Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

unanimous decision   (decisión unánime)

Burrell defeated Villefort via unanimous decision.

He won the one-sided fight by unanimous decision.

Ultimately, Tamura was awarded a unanimous decision.

decision was made   (la decisión fue tomada)

In 2016 decision was made to accept female students.

In 1934 a decision was made to demolish Horsley Hall.

The final investment decision was made in October 2009.

decision making   (Toma de decisiones)

This helps avert a save-reload approach to decision making.

Subject orientation can be really useful for decision making.

Hume calls this form of decision making the liberty of spontaneity.

made the decision   (tomó la decisión)

Her mother made the decision to drop her surname.

made the decision to continue as a three-piece.

Bryan Konietzko made the decision to have it removed.

via unanimous decision   (por decisión unánime)

Burrell defeated Villefort via unanimous decision.

He won via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28).

Koscheck lost the fight via unanimous decision.

split decision   (decisión dividida)

He won the back-and-forth fight by split decision.

Kotiev retained the championship by split decision.

He won the back-and-forth fight via split decision.

final decision   (decisión definitiva)

The final decision is by no means a foregone conclusion.

It is not clear what the final decision was.

decision not   (decisión no)

He also questioned Pompey's decision not to charge.

Price criticised the decision not to require a broadcast apology.

However I have made the decision not to be a part of an O-Town reunion.

decision was taken   (la decisión fue tomada)

This decision was taken by the Sejm on 6 July 2004.

The decision was taken to extend the season.

The decision was taken to disband the club.

decision to leave   (decisión de irse)

Manager Steve Bruce explained his decision to leave out Sadler of the squad.

This event was crucial in his decision to leave cycling and take up athletics.

It is the later death of C'rizz that prompts her decision to leave the TARDIS.

court decision   (decision de la Corte)

A court decision ordered his release on January 31 2018.

In February 2016, a court decision to dissolve the party was upheld.

NhRP also filed an appeal to Hercules and Leo's lower court decision.

decision makers   (Tomadores de decisiones)

Currently Gilauri set his advisory boutique for public sector decision makers.

These tactics were supported by the majority of decision makers and American civilians.

Audiences and decision makers for any type of choice change suddenly and unpredictably.

decision made   (decisión tomada)

An odd decision made at RC(S) changed the tone of the battle.

The "Roe v. Wade" Supreme Court decision made abortion legal in 1973.

This final rebranding was due to a decision made by the Commerzbank in March 2010.

make a decision   (Toma una decision)

Then they make a decision to choose the shape of a dog.

When this happened, the monarch was usually called on to make a decision.

He said, "We're speaking with him [Defoe] and then we'll make a decision.

points decision   (decisión de puntos)

McAllister walked away with a points decision over Kellet.

He won a points decision over 12 rounds.

Cook outboxed Bennett to claim a close but unanimous points decision.

majority decision   (decisión mayoritaria)

He lost the fight via controversial majority decision.

Hansen lost to Erin Blanchfield via majority decision.

Lovato defeated Mousasi by majority decision.

via split decision   (por decisión dividida)

He won the back-and-forth fight via split decision.

He lost the back and forth fight via split decision.

Montague won via split decision (28-29, 29-28, 30-27).

made a decision   (tomar una decisión)

I made a decision that I was going to get away on holiday.

In 1851 Ostrovsky made a decision to devote himself entirely to literature and theatre.

New Zealand made a decision not to convey an authorised rugby team to South Africa again.

decision to move   (decisión de mudarse)

The Rockies' decision to move Kim to the bullpen was controversial.

As soon as William recovered, he made the decision to move back to Merrill.

His decision to move several of his own businesses to Wales created 500 jobs.

s decision   (decisión de s)

The Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals subsequently affirmed Judge Kimball’s decision.

A commentator exclaimed, "What is the worst part of the Supreme Court’s decision in "R v Comeau"?

By repudiating the debt, the Soviet government implemented the Petrograd Soviet’s decision of 1905.

appealed the decision   (apeló la decisión)

His attorney, Julius Grey, appealed the decision.

Douglas appealed the decision but his claim was rejected.

