İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

high demand   (yüksek talep)

Sugar during the 19th century was of high demand.

Extra dates were added in Melbourne and Sydney due to high demand.

Long Way, however, was unable to meet the high demand for the ball.

video on demand   (talep üzerine video)

It was also released through video on demand.

It was released via video on demand in 2019.

It became available through video on demand the same day.

increased demand   (yüksek talep)

As a result, there was an increased demand for paper.

This resulted in increased demand for forward control trucks.

In 1999 it reopened to cater for increased demand in the area.

growing demand   (artan talep)

to cater the growing demand of quality alloys in Southeast Asia.

During this time, secondary provision expanded and adjusted to growing demand.

It was planned from the start for future expansion in steps to meet growing demand.

supply and demand   (arz ve talep)

The price paid for your products is set by a global supply and demand system.

The imbalance of supply and demand is thus making these skills even more valuable.

This method of analysis is known as partial-equilibrium analysis (supply and demand).

increasing demand   (artan talep)

Additions were added to the south in 1902 and 1923 to meet increasing demand.

With increasing demand EKA-knivar continually made improvements to production methods.

by the German writer Martin Walser, express an increasing demand for a strictly text-based view.

popular demand   (popüler talep)

Ultimately driven from his district by popular demand.

Due to popular demand, a fifth city (Nanchang) was added.

Even so, Blarney reappeared after a few weeks, by popular demand.

great demand   (büyük talep)

The formula grew to be in great demand in the area.

In most of these she was in great demand at music festivals.

Consequently, the Sloan liniment formula was in great demand.

meet the demand   (talebi karşılamak)

It was extended in 2007 to meet the demand by the growing cruise tourism.

Children worked in factories to meet the demand for labour and contribute to family income.

At his request, a local machine shop fabricated a number of these hoists to meet the demand.

meet demand   (talebi karşılama)

In both systems, the central bank supplies reserves to meet demand.

It has been noted that this measure will not meet demand in the sector.

He also put in ball fields, and a shed for 150 horses, which was too small to meet demand.

consumer demand   (tüketici talebi)

The consumer demand was for a million cans of baby food every week.

To measure an animals motivation toward a choice one may perform a "consumer demand test."

Without consumer demand, producers would lack one of the key motivations to produce: to sell to consumers.

public demand   (kamu talebi)

But in 2005, the catechism was stopped by the school due to public demand.

The ensuing media coverage resulted in overwhelming public demand for the bill.

According to the M-G-M "Campaign Book,” it was brought back "by public demand."

market demand   (piyasa talebi)

It does not explicitly address market demand.

While market demand was 36,000 in 1977 by 1981 it had declined to 14,440.

Such perceptions may result in limited use and market demand for vulture species.

energy demand   (Enerji talebi)

In 2009 DEI supplied for 85.6% of all energy demand in Greece, while the number fell to 77.3% in 2010.

In 2009 DEI supplied for 85.6% of all electric energy demand in Greece, while the number fell to 77.3% in 2010.

FortZED relied upon energy demand management techniques to encourage use of energy at the most efficient times.

much in demand   (çok talep var)

He was much in demand for live performances and made a number of records.

He was an excellent amateur auctioneer, much in demand for charity fundraisers.

Most of these goods were very much in demand by the Chinese merchants in Singapore.

electricity demand   (elektrik talebi)

These stations can run above 85% PLF if there is adequate electricity demand.

It is estimated that electricity demand in the country is growing at about 3 percent annually.

If this goal is to be reached it would be the biggest contributor to Chinese electricity demand.

depending on demand   (isteğe bağlı)

As is customary with most train services in India, Coach Composition may be amended at the discretion of Indian Railways depending on demand.

Traffic is managed to flow either bidirectionally (uphill on one carriageway and downhill on the other) or unidirectionally (uphill or downhill on both carriageways), depending on demand.

The western approach of the tunnel features a sharp curve which causes lengthy traffic backups in each direction depending on demand, and is part of the impetus to study a replacement for the tunnel.

peak demand   (yoğun talep)

France's peak demand occurs during the winter, and in 2007 was 88,960 GW.

Electricity networks are built based on peak demand (another name is peak load).

The peak demand is increasing every year while the load shedding has reduced tremendously.

aggregate demand   (toplam talep)

Governments increase spending and cut taxes to boost aggregate demand.

This did not cause a deficiency in aggregate demand but in aggregate supply.

Tax cuts allow consumers to increase their spending, which boosts aggregate demand.

increase in demand   (talep artışı)

All of this increase in demand led to a rise in price.

The diagram on the right shows the effects of an increase in demand in the short run.

During the 1990s the school almost trebled in size and building developments reflected this increase in demand.

low demand   (Düşük talep)

All formats of Pro 800Z were discontinued in 2009/10 due to low demand.

For those with low demand, cast and splint can be applied for two weeks.

During times of low demand, excess power can be stored in batteries for future use.

demand curve   (talep eğrisi)

Like with supply curves, economists distinguish between the demand curve of an individual and the market demand curve.

While the aforementioned demand curve is generally downward-sloping, there may be rare examples of goods that have upward-sloping demand curves.

domestic demand   (iç talep)

The economy is driven by strong domestic demand.

This satisfies domestic demand for most petroleum products.

The country's economic production is dominated by its strong domestic demand.

demand for more   (daha fazlası için talep)

They were selling extremely well and there was a constant demand for more.

To drive demand for more power, Meralco also opened a retail store in order to sell electric home appliances.

However, the council's increasing demand for more housing estates led to a lesser focus over quality of design.

lack of demand   (talep eksikliği)

Due to a lack of demand it is unlikely these will be constructed.

After only two years, however, the line was discontinued due to "lack of demand".

Freight operations continued until February 1960, when it was also abandoned due to lack of demand.

strong demand   (güçlü istek)

Students led with a strong demand.

Tandy was surprised at the strong demand for the TRS-80 Model I from business purchasers.

Guitar Hero spokesman Eric Hollreiser said consumer research showed continued strong demand for the various versions.

not demand   (talep değil)

He was quoted as saying, "We do not demand restitution for fascists or war criminals.

Baghdasaryan said that the attack was unprovoked and that the assailants did not demand anything particular from him.

As the argument goes, "the manly thing is to hold one's ground and hence society should not demand what smacks of cowardice."

demand service   (talep servisi)

The network began offering a video on demand service in February 2012.

DC Universe is a video on demand service operated by DC Entertainment.

All 4 is a video on demand service from Channel 4, launched in November 2006 as 4oD.

huge demand   (büyük talep)

Due to huge demand, the show has been rerun on the same network since 12 May 2016.

There was huge demand for the film copies from various theater managers in the country.

In 2010 the butter pie made a return to Preston North End's Deepdale stadium after the huge demand for the pie.

demand for new   (yeni talep)

The demand for new office space to hold America's expanding workforce of white-collar staff continued to grow.

It was designed to meet the expected growth in demand for new aero engines for civil and military applications.

Soon several British film companies had opened to meet the demand for new films, such as Mitchell and Kenyon in Blackburn.

oxygen demand   (oksijen ihtiyacı)

The organic matter is measured as biochemical oxygen demand (BOD).

In general organic nitrates decrease oxygen demand and increase oxygen supply.

These caused better washing, reduced biological oxygen demand (BOD) in effluent and reduced deposits.

rising demand   (artan talep)

Later, and due to the rising demand the plant was enlarged, coming its staff to 1,500 people.

In 2016 she doubled the cohort of Data Lab sponsored Master course spaces to meet the rising demand in big data.

In the face of rising demand for a border station between Bavaria and Saxony, the old station rapidly proved inadequate.