deep water   (深層水)

It is found in deep water at hydrothermal vents.

The ship exploded and sank stern first in deep water.

She was towed to deep water and sunk in October 1945.

deep sea   (深海)

This diester has been tested more with deep sea divers.

Fuding City is also home to the deep sea port Shacheng.

His main interests were in the area of deep sea research.

feet deep   (足の深さ)

It measures about 34 feet wide and 30 feet deep.

The infamous 300 feet deep "Paaramada" is a must watch.

It measures 33 feet wide by 43 feet deep.

deep load   (深い負荷)

They displaced at standard load and at deep load.

The ships displaced at standard and at deep load.

They displaced at normal load, and at deep load.

deep convection   (深い対流)

Fragmented concentric deep convection surrounded the LLCC.

Later on September 18, most of the deep convection dissipated.

Later that day, the depression began to regain deep convection.

very deep   (非常に深いです)

It has a very deep meaning in the language and traditions.

Griggs had very deep connections to the LDS Church's Sunday School.

It was described a great lake of fresh water, 12 league wide and very deep.

deep within

That, now, to Springsteen meant a place deep within oneself.

Its main branch is hidden deep within the Karameikan forests.

They can be open to the surface or found deep within horizontal caves.

deep space

The traditional convention of deep space is ignored.

During the return trip Worden performed the first spacewalk in deep space.

For two years, a deep space mining vessel has been drifting off Saturn’s moon, Titan.

deep depression   (深いうつ病)

A deep depression formed from gale-force westerlies on 5 January.

This weakened Madi into a Cyclonic Storm, and later into a deep depression.

He went into a deep depression, and said he was "ready to blow my lousy head off".

m deep

The lake is 1.6 km wide, 29 km long, and up to 152 m deep.

Nests are made underground (up to 2.5 m deep) in exposed areas.

The water in Guinas is completely clear and well over 100 m deep.

deep red

In autumn, the leaves change colour orange to deep red.

UV to deep red luminescence can be achieved.

The entire jellyfish is deep red in color.

meters deep

The bicolor anthias likes waters 10–70 meters deep.

These octopuses are found between 333 and 914 meters deep.

It lives 4,828 to 4,838 meters deep.

wide and deep

The castle was surrounded by a moat wide and deep.

The Shanmen is wide and deep and only has one door.

The trophy and plinth are tall, wide and deep.

deep blue

The 2/- was in deep blue and the 3/- in mauve.

This heart-shaped lake has a deep blue color.

The deep blue version of aquamarine is called "maxixe".

deep inside

He dived down deep inside the river.

However, deep inside him there is a certain element of dignity and nobility.

These particles are very small and can bury themselves deep inside the lungs.

deep ocean   (深海)

This solution could then be deposited at sea to sink in the deep ocean.

Meanwhile, deep ocean temperatures were as much as warmer than today's.

They rise out of deep ocean and have a total land area of approximately .

deep enough

It is about 15 x 25 feet large and deep enough to dive feet first.

The vault is situated deep enough that it can avoid damage from nuclear and EMP weapons.

The Scheldt was wide enough and dredged deep enough to allow the passage of ocean-going ships.

deep valleys

In the Brittonic, Devon is known as , and , each meaning "deep valleys."

Basins like Renoir are known for having deep valleys in and around them.

In Sutherland quite a few are placed along the sides and at the mouths of deep valleys.

deep fried   (揚げ)

Fritters are fruit pieces in a thick batter that have been deep fried.

The coxinha is coated in thick batter, then in bread crumbs or manioc flour and deep fried.

Aborrajado Aborrajado is a dish of deep fried plantains stuffed with cheese in Colombian cuisine.

metres deep

Abattis nearly 300 metres deep covered the path.

One shaft was 385 metres deep, the other, 216 metres.

The trench is between wide and hundreds of metres deep.

deep interest

This confirmed the public’s deep interest in the subject.

His father had a deep interest in traditional Bengali music.

He had a deep interest in agriculture.

deep learning

PEAT is a deep learning Agriculture Tech Startup.

This enables "deep learning" that goes beyond studying for the next test.

It uses deep learning artificial intelligence models to trade and manage energy.

too deep

Middle flow of the rain is too deep, but it flows through wide valley.

Despite its size, this shark lives too deep to pose much danger to humans.

Oops that's too deep."

deep waters

Lots of people steer clear of these deep waters.

It is found in deep waters in the Atlantic Ocean, burrowing in the mud.

Volutes are predators that live in deep waters where they stalk and kill other molluscs.

deep underground

Living deep underground, she emerges at night to dance in the gardens.

Caves often form by the weathering of rock and often extend deep underground.

The few Camel Thorn trees take their water from deep underground accumulations.

up to deep

The water temperature ranges from and up to deep.

Cut through basalt, the western canyons are up to deep.

For the pier foundations, shafts up to deep were drilled.

deep sleep   (深い眠り)

He drags himself into a cave and falls into a deep sleep.

