demanded more   (もっと要求した)

Licklider, demanded more accessibility and utility.

ASG reportedly demanded more than $8.1 million for Ridsdel and the others.

The peasants themselves demanded more information, education and intercommunication.

demanded to know   (知ることを要求された)

Threatening to shoot her, he demanded to know her employer.

Paul demanded to know what had happened.

He demanded to know what happened to his brother, and the echoes told him.

demanded that all   (すべてを要求した)

Eventually the French authorities demanded that all former officials swear allegiance or leave the country.

The Holy Jihad Brigades demanded that all Muslim prisoners in the United States be released within 72 hours.

Apollo also demanded that all the other methods of divination be made inferior, and Zeus granted him that too.

then demanded

The King then demanded they disarm.

Sando then demanded that the Khutuktu withdraw his request for Russian troops.

The Dutch then demanded that NATO bomb Serb positions around the town, but their requests were ignored.