make decisions   (決定する)

The President and I work together and make decisions.

"It's very, very difficult for Ezra to make decisions.

Management can make decisions faster and with fewer errors.

decisions made   (決定した)

El-Sisi disputed this opinion; he and others were critical of decisions made in Iraq and Libya.

Based on what we know now, the decisions made concerning Rudy Kos were errors in human judgment.

Too much "interest" rather than pure "love of truth" enters into the decisions made in Parliament.

making decisions   (意思決定)

Poor concentration or difficulty making decisions are treated as another possible symptom.

Nigerians were asked to forgo statism and tribal affiliations and open minded in making decisions.

They also work to keep individuals from making decisions that will increase their likelihood of contact with the law.

policy decisions

He was not involved in any major policy decisions.

All policy decisions are implemented by the Executive Committee.

Science is not autonomous and research requires funding which policy decisions come into play.

court decisions   (判決)

All other legislation and court decisions must conform to its rules.

District court decisions are not binding precedent at all, only persuasive.

Therefore, only a small proportion of trial court decisions result in appeals.

decisions regarding

This test results in uniform decisions regarding admissibility.

The Steering Committee makes decisions regarding ENRS’s strategy and projects.

The mayor of Karachi was empowered to make decisions regarding city management.

important decisions

The selectors made several important decisions throughout the series.

Porter himself accompanied the expedition and made the important decisions.

But important decisions were taken from the colony to Spain by the Council of the Indies.

decisions are made

Other times no decisions are made.

Sometimes decisions are made.

All program decisions are made by assemblies, the ENRS' international supervisory bodies.

decisions based

It was established by decisions based on the meetings (No.

Sometimes they make decisions based on matching a regular expression.

The officials' decisions based on her anomalous appearance disrupted her family and adult life.

political decisions   (政治的決定)

The council did not make any political decisions.

She is the victim of political decisions and human spite but does not embrace victimhood.

They focused on hotels where political decisions were discussed, such as Hotel Bellevue in Dresden.

own decisions

He is able to attend office, make his own decisions and understand everything.

He went on to say, "I'd love to have Congress make its own decisions" with respect to considering repeal.

To be sure, there is an overwhelming theme of freedom and the right of individuals to make their own decisions.

major decisions   (主要な決定)

He had gained enormous influence but did not shift any major decisions.

Before that time, a clique of generals residing in Rio de Janeiro controlled major decisions of the army.

It oversees The Homestead's major decisions, and helps to integrate The Homestead with its parent university.

decisions were made

According to Oliphant, when the project was taken over by Quarles, two questionable decisions were made.

When Sønsteby was 80 years old, he said "Of course wrong decisions were made, also by the Resistance Movement.

Some of the critical decisions were made during these "tea talks" between the first and second rounds of the election.

decisions taken

All decisions taken by Sharif as PML-N's president resultantly stood null and void.

The Executive Committee reports to the Supervisory Board and informs periodically about decisions taken.

The main purpose of the Universal was to inform the people of the important decisions taken by the authorities.

all decisions

The Council must agree to all decisions unanimously.

The FOMC must reach consensus on all decisions.

It is the stated preference that all decisions be made by consensus.

business decisions   (ビジネス上の決定)

Leo's stories have focused on business decisions and romance.

The board makes its business decisions by voting with the administrative council which is supported by an advisory council.

He oversaw MLS's key strategic and business decisions and its marketing arm, Soccer United Marketing, of which he was president.

judicial decisions

the aggregate of earlier judicial decisions.

Islam is the state religion, and sharia is used as the basis of judicial decisions.

His principal contribution to French law is the advancement of the study of judicial decisions.

informed decisions

Intranet portal helps employees make better and more informed decisions, which result from increased knowledge.

Access to this information should allow market actors to make more informed decisions regarding asset backed securities.

Making sure that consumers have easy access to information ensures that they can make informed decisions about utility services.

management decisions

Regardless of who the team's owner was, Berry still made all the management decisions.

An analogy is explicitly made with the health economics consideration used in management decisions involving external medical treatment.

Its main objectives are to support conservation, resource use, and management decisions by evaluating all the world's ecosystems by 2025.

investment decisions

Futures markets are a link between entrepreneurial investment decisions and household consumer decisions.

It usually encompasses a long-term strategic perspective regarding investment decisions that affect public entities.

Furthermore, they are encouraged to consider ESG (environmental, social and governance) factors in investment decisions.

final decisions

The final decisions on these Memorials are taken by the Benchers.

In the final decisions by the King human modes of proof ruled over divine modes of proof.

Litigants may appeal final decisions of the Court of Chancery to the Delaware Supreme Court.

decisions concerning

The main decisions concerning the general direction of Equinet are taken by the General Assembly of Members.

The results from the inventory were also meant to function as background data for the authorities' decisions concerning e.g.

They were free in their decisions concerning their property and actions, though formally they had to apply for the duke's support.