demolished to make   (取り壊す)

Some were demolished to make way for new, larger structures.

The station has been demolished to make way for the A358 road.

In 1880 the building was demolished to make way for a new building.

building was demolished   (建物は取り壊されました)

The old school building was demolished in 1970.

The building was demolished in 1969 after being sold.

In March 2002, the old building was demolished.

demolished and replaced   (取り壊されて取り替えられた)

The bridge was demolished and replaced about 2008.

The bridge was demolished and replaced in 1991.

In 1920 the original barn was demolished and replaced.

now demolished

He lived nearby at 5 Argyll Square (now demolished).

The first building (now demolished), consisted of many portables.

The building once shared a lot with the now demolished Hotel Tuller.

buildings were demolished

Some of the less historic buildings were demolished.

Many of the CDE buildings were demolished in 1979-1980.

Most of the buildings were demolished in the early 2000s.

later demolished

This mansion was later demolished during the 1960s.

The school was later demolished in 1993.

Observatory House was later demolished.

house was demolished

This house was demolished in the early 20th century.

The house was demolished in the late 1940s.

The house was demolished in November 2003.

subsequently demolished

The station buildings were subsequently demolished.

The wreck was subsequently demolished with explosives.

The building was subsequently demolished and the site cleared.

demolished during

This mansion was later demolished during the 1960s.

The 1895 jail building was demolished during the 1940s.

This building was substantially demolished during Penal times.

completely demolished

The castle was completely demolished in 1600.

The buildings were completely demolished by early 1980.

The southern slum is completely demolished.

church was demolished

The Primitive Methodist church was demolished in 1927.

In 1971 the church was demolished except for the tower and spire.

In 1969° the church was demolished.

demolished and rebuilt

It was demolished and rebuilt again in the 1860s.

Aichinraith House was demolished and rebuilt in 1809.

It was demolished and rebuilt brick by brick in Franschhoek.

station was demolished   (駅は取り壊された)

Shortly after closure, the bus station was demolished.

The old fire station was demolished in 1980.

The station was demolished by explosives on 22 April 2015.

eventually demolished

The church was eventually demolished following fire damage.

The signal box was decommissioned in 1992 and eventually demolished ten years later.

They were eventually demolished and the City Hall and courthouse were built on the site.

finally demolished   (ついに取り壊された)

The gate was finally demolished in 1746.

It was finally demolished in 1976.

After that for residential purposes and was finally demolished in 1962.

closed and demolished

The old city campus at Allt-yr-yn was closed and demolished.

It was closed and demolished in 2016.

Closures followed: the Bay shipyard was closed and demolished in 1935.

partially demolished

The building stood partially demolished until 1983.

The building of the former brewery in 2003 was partially demolished.

The L-Tower was partially demolished after the war; some walls remain visible.

then demolished

The station was then demolished in 1978 and 1979.

The Castle was then demolished, leaving the Castle in ruin.

Comiskey Park was then demolished in 1991 and converted into a parking lot.

demolished when   (取り壊されたとき)

The mausoleum was demolished when the New St Peter's was erected.

The medieval church was demolished when a new neo-classical church was built between 1829–34.

Most of the farm buildings in the Wythenshawe area were demolished when the estate was built.

demolished around   (取り壊された)

It replaced a 12th century church demolished around 1870 to 1875.

- Tithe House (Casa del Delme): 14th century house, but it was demolished around 2000.

It was converted into a prison when the remainder of the wall was demolished around 1685.