The tribe appealed the decision to the Ninth Circuit Court.

s decision   (decisión de)

The Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals subsequently affirmed Judge Kimball’s decision.

A commentator exclaimed, "What is the worst part of the Supreme Court’s decision in "R v Comeau"?

By repudiating the debt, the Soviet government implemented the Petrograd Soviet’s decision of 1905.

controversial decision   (decisión controvertida)

This was a controversial decision, and was opposed by some people.

Burnett lost a controversial decision to Miletich at UFC Ultimate Brazil.

In a controversial decision, Washington and Mansour fought to a 10-round draw.

took the decision   (tomó la decisión)

That day, Kumaresan took the decision of remaining single.

Two years later, in 1930, his wife took the decision to return with her child to Denmark.

After a successful first season in the First Division, the clubs took the decision to split.

announced his decision   (anunció su decisión)

Kansas State announced his decision on May 17, 2013.

In December 2002, he announced his decision to turn pro before his upcoming graduation.

On January 8, 2013, Joeckel announced his decision to forgo his final year of eligibility.

decision to make   (decisión de tomar)

After each student decided whether or not to cheat, they justified this decision to make themselves feel good.

This decision was met by outrage from the Islanders who thought that it should have been their decision to make.

The truth is that if a proposal comes from Team USA to play for them, I will have a very difficult decision to make.

no decision   (Sin decisión)

They are marked ND for non-decision or no decision.

Ponson got a no decision in the 5–4 loss to the Cleveland Indians.

In the end, no decision is made.

decision to use   (decisión de usar)

The IEEE board in 2002 rescinded its decision to use approval voting.

The decision to use a time or cost ratio turns on the problem at hand.

He later clashed with committee members who were unhappy with his decision to use the money to buy a motor car.

decision to build   (decisión de construir)

The decision to build the line was taken by the Parliament of Norway in 1894.

The decision to build this powerline was made in 1977 and it went in operation in 1985.

The decision to build the museum was taken by the Subcarpathian Regional Assembly in June 2008.

against the decision   (en contra de la decisión)

She has now filed an appeal against the decision.

An appeal against the decision was rejected.

Alfie's parents appealed against the decision in late February.

decision to close   (decisión de cerrar)

One of the main reasons given for the decision to close the system was its worn-out fleet.

Thus, it concluded that the decision to close Mardon House constituted unfairness amounting to an abuse of power.

Susan Kennedy asks Ajay if he can reverse the council's decision to close PirateNet and he agrees to look into it.

decision to retire   (decisión de retirarse)

By 1969, Hyman was reconsidering her decision to retire.

The band's breakup was the result of Ed Volker's decision to retire.

She finally made her decision to retire when her husband asked her to.

decision to become   (decisión de convertirse)

His decision to become a writer was made as a teenager, "at 16".

Bader won the rematch again by split decision to become the new Light Heavyweight champion.

On November 12, 2015 Vladislav Ramm announced his decision to become an independent solo artist.

decision to go   (decisión de ir)

I've never said I didn't support a decision to go to war."

CBH's decision to go to tender was influenced by greater competition.

In his first two years with the Aces, Alaska's decision to go "younger" paid off.

make the decision   (haga la decisión)

“I had to make the decision of whether my life was more valuable that the life of someone else.

In order to make the decision, we compare P to the string at M. If P is identical to M, search is complete.

This system helps recommend the proper products to the customers and helps customers make the decision during the purchasing process.

decision support   (apoyo a las decisiones)

Random Forests have thus been used for clinical decision support systems.

Moreover, the operational systems were frequently reexamined as new decision support requirements emerged.

In larger corporations, it was typical for multiple decision support environments to operate independently.

decision victory   (victoria de decisión)

Ruslan Karaev took out Nordstrand by a unanimous decision victory.

After two rounds Magny was awarded the unanimous decision victory.

His first fight resulted in a sixth-round decision victory over Joe Wade.

decision win   (decisión ganada)

The competitive fight resulted in a "razor-thin" unanimous decision win for Papazov.

He recaptured the belt on May 3, 2007, with a unanimous decision win over Nobuo Nashiro.

