organization dedicated   (専用の組織)

The Green Lake Conservancy is an organization dedicated to preserving the lands surrounding Green Lake.

In 2011, Gurira co-founded Almasi Arts, an organization dedicated to continuing arts education in Zimbabwe.

The SMC is a non-profit, non-governmental religious organization dedicated to working for the cause of Islam.

church is dedicated   (教会は献身的です)

The local church is dedicated to Saint Bricius ().

The church is dedicated to St. Stefan Štiljanović.

The church is dedicated to St Philip and St James.

church dedicated   (教会専用)

The town has a parish church dedicated to San Basilio.

He noted that the latter had a church dedicated to St. George.

Next to the hospital is a church dedicated to the Archangel Raphael.

temple dedicated   (神殿専用)

There is a temple dedicated to the God Shiva nearby.

There is a temple dedicated to Mahadev at the center.

The Gahtku Mandir is the temple dedicated to Ghatotkacha.

museum dedicated   (博物館専用)

Today there is a museum dedicated to the Skovgaard family.

There is a museum dedicated to her life located in the village.

On the grounds is a museum dedicated to his life, times and work.

chapel dedicated   (専用チャペル)

Above the latter stands a chapel dedicated to Sts.

It is the only such chapel dedicated to Pope St Leo I in Malta.

Near the lake there is a Roman Catholic chapel dedicated to Saint Anne.

church was dedicated

The church was dedicated to St. Augustine of Hippo.

The new church was dedicated in December 1974.

The parish church was dedicated to St John the Baptist.

first dedicated

The center is the city's first dedicated arts facility.

In 1960, Brown opened its first dedicated computer building.

NTV Plus Sport NTV Plus Sport is Russia's first dedicated sports channel.

dedicated to promoting

A "kokyū" society, dedicated to promoting the instrument, exists in Japan.

The Company of Eight is a group of eight adventurers dedicated to promoting peace in Tethyr.

Gwanda's disappearance has concerned many organizations dedicated to promoting the rights of journalists around the world.

building was dedicated

The new building was dedicated on November 3, 1921.

The building was dedicated on February 16, 2001.

The building was dedicated on Thanksgiving Day, 1926.

dedicated to preserving   (保存に専念)

We who have given lifemust be dedicated to preserving it.

It is a public institution dedicated to preserving the memory of the Srebrenica genocide.

The Green Corridor web site is a campaign website dedicated to preserving its natural form.

group dedicated

It is the global international political group dedicated to the promotion of Christian democracy.

In 2010, Goodman started "The Conversation Project", a group dedicated to the wishes of end-of-life care.

The Infirmary was the result of the United Charities of Huntsville, a group dedicated to helping the sick and needy.

dedicated his life   (彼の人生を捧げました)

He dedicated his life in helping his father in spreading the mission of Muhammad.

Shō Iku Shō Iku was a Confucian scholar, and had dedicated his life to education.

From that time, he dedicated his life to butterflies, Esperanto, and Jeju research.

officially dedicated

The church was officially dedicated on June 9, 1888.

The city was officially dedicated on February 12, 1541.

The trail was officially dedicated in the Summer of 2010.

monument dedicated   (記念碑専用)

In September 2013, a monument dedicated to Margaryan was unveiled in Yerevan.

In 2011 a monument dedicated to him was inaugurated in Lipkovo Municipality, Republic of Macedonia.

In 2001 a monument dedicated to Petro Konashevich-Sagaydachniy was erected in Kyiv, Ukraine, on Kontraktova square.

dedicated to providing

A charity dedicated to providing young men with a chance in life.

JUMPCUT is dedicated to providing its graduates with a VIP pass into the screen industries every year.

Sigma founded JUMPCUT, a charity dedicated to providing opportunities in the screen industries to young people.

formally dedicated

The observatory was formally dedicated in June.

The school was formally dedicated on November 19, 1926.

Wright Field was "formally dedicated" on 12 October 1927.

dedicated to helping

Kennedy is dedicated to helping solar technologies spread.

And we’re as dedicated to helping those in need today as we were over 100 years ago when we first began.

Save the Children is the leading international organization dedicated to helping the world's indigent children.

settlement is dedicated

The church in the settlement is dedicated to the Holy Trinity.

The parish church in the settlement is dedicated to Saint Anne.

The local church in the settlement is dedicated to Saint Giles.

dedicated solely

Inn 2008 Henrique Barbosa was living in Florida, dedicated solely to swimming.

The 207th MIB is the first theater intelligence brigade dedicated solely to Africa.

This also gave rise to a new class of BBS systems, dedicated solely to file upload and downloads.

dedicated to improving

Muhammad's charity foundation, "The M2 Foundation for Kids", is dedicated to improving the mental and physical development of children.

Located in Missoula, Montana, the company is composed of a small team dedicated to improving the online presence and marketing outreach of businesses.

