiatus, Armstrong decided to bring the Transplants back together.

decided to open

Neil then decided to open the "Wade Book Shop."

Yong decided to open his own casino.

However, Jesse James, decided to open the company back up in 2013.

decided to set

On 30 July 1945, the government decided to set up a Justice Laboratory.

Leavitt left the grocery business and decided to set himself up as a financier.

Eight years later, the city of Munich decided to set up a permanent guard watch.

therefore decided   (因此决定)

Sambhudhan therefore decided to go rebellious.

The conspirators decided that they got no time to lose, and therefore decided to act quickly.

It was therefore decided that the ruins should not be covered over again but preserved for posterity.

decided to not

In 2013, the US Army decided to not buy the system.

Consequently, the Eagles decided to not re-sign Staley.

To Live Brno decided to not participate in 2018 election.

club decided

The club decided to terminate his contract in advance.

At the end of the season, the club decided not to re-sign him.

The club decided to join the Northern Ireland Intermediate League.

decided to get

The murderer decided to get rid of Bondarenko.

After a son was born, the couple decided to get a divorce.

So they decided to get him married.

decided to record

Following this, the band decided to record their material.

After Un Dia Nuevo album came out, the band decided to record another studio album.

tour, White decided to record her own solo music, recording with the likes of Wretch 32.

decided to attack

They waited until morning before they decided to attack.

KLXK eventually decided to attack KQRS from another front.

However, Leotychides decided to attack the camp with the Allied fleet's marines.

decided to name

Pence finally decided to name him Marlon Bundo.

Already in October it had been decided to name the type "ARL 44".

Lady Hope was ill and her friend decided to name it in her honour.

decided to follow

Ceton decided to follow his father into teaching.

On "7", we decided to follow whatever came naturally.

The couple decided to follow that example.

instead decided

By the time he was able to marry her, however, he instead decided to become a celibate priest.

Of Jewish birth, she instead decided to voluntarily enter the Jewish Vilna ghetto in September 1942.

He abandoned the idea of entering the clergy in 1735, and instead decided to study at the Paris Law Faculty.

so he decided

Jeon was aggrieved and upset, so he decided to hunt down the true culprit.

Zmazek didn't want to seek another singer, so he decided to sing by himself.

Ollie didn't want to send Jake, an original member, so he decided to send himself to Limbo.

already decided

However, Philippe had already decided to stop the case.

But Bush and Conant had already decided that British help was no longer needed.

She herself had already decided to sacrifice herself and stay behind with the Doctor.

decided to split

After the Olympics they decided to split up.

After the 2004 Summer Olympics Kadijk/Leenstra decided to split up.

In March 2013 Hurrdat Social Media decided to split operations into two.

decided to concentrate   (决定集中精力)

He decided to concentrate the plutonium work at the University of Chicago.

He decided to concentrate on filming and progressing his backcountry skiing.

In May 1915, Hamilton decided to concentrate his resources in the Helles sector.

decided to drop   (决定放弃)

In 1950, it was decided to drop "United" from the name.

Handler decided to drop out of the project due to scheduling commitments to her E!

It also explains why Bung decided to drop the use of this port in the later V64Jr models.

council decided

Therefore, the Brezno town council decided to reconstruct its indoor stadium in 2009.

The council decided to replace it with a larger sports and entertainment centre in 2000.

The Allied council decided that Hungary should pay war reparations in common with the Central Powers.

decided to settle   (决定解决)

After three months, Sony and Hotz decided to settle out of court.

At that point, Holland decided to settle at Wilmot in Annapolis County.

Olivia decided to settle this and made them do tug-of-war over the rope.

decided instead

The British decided instead to land an army under Sir Ralph Abercromby at Abukir Bay.

Boeing decided instead to pursue a shortened four-engine 747, resulting in the 747SP.

Agnes demanded Włostowic's death, but her husband decided instead to make an example of him.

decided to study

He decided to study conducting with Hideo Saito.

During this time in the taiga, Tarkovsky decided to study film.

However, Janež decided to study medicine in Ljubljana, Zagreb, and Graz.

decided to develop

Kidde decided to develop a new plan for a new transfer.

