Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

decides to go   (decide ir)

When Mary's mother dies she decides to go travelling.

Kazul decides to go home and find out what's happening.

Kelly decides to go back to her home in remote farmland.

decides to leave   (decide irse)

Blackwood decides to leave home and stay at his club.

He couldn't take another heartache and decides to leave.

Chopra packs his clothes and decides to leave the hotel.

decides to take   (decide tomar)

Elsa decides to take their children to Switzerland.

Homer decides to take action by looking for it.

She eventually resigns and decides to take up teaching.

decides not

He decides not to tell Guisheng about Ah Zhen's death.

However, Emerson decides not to report him.

If Prude decides not to read, then Lewd will decide to read.

decides to stay   (decide quedarse)

Broken and alone, Will decides to stay at Eric's house.

After the wedding, Ryan decides to stay in Weatherfield.

Iva decides to stay by her husband and helps him to escape.

then decides

The group then decides to run to the used car lot.

Mishti then decides to set-up a business in Erinsborough.

Mohan then decides to travel to Charanpur, in Uttar Pradesh.

decides to return   (decide regresar)

Palach decides to return to Czechoslovakia.

Nancy decides to return there the next day.

Dejected, he decides to return to Samarpur.

decides to help

After Klonoa saves her, she decides to help him.

Jake (Andy Samberg) decides to help Boyle in finding the toy.

While initially adamant to participate, he decides to help them.

decides to give

Migo decides to give the land down under a try.

Tom then decides to give himself up.

Not wanting to hurt her mother, she decides to give up the role.

decides to make   (decide hacer)

One day, he finally decides to make a move on Sol.

But The Bull decides to make a forceful move on Sam.

He takes a liking to her and decides to make her his bride.

decides to get

Then the king decides to get him married.

The old woman decides to get revenge.

Two months later, Yamuna's father decides to get her married to Jeeva.

decides to move   (decide moverse)

Fleur decides to move in with the TV producer.

Pa decides to move the family into town for the winter.

By 1943, Mordó decides to move to Madrid with her mother.

decides to use

Johnny decides to use Liz as leverage against her stepfather.

He decides to use Nightmare Paint to disrupt the "serene scene".

He decides to use his "acting powers" to imitate Jim and give him a bad reputation.

decides to marry

So, she decides to marry George for his money.

In Florence, Ambrose decides to marry his cousin Rachel.

Ullas returns and decides to marry Simran.

decides to join   (decide unirse)

Zimmerman decides to join the Sanctuary.

In order to find out, he decides to join the operation in the field.

Fed up with taking orders, Mel decides to join Jay on his adventure.

decides to keep   (decide mantener)

Becky decides to keep her baby as they drive back home.

Mary decides to keep the secret and helps him lie to Angie.

Jacqui and Tony want to raise Max, but Tina decides to keep him.

finally decides   (finalmente decide)

One day, he finally decides to make a move on Sol.

She finally decides to search for the real Liu Dong.

Harvey's father finally decides to go to the police station.

decides to become   (decide convertirse)

Kate decides to become sober and change her life.

But he is not satisfied and decides to become a taxi driver.

Malayandi asks for forgiveness and he decides to become a good man.

decides to kill

Mike decides to kill Hector and procures a black market sniper rifle.

So, he decides to kill Swamy.

Hal overpowers Megamind, but decides to kill him instead of arresting him.

decides to try

She decides to try to find women for him to date.

He decides to try to pull her up the cliff on her sled.

Carrie loses the baby and decides to try her luck at acting.

eventually decides

Holt eventually decides to enter into Gamblers Anonymous.

He eventually decides to self-immolate himself against the invasion.

Though initially conflicted, Patrick eventually decides to stay with Robin.

decides whether

Third day: the family decides whether the body will be buried or cremated.

The Parliament then decides whether to authorise the candidate to form the Government.

On the third day, the family decides whether to bury the body in the ground or cremate the body.

decides to run

The group then decides to run to the used car lot.

Frankie decides to run away to New York City.

When Lat decides to run for U.S.

decides to let

Pugachev decides to let Pyotr go to Orenburg.

Wolf decides to let Jack go free after Jack saves his life.

Since Charlie went through all the trouble, Satan decides to let them go.

decides to visit   (decide visitar)

Dodger tracks Patrick down and decides to visit him.

Fellers decides to visit General Kajima, who was also Aya's uncle.

When she gets there, she decides to visit her mother Kathleen in prison.

decides to send

She ultimately decides to send Sione home.

The village court decides to send Indhu to Malayandi's village.

His cousin Jack Holden (Paul O'Brien) decides to send him home.

decides to tell

Kate decides to tell Mrs. Barnes the truth and is fired.

Frustrated and on a trip with the Freshers, Theresa decides to tell Will they are over.

Against Shanley's warnings, Bob decides to tell Kruger that he's leaving, who then arranges to have him killed.

decides to find   (decide encontrar)

Bert decides to find his father and bring him home.

Hence, Chandru decides to find a job with full fledge.

Finding this sad, Phos decides to find Cinnabar a better job.

decides to follow

However, Ariel decides to follow her own path.

Initially skeptical, Miles decides to follow these suggestions to help people.

However, Allison decides to follow her heart, regardless of what her family thinks.

so he decides

About to rush out of the house, he suddenly remembers the $50 fee, so he decides to stick it out.

Zack is told that Amy slept with the Employee of the Month at her last job, so he decides to win the title.

Ben's coronation is barely attended, so he decides to travel the land to gain the pledges of the local rulers.

ultimately decides

She ultimately decides to send Sione home.

Blomfeld ultimately decides to confess, and calls the archbishop.

Jax ultimately decides to move on with Brenda, who has become engaged to Sonny.

later decides

Maxine later decides to hand herself in to the police.

Adam is confused and refuses but later decides to do it.

He later decides to move to Algiers to establish another Zaouia.

decides to end

The Queen decides to end discussion about the issue.

The video features Swift as she decides to end a relationship via phone call.

Terese then decides to end their relationship and confesses her love for Paul.

decides to break   (decide romper)

In the end, Aspen decides to break up with America.

Sethu at first decides to break up with Vanaja but Bavutty cools him down and the marriage is saved.

When Aidan learns that Chris has not invited him to a family birthday party, he decides to break up with him.