He co-founded the League of Education Voters (LEV), a non-partisan political organization dedicated to improving the quality of public education in Washington.

own dedicated

The language has its own dedicated Wikipedia.

It was equipped with its own dedicated railway branch line.

The cyclorama would eventually gain its own dedicated building in the park in 1921.

temples dedicated

Many people still burn incense at temples dedicated to him.

Literary sources also mention some temples dedicated to the Jinas.

There are also more than 100 temples dedicated to Chen Yuanguang in Taiwan.

temple is dedicated

The temple is dedicated to the goddess Bhagavathi.

The temple is dedicated to the Goddess (Palliara Devi).

The temple is dedicated to the Goddess Kali.

originally dedicated

The chapel, originally dedicated to St. Michael.

The first church was built in 1955 and originally dedicated to Saint Peter.

There is some confusion regarding to whom the concerto was originally dedicated.

organisation dedicated

Mansa Panjarapol is over 140 years old charitable organisation dedicated to animal welfare.

He became a member of the Students' Social Movement, a student organisation dedicated to social and charitable work among the workers.

He is the founder of l'Ame Nord, a non profit organisation dedicated to serve the interests of French residents living in the USA and Canada.

dedicated exclusively   (専用の)

Many film festivals are dedicated exclusively to animation.

The CMT Music Awards is an annual ceremony dedicated exclusively to honor country music videos.

Farsi T2 languages, which are dedicated exclusively to music videos, have a common threading network.

shrine dedicated   (神社奉納)

Zamindawar is known to have a shrine dedicated to the god Zun.

The patron has a stone chapel locally known as "Ermita" as a shrine dedicated to him.

The tree no longer exists but a memorial shrine dedicated to the event is built there.

website dedicated

A website dedicated to the book was launched in 2016.

Beeny maintains a website dedicated to Presley and to his own museum. is a website dedicated to British game shows.

company dedicated   (会社専用)

The company dedicated a ship on the Adriatic.

From the mid-1930s onward, the company dedicated its production towards school buses.

It is a non-profit theater company dedicated to the production of plays by and about gay and lesbian people.

dedicated to supporting

Nisbets operates Nisbets in the Community, a charitable enterprise dedicated to supporting causes in Greater Bristol.

The seat had an active branch of Momentum, a left-wing pressure group dedicated to supporting the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn.

He is also the Director of the Robert B. Silvers Foundation, a charitable organization dedicated to supporting writers of nonfiction.

no dedicated

All nodes communicate with each other identically – there are no dedicated "clients" or "servers".

The language distinguishes between plural and unspecified numbers, with no dedicated singular form.

Prior to its opening Lewisham had for a time been one of only two London boroughs with no dedicated cinema.

magazine dedicated

"The Street", a magazine dedicated to the show, was launched in 1989.

A few months after his death, "Roet" magazine dedicated an issue to Heyting.

In 1960 he worked with Revista Magisterio, a magazine dedicated to education.

book is dedicated

The book is dedicated "To the Wife of My Youth".

The book is dedicated to the research of William James.

The book is dedicated to Boyd's wife, Susan.

song dedicated

"Magic Shop" was created by Jungkook and is a song dedicated to their fans.

The CD also features a song dedicated Cuban baseball player and Olympic gold medalist Victor Mesa.

In 2007, Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder composed a song dedicated to the team called "All the Way".

nonprofit organization dedicated   (専用の非営利組織)

The Ocean Agency The Ocean Agency is an international nonprofit organization dedicated to marine conservation. Ryan served on the board of trustees of Union Rescue Mission, a nonprofit organization dedicated to serving the poor and homeless.

In 1985, Rand's intellectual heir Leonard Peikoff established the Ayn Rand Institute, a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting Rand's ideas and works.

album is dedicated

The album is dedicated to the memory of Malcolm X.

The album is dedicated to Noam Chomsky.

The album is dedicated to "the alchemists of both East and West."

festival dedicated

A festival dedicated to St. Bartholomew occurs in August.

Inteatro Festival is an international festival dedicated to the contemporary scene.

This is a community music festival dedicated to celebrating New York's diverse music scene.

dedicated service

They give over 60,000 hours of dedicated service each year.

With "Isle of Lewis" deployment there, the Isle of Barra receives a daily dedicated service.

For his long and dedicated service, he was awarded the Public Service Medal in January 1998.

memorial dedicated

Batcombe has a war memorial dedicated to those who gave their lives in World War I.

There is a stained glass window memorial dedicated to Pocock at Wesley's Chapel on the City Road in London.

The campaign culminated in the inauguration of a memorial dedicated to Hadžiahmetović on August 3, 2012 in Novi Pazar.

institution dedicated

It is a public institution dedicated to preserving the memory of the Srebrenica genocide.

It is a unique institution dedicated to the study, promotion and protection of Mexico’s many subcultures.

The main problem was the lack of a specialized institution dedicated to ensuring that currency retained its value by controlling banking activity.