They decided to develop and manufacture their own version of the engine.

Skylum thus decided to develop the same photography applications for MacOS.

decided to add   (决定添加)

They decided to add keyboards to the group once again.

Later the Parliament decided to add a fifth directive.

They decided to add a role of a terminal in January 1982.

court decided

The Probate court decided in their favour in July 1935.

Finally, the court decided that it had jurisdiction over the case.

Mills took Le Breton to court, but the court decided in Le Breton's favour.

decided to merge   (决定合并)

The following year, it decided to merge into the Amalgamated Society of Woodworkers.

Eventually the party decided to merge with the 6-seat Progressive Party to form the Liberal Party.

The voters decided to merge the county with the municipalities in a referendum May 29, 2001, effective from January 1, 2003.

decided to produce

Kato and Tanaka decided to produce an indirect sequel.

In 1937 the LMS decided to produce a more modern diesel train for itself.

It was decided to produce the beer in Barbados, including the Banks DIH Shandy range.

decided to support

On the same day, United Russia decided to support Medvedev.

A compromise was reached, and Huang decided to support Sun fully.

After hearing Sandhya’s past, Kuriakose decided to support her and live together.

decided to transfer

Lauren Engeln decided to transfer to Boston College.

At the end of the season he decided to transfer to ECU.

Two players decided to transfer.

producers decided

In 2016, producers decided to introduce a family for the character.

In 1999, "EastEnders" producers decided to reintroduce the character of Sam Mitchell.

Despite her lengthy and accomplished acting resume, the producers decided they wanted a much bigger catch.

decided to switch   (决定切换)

Then she decided to switch sports to beach volleyball.

He had done judo at high school, but decided to switch to sumo.

The station reportedly decided to switch to syndicated programming.

decided to adopt   (决定采用)

Hence, she decided to adopt the penname “Ateshi” (“the Fiery”).

LeMay decided to adopt radically different tactics for this campaign.

Upon finding out there was not, they decided to adopt the phrase for this album's title.

family decided

The family decided to leave for the free region of France.

In 1985 Lata Pada and her family decided to take an extended vacation to India.

By that time, she and her family decided to stay permanently in the Philippines.

members decided

became a duo when one of their members decided to leave the group.

After some ten years, the members decided to create a formal association.

Its members decided that Muslims should also be drawn into the association.

decided to accept

He was offered the Governorship of Tasmania in June 1924, and decided to accept.

They then decided to accept the offer from PT Liga to play again in the Liga Indonesia Premier Division.

Some time later a large donation was made to establish a chapel and the College Council decided to accept it.

decided to break

They decided to break it up by putting a solo drum interlude.

So when he did it again I decided to break his shitting legs like sticks.

Some resourceful members decided to break the coconuts in the baggage to satiate their thirst.

decided to sign

Ultimately they decided to sign with Geffen Records.

Martin decided to sign up for this effort instead of China.

It was completed shortly after the band decided to sign with The Militia Group record label.

case decided

1, is a leading tort case decided by the House of Lords.

R v Thomas R v Thomas was an Australian court case decided in the Victorian Court of Appeal on 18 August 2006.

Mazer v. Stein Mazer v. Stein, 347 U.S. 201 (1954), was a copyright case decided by the United States Supreme Court.

decided to cancel   (决定取消)

In September 2019, ABC decided to cancel the series after one season.

Distraught by what happened, Jarre almost decided to cancel the concert.

In 1994, with an accumulated deficit of $14,000, organizers decided to cancel the festival.

decided to relocate   (决定搬迁)

It was decided to relocate the central point back to the Wahiawa site.

In 1973, he decided to relocate and concentrate on painting full time.

With the core band members based in London, she decided to relocate there.

board decided

In 2013 the board decided to return the original name of the club: ""FK Spartak Subotica.""

To increase space for both books and patrons, the library board decided to rent another room.

There was little controversy when the transition board decided the new city should get a new flag.

decided to remove

He decided to remove all of the younger boys from the school.

He decided to remove the killing aspect, concentrate on the relationship.

In the mid-1970s the Coast Guard decided to remove the Fresnel lens and test a DCB airport style beacon.