İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

due to delays   (gecikmeler nedeniyle)

However, due to delays the completion date was changed to March 2011.

However, due to delays in the F-35 program, all USAF F-16s will receive service life extension upgrades.

There he should have been united with another company to storm Na'amush, but due to delays, he continued on his own.

several delays   (birkaç gecikme)

After several delays, it is planned to open October 25, 2019.

The album experienced several delays due to issues with sample clearances.

The election was postponed and was later held in 2012 after several delays.

delays caused   (neden olduğu gecikmeler)

The continued delays caused the loss of further orders.

This will help alleviate traffic delays caused at this crossing by passing trains.

In distributed systems, the promise mechanism also minimizes delays caused by network latency.

delays due   (gecikmeler)

On election day there were complaints of voting delays due to long lines.

The album experienced several delays due to issues with sample clearances.

Metrobus and regional bus services saw delays due to downed trees and wires.

many delays

Production of "Eonian" originally started at least in 2012 but faced many delays for years after.

After many delays, construction of this extension began in July 2018 and was completed in February 2019.

Finally in May 2005, after many delays, construction finally began and a year later the station was complete.

construction delays

However, construction delays pushed back the field's completion to fall 2013.

Notably, the overuse of the stadium's facilities has contributed to construction delays.

However, in addition to construction delays, water pollution has affected the viability of the route.

numerous delays

However, the production and release of the album has faced numerous delays.

In 2018, two separate issues caused numerous delays and cancellations with many trains replaced by buses.

The resultant confusion caused numerous delays, ruining the schedule of the 'drop-to-contact' plan, and much of the advantage of surprise.

long delays   (uzun gecikmeler)

This avoids long delays, with the bus idle, during read operations.

Knetwit has also been criticized for very long delays in processing times.

The road crossing from Gibraltar into Spain can often be subject to long delays.

further delays

The study investigated a crewed mission even with the possibility of further delays to the launch.

The commission interpreted several of these actions as taking shortcuts to avoid further delays on an already severely delayed flight.

A revised target date of June 2000 was also missed, with further delays caused by failures of the pipeline and pumping station equipment.