After 15:00 the fight went to the judges, and they awarded a split decision win to Rizzo.

decision against   (decisión contra)

In 1795, Muter and Sebastian rendered a decision against Kentucky pioneer Simon Kenton in a land title case.

Saenchai took a unanimous decision against Spanish Jonathan Fabian at Yokkao 26 on September 11, 2017, in Hong Kong.

Fragomeni made his professional debut on 19 May 2001, winning a four-round points decision against Henry Kolle Njume.

decision to not   (decisión de no)

Nasution also added that he would back Suharto's decision to not let Pranoto go to Halim.

Estabrooks also announced his decision to not seek re-election in the next provincial election due to his health concerns.

Some candidates collaborated with political parties to hold protests against the HKEAA's decision to not readminister the paper.

appeal the decision   (apelar la decisión)

Moshkow's lawyer said he would appeal the decision.

The petitioners planned to appeal the decision.

American Express asserted that it would appeal the decision.

decision to allow   (decisión de permitir)

By the time the system was restored, the game had resumed, meaning the decision to allow the goal stood.

This was followed in the 1843 by a decision to allow students of other colleges to become fellows at Trinity.

Environmentalists criticized the decision to allow Foxconn to draw 7 million gallons of water per day from Lake Michigan.

decision to take   (decisión de tomar)

It opens with Cécile's internal dialogue regarding her decision to take such an early train.

Reed later cited the incident as shaping the Reed family's decision to take the company private.

Comiskey's decision to take part in organizing a new professional football league based on the 1902 NFL was never made public.

decision to join   (decisión de unirse)

Long's decision to join the Air Force was inspired by that of his childhood friend, Wah Kau Kong.

The decision to join CARICOM stirred up a huge amount of debate and speculation among the Bermudian community and politicians.

(The decision to join Sleazy was easier thanks to Sleazy giving them crack cocaine, for which they developed an instant affinity.)

following the decision   (siguiendo la decisión)

Sippy Downs was established as a suburb in 1993 following the decision by the Shire of Maroochy to rezone the area.

The team was the first female four-person team to compete following the decision to make the event gender neutral in late 2014.

After an outcry following the decision, YouTube reinstated these two videos, along with retracting the copyright "strikes" applied.

decision to withdraw   (decisión de retirarse)

In December 2018, Maddow criticized President Trump's decision to withdraw U.S. troops from Syria.

draw on 19 January, however later made the decision to withdraw themselves from the competition before its commencement.

David Davies, however, did not withdraw and in his speech accepting nomination was particularly critical of Richard's decision to withdraw.

decision making process   (proceso de toma de decisiones)

Typically, the decision making process incorporates the analysis of one or more visualizations of data.

Ordeals the divine methods of proof and Oaths for simple cases were used to help in the decision making process.

Participants have other demands on their time, and actively arrive to, and leave from, the decision making process.

decision maker   (tomador de decisiones)

The fund manager is the decision maker for their portfolios.

Minister of the Interior Pierre Joxe was the key decision maker who authorized the creation of the unit.

The decision maker, often a jury, but sometimes a judge, decides whether the burden of proof has been fulfilled.

difficult decision   (decisión difícil)

"It was a difficult decision for me," Davis said.

Due to a number of commercial factors we have had to make this difficult decision.

Club chairman Paul Wildes stated that "this has been a difficult decision for both parties".

landmark decision   (decisión histórica)

Fauziya was granted asylum on June 13, 1996, in the landmark decision Matter of Kasinga.

The completion of Tellico Dam was nearly halted by a landmark decision by the Supreme Court regarding the Endangered Species Act.

Dr Jalmi has however remained in the history of Parliamentary democracy with his landmark decision in 1990 that speaker cannot be part of defections.

decision came   (la decisión vino)

The decision came only in 1960.

In the final race, the decision came: UKR gold, AUT bronze and NED silver.

The decision came at the recommendation of U.S. Trade Representative Carla A.

decision was reversed   (la decisión fue revocada)

The suspension decision was reversed that night.

However this decision was reversed by the Court of Appeal.

The decision was reversed by the IWF after four days of blocking.

decision regarding   (decisión sobre)

There was strong public objection to the decision regarding the event.

ECS and RCS identification is necessary in a decision regarding the SCA's social media application.

