İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

before deciding   (karar vermeden önce)

He studied law before deciding instead to become a journalist.

He attended school in Córdoba before deciding to become a veterinarian.

Jack knew the band and was fan of theirs already before deciding to join them.

deciding whether   (olup olmadığına karar vermek)

The problem consists in deciding whether the given graph is connected or not.

It was deciding whether or not to begin disciplinary proceedings against Sharp.

They were deciding whether or not to begin disciplinary proceedings against Sharp.

deciding game   (karar verme oyunu)

A deciding game on Richmond Green was played on 5 July.

The Dodgers won Game 6 to force a seventh and deciding game.

In the fifth and deciding game, he scored 24 points and had six steals.

deciding factor   (Karar faktörü)

In the end, the state became the deciding factor of the entire election.

Participants are encouraged to be a part of the play, but not a deciding factor.

The lack of horses was the deciding factor in the reduction in the cavalry units.

when deciding   (karar verirken)

Consumers would optimally consider all of a product's attributes when deciding between options.

Levine stressed that the jury had a right to know the full truth when deciding to give the death penalty.

Gény also emphasized that judges should take into account social and economic factors when deciding cases.

deciding match

In the semi-finals against England, Gaultier won the deciding match against Lee Beachill which took France through to the final.

Silverio's Ovaltine Yellow squad lost to the Ovaltine Brown team coached by Baby Dalupan, 126-123 in the third and deciding match.

Excélsior withdrew from the third and deciding match due to complains about the officiating and extreme brutality from Hércules players.

deciding what   (neye karar vermek)

There is no strict rule for deciding what a Power is worth.

Typology assists in deciding what reconstruction best fits the data.

Alternatively, instead of both Lewd and Prude deciding what to do at the same time, they should do it one after the other.

deciding not

Tiger Woods hits the centre of the green, after deciding not to go for the flag.

Button prevailed after deciding not to challenge teammate Rubens Barrichello for seventh.

In 1993 Young retired as Detroit's longest-serving mayor, deciding not to seek a sixth term.

deciding vote   (oy vermek)

Who had the deciding vote?

The independent chair, Andrew Cubie, used his deciding vote to support UUK's preferred plan.

With them tied, Johnson, who had no votes, became the final jury member and cast the deciding vote.

deciding frame

On resuming that evening, Brecel won frame 18 to send the match to a deciding frame.

Cahill won frame 24, after Maguire missed a by a wide margin, taking the match to a deciding frame.

Bingham won the deciding frame after Dott missed a simple shot on the .<ref name="dott/bingham"></ref> After the match, Dott explained that "serious sleeping problems" had caused him difficulties while playing.

deciding set

Verdasco won 6–3 triggering a deciding set.

It is also played for the third deciding set but only in two racks (one for each player).

Chisnall's third round 2016 World Championship game with Peter Wright went to a deciding set.

deciding how   (nasıl olduğuna karar vermek)

Emperor Komei was asked for his counsel in deciding how to deal with newly assertive foreign powers.

This was unanimously agreed, and work commenced developing adventurous plans and deciding how the funds would be raised.

He postponed the assault and even allowed visits while the head of the Host, Petro Kalnyshevsky, was deciding how to react to the Russian ultimatum.