Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

air defense   (defensa aérea)

leaving the entire Alaska air defense mission to the 317th.

He later worked as platoon commander in an air defense unit.

JG 2 and JG 26 were left in the west to provide an air defense.

defense against   (defensa contra)

as Black has no defense against the threat of Qg7# (26...hxg6 27.

Another possibility is that perforation is a defense against herbivory.

A plant's first line of defense against abiotic stress is in its roots.

title defense   (defensa del título)

It was Klitschko's ninth successful title defense.

He would lose his first title defense to Karo Parisyan.

Nadal was the top seed during his title defense at the US Open.

defense attorney   (abogado de la defensa)

Mykle's defense attorney was Johan Bernhard Hjort.

He serves as prosecutor, Fatty as defense attorney, Begbick as judge.

Roger Lowenstein, a former criminal defense attorney, founded the school.

national defense   (defensa Nacional)

This led him to complain that polymer chemistry was not "civilized national defense."

In 1970, the United States government spent just over $80 billion on national defense.

It was recodified to be part of the US war and national defense statutes (50 USC 21–24).

defense system

This provides a natural defense system.

Adjacent rocks, which also served as part of the defense system.

The objects were not spotted by the Soviet air defense system either.

coastal defense   (defensa costera)

He was responsible for coastal defense and the militia.

The Navy also manned some of the coastal defense artillery batteries.

Common targets included coastal defense guns, bridges, pillboxes, tanks, and shipping.

missile defense   (defensa antimisiles)

Aster 30 is capable of ballistic missile defense.

However, missile defense is no longer limited to interception of strategic nuclear weapons.

Many missile defense systems, such as Iron Dome, also have autonomous targeting capabilities.

defense minister   (Ministro de Defensa)

Árbenz served as defense minister under President Arévalo.

Therefore, he is the first defense minister of Saudi Arabia.

Nazari previously served as Wardak's deputy defense minister.

criminal defense

Roger Lowenstein, a former criminal defense attorney, founded the school.

Paul Morrison is currently a criminal defense attorney in Olathe, Kansas.

He has worked as a criminal defense lawyer for four years and been civil case litigator for two.

successful defense

make their first successful defense of the GHC title.

On June 26, he defeated Kenoh in a rematch to make his third successful defense.

After the successful defense, the king upgraded Dein's title to Dein Mani-Yut, (lit.

defense held

However, the Pros defense held Buffulo to only two first downs.

The ASU defense held Colorado QB Bernard Jackson to 86 passing yards.

Michigan's defense held, and Ohio State was forced to punt from his end zone.

civil defense

Canada's civil defense measures evolved over time.

He also contributed to civil defense.

Each local civil defense service was divided into several sections.

line of defense

The porcupine's last line of defense is to climb a tree.

Finally, the army line formed the third line of defense.

In addition elephants were deployed as first line of defense.

defense team   (equipo de defensa)

He also added the graymail expert John D. Cline to his defense team.

He was the primary member of serial killer Ted Bundy's last defense team.

Gillibrand worked closely on the case and became a key part of the defense team.

first defense

It was also Franklin's first defense in 7 months.

He lost the title in his first defense to Winky Wright.

Therefore, he is the first defense minister of Saudi Arabia.

defense industry

The city is a center for the defense industry which employs thousands.

Azerbaijan and Israel cooperate on numerous areas of the defense industry.

As a result of SSM projects now Turkey have existence of a defense industry.

legal defense

The anarchist and pseudonymous writer Juan Montseny led Ferrer's legal defense.

These legal defense funds can have large membership counts where members contribute to the fund.

Because of the costs of mounting a legal defense, almost all defendants in these cases tend to settle.

defense lawyer

Abraham Lincoln was the lead defense lawyer for the railroad company.

He is not related to Aaron Sorkin nor noted defense lawyer Ira Lee Sorkin.

He has worked as a criminal defense lawyer for four years and been civil case litigator for two.

defense attorneys

Their defense attorneys were all cited for contempt, went to prison and were disbarred.

The defense attorneys asked Ochs to sing "I Ain't Marching Anymore", but the judge wouldn't allow it.

His defense attorneys argued that Rector was intellectually impaired and not competent to stand trial.

defense forces

"Our security and defense forces will now be in the lead," Karzai said.

With the war over, "PC-1181" was reassigned to the defense forces of the Panama Canal.

Besides these, other careers such as teaching, nursing, and the defense forces are also popular.

defense mechanism   (mecanismo de defensa)

The insect secretes this substance as a defense mechanism.