Any decision regarding points awarded for abandoned games is left to the individual football associations.

reversed the decision   (revocó la decisión)

The Supreme Court reversed the decision of the High Court.

He would have reversed the decision of the Court of Claims.

The Supreme Court reversed the decision of the Fifth Circuit.

decision to remove   (decisión de eliminar)

He launched an appeal against the decision to remove him as national treasurer.

On Olympus, she pleaded against Athena's decision to remove the gods from Earth's affairs.

In 2003 the Youth Justice Board made the decision to remove the juvenile population from Onley.

conscious decision   (decisión conciente)

She ultimately made a conscious decision to steer away from politicised lyrics.

The fast pace of the game was a conscious decision by the developers of the game.

This believer's baptism is opposed to baptism of infants, who are not able to make a conscious decision to be baptized.

decision was not   (la decisión no fue)

This decision was not accepted by all family members.

The decision was not announced publicly until successful completion of Apollo 7.

The decision was not appealed to a higher court, but had a powerful influence on subsequent rulings.

right decision   (decisión correcta)

This made the actress realise that she made the right decision.

Senderos himself claimed he made the right decision joining the Gunners.

Umar said that that was the right decision and at once appointed Shuraih as the Qadi of Kufa.

decision theory   (teoría de la decisión)

This anarchic view of decision making contrasts with traditional decision theory.

Rabinowicz's areas of expertise include ethics, normativity, decision theory and utilitarianism.

He is known for his expertise on epistemology, decision theory, mathematical logic and philosophy of mathematics.

making a decision   (tomando una desición)

This can cause a consumer to delay or opt out of making a decision.

The Parole Board must consider these submissions before making a decision.

The Spartans, who were at that time celebrating the festival of Hyacinthus, delayed making a decision for 10 days.

earlier decision   (decisión anterior)

On 1 February 2009, the ICC reversed their earlier decision, and changed the match result back to a win for England.

This had been preceded by the overturning by the High Court of her earlier decision to hold the inquest without a jury.

Reversing his earlier decision to retire, LaRussa also joined the Diamondbacks in May 2014, in a front office role as Chief Baseball Officer.

political decision   (decisión política)

Chinese leadership has made a political decision to do the opposite.

We need to build a process from the sensor all the way to the political decision makers."

A city's economic development functions and for the political decision to mobilize public capital.

decision to release   (decisión de liberar)

The reasoning behind Stephen's decision to release his rival remains unclear.

The decision to release the declaration was taken by the British War Cabinet on 31 October 1917.

With this new strategy came the decision to release separate singles simultaneously to each market.

decision to change   (decisión de cambiar)

They made the decision to change the flight plan so the commander was the first to egress from the spacecraft.

The ambiguity was the result of a NASA decision to change designation of missions starting in Fiscal Year 1984.

decision taken   (decisión tomada)

The decision taken by the minister of justice Ivo Samkalden provoked a public outcry.

Former players reacted with astonishment at the harsh decision taken by the team management.

Attempting to legitimize any decision taken, Abe polled all of the "daimyō" for their opinions.

decision to end   (decisión de terminar)

When he returned, he had made the decision to end the strip.

Miller made the decision to end the band entirely, writing, "I can’t do Mister Loveless without Charlie.

On 9 January 2012 he announced his decision to end his playing career to focus on studying for a UEFA Pro Licence and become a coach.

decision is made   (se toma la decisión)

In the end, no decision is made.

Depending on how this decision is made, approval voting satisfies different sets of criteria.

The right to be heard refers to the right for a party's case to be heard before a decision is made.

decision was based   (la decisión fue basada)

This decision was based in part on socio-political reasons.

The decision was based on experience from Danish and foreign special forces.

This decision was based upon the public concern of sports doping and its negative effects on athletes.

announced its decision   (anunció su decisión)

The Government announced its decision in July 1952.

In June 2018, Viacom announced its decision to discontinue VIVA at the end of 2018.

At about the same time the ABC announced its decision not to buy any further new episodes of "Doctor Who".

decision problem   (problema de decisión)

An example of a decision problem is the following.

A "decision problem" is a yes-or-no question on an infinite set of inputs.

