İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

began to decline   (gerilemeye başladı)

The empire began to decline in the 13th century.

Slowly the Community began to decline in population.

population decline   (nüfus düşüşü)

This population decline is apparently range-wide and continuing.

Thus, overfishing is a major contributor to the population decline.

Another cause for population decline is human related habitat loss.

economic decline   (ekonomik gerileme)

Independence led to economic decline in Azerbaijan.

The 1980s oil bust started an economic decline in the community.

However, in the midst of an economic decline, funding could not be found.

continued to decline   (gerilemeye devam et)

However, the family incomes continued to decline.

Ridership, unfortunately, continued to decline.

Since the 1950s the population has continued to decline.

went into decline   (düşüşe geçti)

Attendances went into decline during the 1970s and 80s.

New use of these products went into decline with the company.

After these early successes Fox's paddling went into decline.

steady decline   (istikrarlı azalma)

For centuries, there has been a steady decline in the number of native Irish speakers in Ireland.

By the 1970s and 1980s, a combination of forces resulted in unionism's steady decline ever since.

The percentage of Christians in the town has been in a steady decline since the mid-twentieth century.

period of decline   (düşüş dönemi)

After this a long period of decline in economic relations set in.

In this way the period of decline was extended from 57 years to 71 years.

This was after a long period of decline in their use in favour of debit cards.

sharp decline   (keskin düşüş)

After the 1977 season Shadow entered into a sharp decline.

The film saw a sharp decline in its second weekend, dropping over 50%.

During the recession, there was an extremely sharp decline in industrial production.

rapid decline   (Hızlı düşüş)

In 1902 the once famous Emsworth oyster industry went into rapid decline.

As his team-mates observed, the county went into rapid decline upon his departure.

The single came out at a time when sales of 45-rpm vinyl records were in rapid decline.

gradual decline   (kademeli düşüş)

Around puberty, a gradual decline in mental abilities and motor skills occurs.

By the end of the twentieth century, horse racing was in a long gradual decline.

However, listeners did not respond in large numbers and the station went into a gradual decline.

started to decline

But by then, his star had started to decline rapidly.

In 2010, Unirea Urziceni started to decline.

The camp started to decline after 1893.

decline due

In the 1960s the town began to see a decline due to massive retrenchment.

The album mostly consists of songs about decline due to alcohol and drug abuse.

Hong Kong action cinema, however, was in decline due to a wave of "Bruceploitation" films.

steep decline

Enrollment for fall of 2016 showed a very steep decline from previous years.

This led to a steep decline of all waters and hence to strong erosion activities.

Bush's steep decline in public approval was a significant part of Clinton's success.

slow decline   (yavaş düşüş)

Since then, Aachen went into a slow decline.

This triggered a long, slow decline that continued, in most cases, into the 20th century.

The Port took on an industrial look but its slow decline seemed inexorable in the 19th century.

significant decline   (önemli düşüş)

The organization underwent significant decline in the last years of boss John T. Scalish.

After the successful debut album by the band, this LP had a significant decline in sales.

Without Harris, the Bears noticed a significant decline in their pass rush and run defense.

decline during

Attendances went into decline during the 1970s and 80s.

Then there was a decline during 80s and 90s.

Traditional forms of mistreatment of women appeared to decline during 2011.

decline in population

Slowly the Community began to decline in population.

Lower chick survival contributes to the decline in population.

Cape Breton Island has experienced a decline in population of approximately 2.9% since the 2011 census.

general decline   (genel düşüş)

The 17th century in central and eastern Europe was a period of general decline.

Australia reached a cricketing peak in the 1990s and early 2000s, coupled with a general decline in England's fortunes.

There was a general decline in the condition of the villa after about 1970, but the gardens remain in fairly good condition.

fell into decline   (düşüşe geçti)

The salt industries fell into decline.

Over the centuries, the abbey fell into decline and disrepair.

After the fall of the Tang dynasty, Jingye Temple fell into decline.

saw a decline

However, drug seizures saw a decline in 2011.

1948 saw a decline in activity and considerable internal dissent.

In the early 2010s the popularity of the curry house saw a decline.

decline in popularity

Sinatra's decline in popularity was evident at his concert appearances.

From that time, the two major parties, New Democracy and PASOK, experienced a sharp decline in popularity.

Reflecting the decline in popularity for Marillion, the song reached only the number 98 on the UK Singles Chart.

dramatic decline

The West Island little penguin population has suffered a dramatic decline since the 1990s.

Clarke also wrote, "Inspection findings at HMP Nottingham tell a story of dramatic decline since 2010."

The reference area also saw a dramatic decline in its marshland losing 7.4% at a rate of -5.2 acres per year.

serious decline

By then, his health was in major and serious decline.

By about 1300, the urban society at Cahokia Mounds was in serious decline.

The Varangian trade stations in Russia suffered a serious decline at roughly the same date.

further decline

Despite further decline by the 10th century, in the early 12th century, St. Malachy helped restore it.

However, higher horse power, second generation diesel-electric locomotives of the 1960s resulted in the further decline in Union Pacific personnel needed at Kelso.

Such protection helps to some degree to mitigate the threat of habitat loss, but targeted conservation action is required to prevent the further decline of this species.

cognitive decline   (bilişsel gerileme)

The cognitive decline of those with epilepsy could also be affected by the level of a person’s education.

Recurrent silent strokes, with or without clinical strokes, often lead to cognitive decline and overt subcortical dementia.

Cases of partial or complete limb motor loss, impaired language, visual defects, and cognitive decline have all been reported as consequences of DHCA.