İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

meet the demands   (Talepleri karşılamak)

The current asylum law will no longer meet the demands of a globalized world."

The Judenrat was formed to meet the demands of the Germans through forced labor.

Eventually the fixture card would include social activities and lectures to meet the demands of the Rovers.

demands to know   (bilmek talepleri)

Zavac demands to know where they have come from.

She demands to know why Juno has not exacted revenge.

Peter demands to know who his mysterious benefactor is.

physical demands   (fiziksel talepler)

Each Paralympic sport then has its own classifications, dependent upon the specific physical demands of competition.

increasing demands   (artan talepler)

to accommodate increasing demands for space.

Both areas face rapid desertification and increasing demands for water.

Due to the increasing demands for housing, combined with housing mergers, the population of Mariahilf.