A decision problem which can be solved by an algorithm is called "decidable".

decision to create   (decisión de crear)

In 1953, Alexander was involved in the decision to create a new art gallery in Hamilton.

The decision to create such a character was backed up by research in the US government study "".

They made the decision to create a consumable product in a liquid form that could be classified as a supplement.

making the decision   (tomando la decisión)

The national park authority received 1,700 objections before making the decision.

House could not forgive Stacy for making the decision, which caused their relationship to end.

A chance encounter in a supermarket ultimately results in Marker making the decision to move to Eton.

decision was overturned   (la decisión fue revocada)

In September 2018, this decision was overturned.

However, the decision was overturned by the House of Lords.

Most of the decision was overturned by the Supreme Court of Israel in January 1958.

decision on whether   (decisión sobre si)

A decision on whether the proposal will go ahead was to have been announced in March 2017.

Often, Stalin had the ultimate decision on whether a newly produced film was appropriate for public viewing.

The study reassures that an inmate's decision on whether or not to report sexual assault depends again on a multitude of factors.

round decision   (decisión redonda)

In May 2009, Spina defeated Tiwon Taylor by eight round decision.

The fight went to another extra round decision that saw Musashi the winner.

On January 18, 2003, Riley defeated Angie Bordelon by a six round decision in Raleigh, North Carolina.

decision to give   (decisión de dar)

He announced his decision to give them a second chance and did not kick them off of the show.

The disturbed conditions in Mexico were large factors in my decision to give up our home in that country.

In 2008, he made the decision to give up martial arts and transferred to second division team Jönköpings Södra.

decision to send   (decisión de enviar)

Bob's team makes the unanimous decision to send Joelle home.

Bertha's influence may have led to Pope Gregory I's decision to send Augustine as a missionary from Rome.

Charles questions Cyclops' decision to send X-Force to hunt down his own son, Cable, in front of the students.

following a decision   (siguiendo una decisión)

The administration ended on 21 August 1919 following a decision made by caucus to do so two months earlier.

TVNZ vacated the building in late 1998 following a decision to move all of their Christchurch-produced shows to Wellington.

Both associations voted to join to form a new single association in 2003, following a decision to set this process in motion in 1998.

decision to run   (decisión de correr)

In 1914, Roosevelt made an ill-conceived decision to run for the seat of retiring Republican Senator Elihu Root of New York.

Mushaima was a leading member in Al Wefaq opposition group until resigning in 2005 due to their decision to run in 2006 parliamentary election.

Wang, who had left the office for the day, reportedly returned to the paper after midnight to reverse the staff editors' decision to run a full story.

decision to return   (decisión de regresar)

Two years later, in 1930, his wife took the decision to return with her child to Denmark.

The birth of his son Wesley in January 2018 influenced his decision to return to Kentucky for his senior year.

He and his three colleagues were instructed to announce the death of her husband Francis II of France, and her decision to return to Scotland.

government decision   (decisión del gobierno)

After the government decision the number of municipalities has reached 217 in Nepal.

The village was submerged under Rangeli Municipality in May 2014 following the government decision.

decision to sell   (decisión de vender)

The decision to sell the team was approved on March 22.

Bobby Winkles resigned as Oakland's manager after Finley's impulsive decision to sell the club's most effective relief pitcher.

In the lawsuit, Plaintiffs argued that the Mayor’s decision to sell the easement was brought about by the undue influence of the LDS Church.

decision whether   (decisión si)

He slowed down his movements, such as the decision whether to jump or not.

For females, the decision whether to mate or not when courted by a male largely depends on the courtship song.

Joubert previously experienced back problems and said his condition would factor in his decision whether to compete in pairs.

own decision   (decisión propia)

“It is our own responsibility, our own decision.

Hei then ask Vincent why he always make his own decision and why she can't do something for him.

Berengaria did not attend them, either because she was not advised of them or by her own decision.

decision process   (proceso de decisión)

Three key aspects of the efficiency of the decision process are problem activity, problem latency, and decision time.

This is also known as cancellation, meaning that possible options are yielding to the same outcome thus ignoring decision process in that stage.