She learns to talk and disables her electrical defense mechanism.

This is one of only a few theraphosid spiders that can stridulate as a major defense mechanism.

defense counsel   (abogado defensor)

Tweed's defense counsel included David Dudley Field II and Elihu Root.

From 1849-1850 Merrick was senior defense counsel in the Parkman-Webster murder case.

He served as defense counsel in many high-profile criminal matters around the state of Maryland.

minister of defense   (ministro de Defensa)

The current minister of defense is Lemma Megersa.

Massoud resumed his responsibilities as minister of defense.

Until that date, Prince Mishaal served as deputy minister of defense.

offense and defense

The Apollos dominated the game on both offense and defense.

Previously, most players had played their positions on both offense and defense.

defense systems

After the Gulf War, improvements were made to several U.S. air defense systems.

Many missile defense systems, such as Iron Dome, also have autonomous targeting capabilities.

The adults activate Tatsumiya's hidden defense systems and attempt to repel the attacker but to no avail.

successful title defense   (defensa exitosa del título)

It was Klitschko's ninth successful title defense.

On August 28, Kudo defeated Keisuke Ishii for his first successful title defense.

Nakajima and Bolshoi made their first successful title defense on September 9, defeating Leon and Ray.

defense force

NATO acquired 18 E-3As and support equipment for a NATO air defense force.

Salman bin Sultan began his career as a lieutenant in the Saudi royal air defense force.

In 2017, the base is home to about 15,000 U.S. military and Japanese defense force employees.

scoring defense

1 scoring defense for only the second time in school history (1984).

The UMass scoring defense was ranked first in 2005 and fifth in 2006.

Cincinnati was 26th in scoring defense, permitting an average of 20.2 points per game.

defense allowed

The defense allowed only two touchdowns over those nine games.

The Bulls offense scored 279 points while the defense allowed 93 points.

The Bulls offense scored 177 points while the defense allowed 97 points.

total defense   (defensa total)

In some countries, civil defense is seen as a key part of "total defense".

Barber was part of a Tampa secondary that ranked first in total defense and passes defended.

The Hokies were ranked seventh in total defense, allowing just 277.08 yards per game on average.

defense contractor   (contratista de defensa)

Their bidding strategy is to team with a defense contractor to serve as the integrator.

Nostromo Defensa Nostromo Defensa is a defense contractor based in Córdoba, Argentina.

Since 2008, UVM was as a subsidiary of the South African defense contractor Ivema (Pty.)

title defense against   (defensa del título contra)

This prepared her for ABC Wide World of sports WIBF title defense against Brenda Rouse.

Maskayev won his first title defense against Peter Okhello on December 10, 2006 by unanimous decision.

In the run-up to his title defense against Peter Okhello, he stated regarding his citizenship: "Russian.

defense spending

A huge rate of defense spending consumed large parts of the economy.

Walker believed it needed to go even further, tackling Social Security and defense spending.

Ongoing maneuvering regarding defense spending by the Ministry of Finance did not help matters.

own defense

Shari also testified in her own defense.

John Brewer was tried in August 1983, and testified in his own defense.

Tokarev spoke in his own defense but was dismissed from the museum, although he suffered no other punishment.

defense budget   (presupuesto de defensa)

Azerbaijan's defense budget for 2013 is $3.7 billion.

The defense budget of Azerbaijan for 2011 was set at US$3.1 billion.

This was roughly 0.2% of the $995 million Filipino defense budget of 1998.

defense forced

Michigan's defense forced 18 turnovers, including eight steals and six blocks.

Michigan's defense forced 21 turnovers, including five steals by Zavier Simpson.

Vandys' defense forced Alabama into a fourth down situation on its own 21-yard line.

first title defense   (primer título de defensa)

He would lose his first title defense to Karo Parisyan.

In his first title defense, Bader faced Linton Vassell at Bellator 186 on November 3, 2017.

In his first title defense later that year, he lost to Vitali's brother Wladimir Klitschko.

defense line

Nevertheless, Atatürk managed to form a defense line to the north of Aleppo.

On the other hand, he vowed to be the first on the defense line in case of any advancement from the enemy.

$102M was to be spent on obtaining and laying boulders along the sea defense line at Stewartville and Leonora.

defense mechanisms

They deploy "defense mechanisms" to achieve this.

The lyrics consist of free association on Lee's defense mechanisms.

"Peltodoris" has two main defense mechanisms that have been confirmed: mantle spicules and disruptive coloration.

defense lawyers   (abogados defensores)

Manuel Hidalgo Rodriguez won $689,000 from his former defense lawyers.