However, they worsen sleep quality by increasing light sleep and decreasing deep sleep.

When he makes it to the planet he finds that he has been in deep sleep for about 1,000 years.

deep understanding

Page developed a deep understanding of the underlying behaviors.

Because of her leg, she rarely swims but have a deep understanding of swimming.

"Fiqh" linguistically refers to knowledge, deep understanding or comprehension.

deep knowledge

He gained deep knowledge of Fiqh, or jurisprudence.

Har Karan Kamboh was a great scholar and had deep knowledge of Arabic and Persian languages.

His work also gave him a deep knowledge of different police laws such as the IPC and the CrPC.

deep roots

He has said that democracy has deep roots in India.

Art as mimesis has deep roots in the philosophy of Aristotle.

The museum work in the region of Botevgrad has deep roots and traditions.

deep love   (深い愛)

Mano realizes Jo’s deep love for Prem and unites them.

Henrik meets Fredrika, and confesses his deep love for Anne to her.

"We shared a deep love.

deep down   (深く)

We all have that side of us, deep down somewhere.

However, deep down, Arlene was very decent, and she did what she had to do.

It is shown that deep down, Malory loves Sterling, but obviously does not show it.

deep concern   (深い懸念)

The move attracted international criticism, the United Nations expressing "deep concern".

On 18 November, Reporters Without Borders "voiced deep concern" in a statement about al-Zaidi's detention.

He had a deep concern for the welfare of the natives and carrying out the difficult tasks assigned to him.

so deep

She metaphors bubble to lies, beautiful but fragile, and when it exposed, it hurts so deep.

He later claimed to have been ""standing in blood so deep that it well nigh in his shoes did creep.""

The October blizzard brought snowfalls so deep that two-story homes had snow up to the second floor windows.

deep valley

As Sognefjord Span is a deep valley the pylons of these spans are not taller than ordinary pylons.

This is a deep valley along a stream in the Weald, and has the humid conditions typical of such areas.

The Vacha runs through the Rhodopes forming a deep valley where the two dams, the Krichim and Vacha, are located.

deep purple

Two vocal sacs present and deep purple in coloration.

Kisses Dark Chocolates come in a deep purple wrapper.

The general flower colour is deep purple.

deep impression

These grim scenes made a deep impression on Terrell.

The destruction he witnessed after World War I also made a deep impression on him.

The American Revolution made a deep impression in the Dutch Republic of the 1770s.

deep snow

On one occasion, the match was played in deep snow.".

Stallard made it in less than 15 hours, sometimes through deep snow.

Military operations were hampered by deep snow and extremely severe winter weather.

deep house

"Goodnight n Go" is an EDM song with deep house and tropical influences.

Well-known deep house DJ Kerri Chandler was also a resident DJ at the club.

She has collaborated on "deep house" projects, most notably with producer/songwriter, Miguel Migs.

deep sense

This often leads to a deep sense of isolation from others.

As a result, he was left with a deep sense of resentment toward North Korea.

I feel a deep sense of responsibility to all those many people who were genuinely looking for it.

deep vein   (深い静脈)

Desirudin also reduced the rate of proximal deep vein thrombosis.

In the same population, deep vein thrombosis (DVT) was found in 24.6% of people with SVTs.

Use of tamoxifen has been shown to slightly increase risk of deep vein thrombosis, pulmonary embolism, and stroke.

inches deep

The curve is 21/3 inches deep, at 16 inches back.

There were lines inches deep in his face.

When the autumn rains began, the ground rapidly became inches deep in water.

deep voice

in a deep voice (entirely studio created) as well as performing the high falsetto chorus.

The melody is formed from a deep voice formed by controlling muscles as low as pelvic and abdominal muscles.

This hormone is also responsible for the development of physical characteristics in men such as facial hair and a deep voice.

cm deep

The pool is about 5 feet deep and 9 by 12 across (150 cm deep, 3 m x 4 m).

Up to 20 cm deep samples of roughly 0.1 m can be extracted with this instrument.

The nest is built with sticks gathered in flight, and is about 90 cm across and 30 cm deep.

deep vein thrombosis   (深部静脈血栓症)

Desirudin also reduced the rate of proximal deep vein thrombosis.

In the same population, deep vein thrombosis (DVT) was found in 24.6% of people with SVTs.

Use of tamoxifen has been shown to slightly increase risk of deep vein thrombosis, pulmonary embolism, and stroke.

deep green

The leaves are trifoliate, smooth, and a deep green.

The wrinkled operculum is deep green.

The large shiny leaves are deep green and about in length and in width.

deep well   (よく)

The site was first explored for gas production in 1958 with an deep well.

Inside the bailey there was a deep well and two privy shafts, one of which is deep.

A 2,500 m deep well has been drilled in 2004, reaching the deep reservoir at 1,000–1,300 m. Its evaluation is ongoing.