Currently, the FDA decision process lacks transparency, however, efforts are underway to standardize the benefit-risk assessment of new medicines.

original decision   (decisión original)

The court disagreed, affirming the original decision and upholding the conviction.

High Court Judge Rita Joseph-Olivetti found in favour of Digicel and quashed the original decision.

It found that the original decision by Liverpool Council on the planning application was not corrupt.

when the decision   (cuando la decision)

Peter was chief when the decision to acquire the vessel was made.

This was decided because the Breakers had the top NBL ladder spot of the South teams at the end of Round 9, when the decision was made.

All were later re-classified and screened in the 1980s when the decision on these issues was decentralised down to the ABC, which passed these items.

unanimous decision victory   (victoria por decisión unánime)

Ruslan Karaev took out Nordstrand by a unanimous decision victory.

After two rounds Magny was awarded the unanimous decision victory.

Rivera's first fight in the UFC was a unanimous decision victory over David Loiseau at "UFC 44".

decision to stop   (decisión de parar)

Bush made the decision to stop the offensive after a mere 100 hours.

Whilst living in New York City, Shahrokh created work in protest at the mayor's decision to stop glass recycling.

In February 2016, Mai announced her decision to stop using the stage name Wolkenfrei and to perform under her own name.

decision was later   (la decisión fue más tarde)

This decision was later appealed and overturned at the B.C.

His decision was later upheld by the Supreme Court of India.

His decision was later annulled by his son and successor, Henri.

round points decision   (decisión de puntos redondos)

This time Smith was resigned to having to win a dull 12 round points decision over Weaver, although he did score a knockdown in a brief moment of excitement.

decision because   (decisión porque)

Barnard later wrote, "For a dying man it is not a difficult decision because he knows he is at the end.

Chicken prices would reportedly rise by 25 percent days after the decision because of added transportation costs.

It was really a monumental decision because Rabbi Harris has spent his entire life studying or working for the Yeshiva and its affiliates.

decision to establish   (decisión de establecer)

A complicating factor was the decision to establish the Giles Weather Station in the Rawlinson Ranges.

Sam Houston fought bitterly against Lamar's decision to establish the capital in such a remote wilderness.

Jenkinson influenced the University of London's decision to establish an archives diploma course, and would later present its first lecture.

round unanimous decision   (decisión unánime redonda)

Hallback won by a ten round unanimous decision.

Guerrero won the bout with a 12 round unanimous decision.

Dominguez won the fight by four round unanimous decision.

decision to abandon   (decisión de abandonar)

The violence of these mob-style games led to widespread protests and a decision to abandon them.

Wei Zhong cannot fathom his mother's decision to abandon him for his younger brother and holds contempt towards her and Ah Di.

The launch of F12 was postponed whilst a project review was carried out, which led to the decision to abandon the Europa design.

decision to cancel   (decisión de cancelar)

Upon Wegener's victory on 5 May 2018, Bohlen made the decision to cancel his family holiday to produce her album.

The decision to cancel also came under criticism from Michael Coren and Toronto pastor Joe Boot on Coren’s show The Arena.

On November 12, 2019, the Supreme Court heard arguments for and against the Trump administration's decision to cancel the program.

reversed its decision   (revocó su decisión)

Within days, the council reversed its decision under immense public pressure and scrutiny.

After the continued protests and demonstrations, the court reversed its decision to transfer the custody of the girl to the mother.

On February 11, 2011, the administration reversed its decision on rugby and two other sports, and rugby was continued as a varsity sport.

criticized the decision   (criticó la decisión)

Some Fox News employees criticized the decision.

Environmental and human rights activists criticized the decision.

He criticized the decision, stating "First of all, I’m not a reliever...

upheld the decision   (confirmó la decisión)

When Prita appealed, the High Court upheld the decision.

Although Audi protested, the stewards upheld the decision.

The 8th Circuit Court of Appeals upheld the decision in October 2007.

important decision   (decision importante)

We must trust the accused to make such an important decision for himself.

He called it at the time "probably the most important decision of my life".

He followed it up with two 10-round decisions over Jesse Ferguson (14–2) and David Bey (15–2), arguably his most important decision wins.