defeat against   (負ける)

He played in the opening defeat against Portugal.

He scored in the 1–2 home defeat against 1.

Stoke ended January with a 2–0 home defeat against Preston.

home defeat   (ホーム敗北)

The month ended with a 5–1 home defeat to Raith Rovers.

He scored in the 1–2 home defeat against 1.

That was followed by a 2–0 home defeat to Forfar Athletic.

away defeat   (敗北する)

He made his debut in a 2–1 away defeat to Finland on 6 September 2002.

On 29 September Sakho scored in a 2–1 away defeat by Manchester United.

Colchester suffered their first away defeat of the season on 6 October.

able to defeat   (負ける)

in a rematch and is able to defeat and kill J.D.

He later encounters Dmitrii and is able to defeat him.

Su was subsequently able to defeat and capture Ashina Helu.

defeat away   (打ち負かす)

Bore made his debut in a 3–2 defeat away at Stalybridge Celtic.

Their final game was an 82–0 defeat away at Hunslet Hawks on 21 January 1996.

He scored his first Premier League goal in a 4–1 defeat away to West Ham United.

final defeat

For the Sharks, it was their fourth final defeat.

They ended with the final defeat of the Turks at Vienna in 1683.

She also played in Fulham's 1–0 FA Women's Cup final defeat to Arsenal.

first defeat

2018 saw Cockroft's first defeat on the international stage.

There Chisnall suffered his first defeat by Taylor, losing 6–2.

After this first defeat, Dedel was ready to switch to the Orangist side.

managed to defeat

The Guardians managed to defeat her and her Ragorlang.

But the two Indian kings had managed to defeat the Tibetans.

With the aid of Captain America they managed to defeat the Viper.

away defeat against   (負ける)

On 18 September, he was sent off in a 4–0 away defeat against Tottenham.

On 27 February, Niculae scored again in a 1–2 away defeat against Celtic.

He scored again three days later, in a 3–4 away defeat against FC Braşov.

home defeat against   (に対するホーム敗北)

He scored in the 1–2 home defeat against 1.

Stoke ended January with a 2–0 home defeat against Preston.

He made his debut on 13 September 2014, in a 2–1 home defeat against Motherwell.

until his defeat

He remained in the Senate until his defeat in 1917.

He remained in the Senate until his defeat in 1913.

He remained a Senator until his defeat in 1990.

defeat at home   (自宅で敗北)

His debut was a defeat at home to Bolton Wanderers in August 1920.

His last match was a 0-3 defeat at home to Rangers on 25 November 2013.

He made his debut for the club the next day in a 1–0 defeat at home to Wrexham.

crushing defeat

Terrified after his crushing defeat, Alfonso recalled El Cid.

They suffered a crushing defeat at the hands of the seven disciples.

The second Battle of Mohács (1687) was a crushing defeat for the Sultan.

following the defeat

In 1815 the Dutch took control of the area following the defeat of Napoleon.

"In garden of occupied capital of Bursa, where Tamerlane resides following the defeat of the Turks".

The surviving KDPI elements re-consolidated following the defeat, with bitterness against the betrayal of Mullah Mustafa.

heavy defeat

Afiq fail to score as Kelantan suffered a heavy defeat 5–1.

He led the party to a heavy defeat in the 1895 general election.

He scored just three runs in the match as Dorset fell to a heavy defeat.

major defeat   (大敗)

However he suffered a major defeat from Kazakhs under Kasim Khan in 1510.

He suffered a major defeat at Camden on August 16, 1780, setting the stage for Cornwallis to invade North Carolina.

In the 1935 general election the coalition suffered a major defeat, winning only 19 seats: Coates nearly lost Kaipara.

order to defeat   (敗北する)

In order to defeat enemies, the player must run into one in order to exchange blows.

In order to defeat the Public Security Force platoon, Inui needs Koichi's saved Protect-Gear and equipment.

Senator John Eaton in order to defeat incumbent John Williams, who openly opposed his presidential candidacy.

military defeat

War ended in military defeat and an end to the Nazi regime in May 1945.

Parallel interpretations of national trauma after military defeat appear in other countries.

Unable to battle the deadly combination of military defeat and plague military "morale" seems to have collapsed.

ended in defeat

O'Neill's first game in charge ended in defeat with a 3–0 loss to Norway.

This time the engagement ended in defeat at the battle of Kaniów (10-11 May).

He accompanied Warbeck on his invasion of England in 1497, which ended in defeat.

decisive defeat   (決定的な敗北)

Not long after Wallace's decisive defeat, People's Songs went bankrupt and disbanded.

A quick and decisive defeat of Denmark was however only seen as a means to a greater end.

Early in a series of battles, including a final decisive defeat at the Battle of Cedar Creek.

friendly defeat

He won his first cap on 24 March 2007, in a 2–1 friendly defeat of Hungary.

His final international appearance came in a 4–1 friendly defeat to Germany on 5 June 2005.

He made his senior debut for Scotland on 29 May 2016 in a 1–0 friendly defeat against Italy.

electoral defeat

This was the first electoral defeat of Symington's career.

After his electoral defeat Gekas returned to Harrisburg where he established a law practice.

After leading the party to electoral defeat in 1901, he resigned owing to ill health in 1902.

worst defeat

Finland lost 1–13 and it is still the worst defeat the national team has suffered so far.