Suspects gave defense lawyers a number of different versions of the events.

The defense lawyers were not permitted to know the names of these witnesses.

defense contractors

They also said there will be about 4,000–5,000 defense contractors.

However, the law was primarily used in the beginning against defense contractors.

It has also hacked government websites in the Middle East and Europe, as well as US defense contractors.

air defense system

The objects were not spotted by the Soviet air defense system either.

A battery of four 120 mm M1 guns was at the fort 1952-54, part of the Cold War air defense system.

They remained close to the existing Syrian air defense system but could not be fully integrated into it.

strong defense

Grichuk can hit for power, and provides speed and strong defense.

Along with Amer Fort and Jaigarh Fort, Nahargarh once formed a strong defense ring for the city.

He was the best player on a strong defense that was crucial to Cleveland's success in the AAFC and NFL.

coast defense

In 1948, the last coast defense gun was removed from Fort Hamilton.

This allowed the weapons to be used in coast defense against moving targets.

Essentially all of the United States' coast defense guns were scrapped by the end of 1948.

defense policy

"The New York Times" called her a "defense policy wonk".

It eschewed foreign and defense policy.

European integration also involves foreign and defense policy that is aligned with NATO.

self defense   (autodefensa)

Thompson was not arrested, as the shooting was ruled self defense.

However, when Tshalkhia attacks him, Mindia kills him in self defense.

Fencing traces its roots to the development of swordsmanship for duels and self defense.

military defense

Bandung's location, in a low area between two mountainous regions, is strategically advantageous for military defense.

In 1907, Alcatraz Citadel ceased function as a military defense and became the Pacific Branch, U.S. Military Prison solely.

The ship was the main mode of transport to Alcatraz Island during its function as a military defense and war camp after the ship was built in 1867.

secretary of defense

In August 1974 he was appointed deputy to the deputy assistant secretary of defense (procurement).

When she was sworn in as the assistant secretary of defense it was the highest position ever held by a woman in the Defense Department.

Former secretary of defense Robert McNamara and former Army chief of staff Frederick C. Weyand are both graduates of Cal's ROTC program.

defense mission

leaving the entire Alaska air defense mission to the 317th.

The air defense mission was changed to a military airlift mission.

The wing continued its air defense mission after the fall of the Soviet Union.

criminal defense attorney

Roger Lowenstein, a former criminal defense attorney, founded the school.

Paul Morrison is currently a criminal defense attorney in Olathe, Kansas.

Marina Medvin Marina Medvin is an American criminal defense attorney located in Alexandria, Virginia.

missile defense system   (sistema de defensa antimisiles)

The construction of a missile defense system was also feared to enable the US to attack with a nuclear first strike.

It is the first operational missile defense system specifically designed and built to intercept and destroy ballistic missiles.

In December 2010, Russian military experts indicated that the forthcoming S-500 missile defense system would include anti-hypersonic defenses.

pass defense   (pasar defensa)

Though the Steeler pass defense was one of its worst in decades, Blake played a role.

When the defense believes the opposing offense will pass the ball, they go into pass defense.

Despite this fearsome pass rush, the Chargers still finished 28th in the league in pass defense.

defense during

He was pulled from playing more than once for his lack of defense during the preseason.

Greener assisted Daniel Henry Chamberlain in Whittaker's defense during the court-martial.

Bademosi played sparingly on defense during his rookie season, but became a standout on special teams.

harbor defense   (defensa portuaria)

For the remainder of the war, "Lemnos" operated solely as a harbor defense ship.

A quick look at the map will show how Fort Strong's central location made it so well suited for harbor defense.

In 1924 the Coast Artillery Corps' harbor defense garrisons transitioned from a company-based organization to a regimental organization.

insanity defense   (defensa de la locura)

Sickles was acquitted in the first use of the temporary insanity defense.

On June 13, 2000, the jury rejected the insanity defense, finding Uyesugi guilty on count 1 for the seven murders and count 9 for the attempted murder.

The trial focused mainly on Mitchell’s insanity defense and required the jury to determine whether Mitchell was legally insane at the time of the offense.

state defense   (defensa del estado)

Some individual U.S. states maintain cavalry units as a part of their respective state defense forces.

Additionally the armed forces embrace several military sub-groups that can be involved in state defense when needed.

Thus, with the emphasis on state defense and protection, Sternberger linked constitutional patriotism to the concept of militant democracy.