İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

denied the allegations   (iddiaları reddetti)

The Swiss bank has repeatedly denied the allegations.

A spokesman for Sioeng denied the allegations.

Turkish Ambassador Ilhan Saygili denied the allegations.

later denied   (sonra reddedildi)

He was later denied free agency by Major League Baseball.

Goodlin later denied ever making the demand for extra pay.

The minister later denied having associated with the college.

denied access   (erişim reddedildi)

After his transfer, the CIA denied access to Zubaydah.

Serbian and Polish nationals were denied access to outside observers.

All Muslims including those living nearby were forcefully denied access.

denied having   (sahip olduğu reddedildi)

Andreotti always denied having known the Salvos.

The Rajapaksas denied having control over such amounts.

The minister, however, denied having any links with him.

denied entry   (giriş reddedildi)

There have been allegations that Dalits in Nepal are denied entry to Hindu temples.

He returns on Diwali day and goes to meet Radha, but is denied entry by Anand's aunt.

In 1944, Harry Belafonte, then a member of the U.S. Navy, was denied entry with a date.

initially denied   (başlangıçta reddedildi)

This was initially denied in 1995.

Maga initially denied its existence, and to this day details are unclear.

Fritz initially denied being the papyrus' owner, but later admitted to it.

request was denied   (istek reddedildi)

In August 2015, Actavis' request was denied.

While this did make his ambitions clear, his request was denied.

The request was denied, and he took legal measures to re-appeal.

denied all

The town of Mount Pleasant denied all requests, however.

He denied all allegations against him.

The team denied all the allegations.

denied any involvement   (herhangi bir katılımı reddetti)

BBS denied any involvement and condemned the attack.

Flores has denied any involvement in the disappearance.

The Giuliani campaign denied any involvement with the ads.

denied the charges   (suçlamaları reddetti)

He told a court in Mombasa that he denied the charges.

All fourteen denied the charges against them.

Mullah Salaam has denied the charges.

court denied   (mahkeme reddedildi)

(Ford, 26) In the end, the court denied the case.

The federal district court denied the motion.

The district court denied her motion, and she appealed.

not be denied

But that it has happened and is continuing to happen cannot be denied.

But even this negative connotation cannot be denied in light of the magical texts.

After the Battle of Borodino it was clear that the French could not be denied the city.

government denied   (hükümet reddedildi)

Both Liu and the Chinese government denied the claims.

The Iraqi government denied responsibility.

The government denied this allegation.

denied the right

A material witness may also be denied the right to travel.

At the time aborigines were denied the right to give evidence in courts of law.

The 15th Amendment states no person should be denied the right to vote based on race.

denied permission   (izin verilmedi)

Trinity Church had denied permission for the protestors to use the space.

Since they denied permission, the prince's attempt to marry Mathilda failed.

He accepted the offer but was denied permission to speak by city officials in a public park.

denied any wrongdoing   (herhangi bir yanlış yapmayı reddetti)

The president has denied any wrongdoing.

All the accused denied any wrongdoing.

He denied any wrongdoing, but did not run in the 1988 election.

repeatedly denied   (defalarca reddedildi)

Miller repeatedly denied that he injected plutonium.

The Swiss bank has repeatedly denied the allegations.

The government has repeatedly denied the validity of their claims.

strongly denied   (şiddetle reddedildi)

Their families strongly denied this.

Murray strongly denied claims of any wrongdoing during his stewardship.

The Attorney General Conde-Pumpido strongly denied the version of Ambassador Aguirre contained in the cables.

denied involvement   (katılım reddedildi)

Beishline denied involvement in the additional deaths.

The suspect denied involvement, and charges were soon dropped.

"Sophisticated" hackers were linked to universities in China, Beijing again denied involvement.

denied the accusations   (suçlamaları reddetti)

Marko denied the accusations and the two got together again.

Dostum denied the accusations in 2009.

vehemently denied   (şiddetle reddedildi)

They have both vehemently denied the accusation.

Her left hand might have held a lance or perhaps a helmet (vehemently denied by many archaeologists).

However, Ferrari vehemently denied involvement in the murder of 12-year old Ruth Steinmann, who was found on 16 May 1980, in a wooded area near Würenlos.

denied the request

Kennedy thought that the crime was so brutal that he denied the request.

The state initially denied the request, claiming that the execution protocol was secret.

However, the Food and Civil Supplies Department denied the request, stating that these records were private.

denied the claims

Sharon denied the claims, but Habes was adamant.

The Nigerian government has denied the claims.

Both Liu and the Chinese government denied the claims.

denied ever   (hiç reddedildi)

However, he denied ever being on the card.

Goodlin later denied ever making the demand for extra pay.

Indeed, he denied ever having worked for any intelligence agency.

denied the existence

Aristotle, in Book IV of "Physics", denied the existence of the Void () with his rejection of finite entities.

The US Supreme Court declined to hear the case, and the final decision denied the existence of a right to unapproved medications.

Thus Berkeley denied the existence of matter as a metaphysical substance, but did not deny the existence of physical objects such as apples or mountains.

denied responsibility   (sorumluluk reddedildi)

MSC denied responsibility for navigation of the ship.

The Iraqi government denied responsibility.

The PFLP has always denied responsibility.

always denied   (her zaman reddedildi)

France has always denied any role in the killing.

Andreotti always denied having known the Salvos.

The main defendant Alfried Krupp always denied any guilt.

again denied

The trustees again denied UAB its desired hire.

Nevertheless, on 21 January, the Tokyo district court again denied bail.

Davison again denied the charges and the case was moved to the Western Cape High Court.

denied admission   (kabul edilmedi)

Bakke applied and was denied admission to the University of California at Davis medical school.

Lewis believed herself to be denied admission to a theater school in New York City due to her limp.

After her parents were denied admission to Sumner, they were able to join the NAACP's class action suit.