It remains the worst defeat for a Michigan team in the history of the Michigan–Ohio State football rivalry.

The team lost to Lietuvos rytas Vilnius on 6 January 2018 by a margin of 113–56 for its worst defeat of the season.

league defeat

He made his debut against Barnsley in a 3–2 home league defeat on 22 September 2007.

He made his senior debut for Hearts on 13 May 2018, in a 1–0 league defeat away at Kilmarnock.

He scored his first league goal for the Perth club in a 3–2 league defeat at Livingston on 13 January 2007.

manages to defeat

With the help of Jetfire, Jazz manages to defeat Bruticus.

X's group manages to defeat the Rebellion Army but Spider presumably dies in the process.

Soma manages to defeat it, but the souls that composed the demon begin to fall under Soma's dominance.

disastrous defeat   (悲惨な敗北)

The second battle of Gaza was a disastrous defeat for the Allied forces.

After their disastrous defeat at Blenheim in 1704, the next year brought the French some respite.

The Livonian knights suffered a disastrous defeat by the Russians at the Battle of Ērģeme in August 1560.

unable to defeat   (敗北できない)

He was also unable to defeat a "yokozuna" or win a special prize.

However, he was unable to defeat Jawhar al-Siqilli of the Fatamids.

The imperial army managed to repel them but was unable to defeat them.

only defeat   (敗北のみ)

It would be the only defeat he suffered in his career.

The team's only defeat came at a 12–6 loss in the ninth game to Latrobe.

Its only defeat was a 10–9 overtime decision to Johns Hopkins at the Ridley on April 28.

conceded defeat   (敗北を認めた)

Faced with this announcement, John Kerry conceded defeat.

Guéï conceded defeat, going into exile on October 29, 2000.

This time, Spano lost; he conceded defeat on November 16, 2006.

not defeat

Ezequiel clashes several times with Bóris but he cannot defeat him.

Mstislav Mstislavich invaded Halych, but he could not defeat Benedict.

1 win over Osaka, but could not defeat Halep in a tight three-set match.

round defeat   (ラウンド敗北)

In the Monte-Carlo Masters, Edmund had a second round defeat by Rafael Nadal.

To commence 2007, Rossana suffered a first round defeat in $50K Waikoloa to start her 2007 season.

He played both legs in their UEFA Europa League qualification preliminary round defeat to Gibraltan side Europa FC.

humiliating defeat   (屈辱的な敗北)

The elections resulted in a humiliating defeat for Ruikar's party.

Liu Bei suffered a humiliating defeat and died months later in disgrace.

Israeli newspapers framed the return of the site as a humiliating defeat for the nation.

another defeat   (別の敗北)

After another defeat before Verona, Alaric left Italy, probably in 403.

After another defeat, Hormuzan signed another treaty on similar terms to the last.

September opened with another defeat, this time against newly promoted Stenhousemuir.

suffered a defeat

They too suffered a defeat, and the next year the two teams amalgamated.

According to Lord Kinross, Atatürk was the only Turkish general in the war who never suffered a defeat.

The Rashtrakutas suffered a defeat in the battle of Vallala at the hands of Cholas under Parantaka in 916.

help defeat

In the semifinals, he led the team in scoring with 22 points to help defeat Indiana 70–59.

Back at the desert, the friends help defeat Silverhorn but Shizuka is dragged by a monster underground.

From this instruction, he was able to build better suits of armor and help defeat the villains of the piece.

suffered defeat

Meanwhile, the Burmese suffered defeat in other fronts of the war.

In 910 AD he suffered defeat at the hands of Parantaka I, the son of Aditya I Chola.

The Malava chieftain who suffered defeat gave up his daughter in marriage to Rajasimha.

election defeat   (選挙敗北)

After his election defeat in 1886 he resumed his career as a lawyer.

Following the election defeat, Janaki retired from active politics and the two party factions rejoined.

The DPP suffered a significant election defeat in nationwide local and county elections in December 2005.

defeat all

The first is Conquest, the standard victory where one player must simply defeat all other players.

The player first must defeat all six monsters, with the last monster being oneself, but in a different palette.

To win the game the player must defeat all opponents by attacking their castles, which may take several attempts.

defeat enemies

Bob and Jim defeat enemies by using a mallet to stun them.

In order to defeat enemies, the player must run into one in order to exchange blows.

Each weapon has a "growth bar", which increases when the weapon is used to defeat enemies.

helped defeat

Dagger later regained her sight, and helped defeat Mister Jip.

In 1052, Yang Wenguang followed Di Qing in the expedition to Guangxi and helped defeat Nong Zhigao's rebellion.

Its only use in national defence was in 1797, when the Castlemartin Yeomanry helped defeat a small French invasion in the Battle of Fishguard.

failed to defeat

The Germans in each case failed to defeat the British naval blockade of Germany.

Henry set the pace by defeating Carlito in 6:49, while MVP, Triple H, and Swagger failed to defeat their opponents.

According to H. Yunis in 343 Demosthenes narrowly failed to defeat Aeschines, but he attained his political objective nonetheless.

innings defeat

He made 71 in the second innings, but Worcestershire still fell to an innings defeat.

Batting at number 11 he scored 4 and 10, as Yorkshire collapsed to an innings defeat.

In an innings defeat, he took just one wicket, that of Willie Watson, and made 0 and 13 with the bat.