varying degrees   (さまざまな程度)

Different people are affected to varying degrees.

12-18 of them are endangered at varying degrees.

Mail filters have varying degrees of configurability.

honorary degrees

He received honorary degrees, LL.D (1895) and M.D.

), however, are only awarded as honorary degrees.

Schultz received eight honorary degrees in his career.

degrees of freedom   (自由度)

The degrees of freedom formula_3 and formula_5 are positive.

Typically, individual legs range from two to six degrees of freedom.

This one has 17 facial points, for a total of 56 degrees of freedom.

doctoral degrees   (博士号)

Both his brother and sister have doctoral degrees.

The school began granting doctoral degrees in 1997.

In Germany, the most common doctoral degrees are "Dr.

graduate degrees

It offers undergraduate degrees and graduate degrees.

But with no graduate degrees, he was rejected.

The college offers both undergraduate and graduate degrees.

undergraduate degrees

It offers undergraduate degrees and graduate degrees.

As such, it has the right to award undergraduate degrees.

It coordinates 26 undergraduate degrees, 21 minors, and 4 graduate degrees.

various degrees

43 others were injured to various degrees.

Theoria, here, is the experience of the uncreated in various degrees, i.e.

Both speech and comprehension seem to be affected, to various degrees of extent.

associate degrees

They grant certificates, diplomas, and associate degrees.

Additionally, there are first professional associate degrees (e.g.

It only awards associate degrees and has approximately 1,500 students.

academic degrees

The academic degrees in canon law are the J.C.B.

He holds the academic degrees and fellowships of M.S.

The faculty consists of 32 institutes and offers academic degrees e.g.

different degrees

There were over 12 wounded people with different degrees of severity.

Hanging lines are available with various different degrees of automation.

Different jurisdictions regulate outdoor advertising to different degrees.

doctorate degrees

), which do not technically possess doctorate degrees, but Diplom-level degrees.

degrees in International Education, and doctorate degrees in International Education.

Huntsman has been awarded thirteen honorary doctorate degrees at various universities.

degrees of success

They have had varying degrees of success.

Herbert had written three novels, with varying degrees of success.

Minor league soccer has seen varying degrees of success in Orlando.

received honorary degrees

He received honorary degrees, LL.D (1895) and M.D.

(five other Americans received honorary degrees the same year).

He received honorary degrees from Harvard and Yale universities (his first).

advanced degrees

candidates already hold advanced degrees, typically more than one.

The school has 40 faculty members, with 83% holding advanced degrees.

Eighty-three percent of the Bilingual Department parents have advanced degrees.

degrees north

Its radiant is located 7 degrees north of Beta Boötis.

The record latitude (in degrees north) or longitude (in degrees west) is given.

It gathers its waters from 5 degrees north latitude to 20 degrees south latitude.

law degrees

The other three (Auersperg, Taaffe and Plener) had law degrees.

and law degrees (LL.B.).

He received his bachelor's and law degrees from Stanford University in 1955.

university degrees

As of 2016, the university only offers three university degrees.

73.6% hold university degrees.

They finally achieved the end of religious tests for university degrees in 1905.

earned degrees

He earned degrees from The College of Wooster (B.A.

He earned degrees from the University of Michigan (B.A.

Two of Turner's brothers earned degrees in medicine and law.

postgraduate degrees

Individuals may have to do a second degree or postgraduate degrees."

Faculty of Management Studies offers first-level and postgraduate degrees.

At the same institution, she completed postgraduate degrees in Biochemistry.

few degrees

Cooling more than a few degrees was no longer needed for heart surgery.

However, the lack of a rotating turret limited the gun's traverse to a few degrees.

Secondly, it consists of two straight lengths, angled at a few degrees to each other.

holds degrees

He holds degrees in Law and Political Science.

Foster holds degrees from Howard University and CUNY School of Law.

He also holds degrees from Wabash College and Valparaiso University.

offers degrees

It offers degrees and honors levels.

It offers degrees M.A.

OVN is an online consortium that offers degrees in high demand fields from Virginia public universities.

received degrees

Earlier alumni received degrees from Woodward High School.

Juan Barreto has received degrees in journalism and social sciences.

He received degrees in music theory in 1865, harmony in 1868 and counterpoint in 1870.

college degrees

Over 90% of students earn college degrees.

Lloyd was the youngest of three sons of Leroy and Lulu Appleton Metzler, who were both schoolteachers and both had college degrees.

(Lincoln was the first university in the United States to grant college degrees to African Americans; alumni include Langston Hughes and Thurgood Marshall.)

degrees west

The satellite was stationed on the meridian 65 degrees west.

The record latitude (in degrees north) or longitude (in degrees west) is given.

The subducting Pacific Plate dips at about 10 degrees and directed 83 degrees west of north.

degrees south

The cleavage consistently dips about 40 degrees south.

It gathers its waters from 5 degrees north latitude to 20 degrees south latitude.

Aldebaran is 5.47 degrees south of the ecliptic and so can be occulted by the Moon.

number of degrees   (度数)

formula_52), where N corresponds to the number of degrees of freedom.

The matrices are NxN square matrices where N is the number of degrees of freedom of the system.

In systems with a large number of degrees of freedom, like spin systems, Monte Carlo integration is required.

higher degrees

She dropped out of high school, but went on to earn several higher degrees.

He also has higher degrees ("laurea") in computer science from USA and Italy.

In higher degrees, K-theory diverges from Milnor K-theory and remains hard to compute in general.

professional degrees

Permission to use the title covers only scientific research degrees and does not extend to professional degrees such as the M.D.

[cite pending] Census reports indicated that a high proportion of these residents hold professional degrees in medicine, law, engineering and education.

The Hampton Institute Library School opened in 1925 and through its Negro Teacher-Librarian Program (NTLTP) trained and issued professional degrees to 183 black librarians.

several degrees

They create microclimates that provide several degrees of air and soil temperature insulation, and shelter from wind.

Some corrections might be still several degrees large, while measurements can be made to an accuracy of better than 1″.

Just a few miles inland, summer temperature extremes are significantly higher, with downtown Los Angeles being several degrees warmer than at the coast.

degrees east

15 degrees east of the prime meridian for each hour that the time zone is ahead of GMT).

The crater is located at −30.71 degrees south by 86.9 degrees east on the Martian surface.

South of the station the line curves 90 degrees east to run under Front Street to Union station.