İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

dependent upon   (bağımlı)

It is dependent upon a number of props that hold it up.

All social theories are dependent upon a process of abstraction.

This variability between individuals is greatly dependent upon diet.

heavily dependent   (ağır bağımlı)

French Guiana is heavily dependent on imports of food and energy.

The local economy is heavily dependent upon tourism and the service industry.

East-central Scotland became too heavily dependent on linens, hemp, and jute.

highly dependent   (oldukça bağımlı)

Fiji is highly dependent on tourism for revenue.

Some coal-mining regions are highly dependent on coal.

The Greenlandic economy is highly dependent on fishing.

not dependent   (bağımlı değil)

The effect is not dependent on the light intensity (photon flux).

Liability, at that time, was not dependent upon negligence, but the act.

He is not dependent upon us.

largely dependent   (büyük ölçüde bağımlı)

The social protection is largely dependent on the state.

10.Federal Bank Ezhumattoor is largely dependent on private buses.

Temperature is largely dependent on the incidence of solar radiation.

dependent variable   (bağımlı değişken)

The dependent variable of the experiment was the amount of crackers consumed.

In spectroscopy, this distribution, with frequency as the dependent variable, is known as a van der Waals profile.

If is a dependent variable, then often the subscript "x" is attached to the "D" to clarify the independent variable "x".

more dependent

The success of the College has become more and more dependent on the quality of its tuition.

During the British Mandate period, the fountain became more dependent on rainwater and springs.

As film offers declined, he became more and more dependent on live venues to support his family.

dependent on agriculture

About 2,800 persons were dependent on agriculture.

Over 6,300 people were dependent on agriculture.

The state was poor and still dependent on agriculture.

less dependent   (daha az bağımlı)

They grow even less dependent on their families and they are challenged academically.

Since their genome reduction is less dependent on fitness, pseudogenes are frequent in these organisms.

The last area is less dependent on the outside but still very much influenced by the degradation processes.

entirely dependent

The newspaper had been entirely dependent on the government for funding.

Until the 1970s, life was thought to be entirely dependent on energy from the Sun.

The ""Monaspa"" was entirely dependent on the king and had no bonds with the feudal nobility.

dependent territories

A selection of dependent territories are listed in "italics" and are not ranked.

List of countries by westernmost point This is a list of countries by westernmost point on land (dependent territories included).

dependent children

Of the 2,146 recorded households in 2001, only 630 had dependent children.

DODEA (formerly DoDDS) operates Patch Middle School for the dependent children of service members.

“The Medicaid Basic Plan is for healthy low-income children and adults with eligible dependent children.

completely dependent

They are altricial, and are completely dependent on milk for their first 10 days.

In the earliest years, children are "completely dependent on the care of others."

This left the marquisate utterly ruined and completely dependent on the King of France.

became dependent

At ten years of age she lost the use of her legs and became dependent on the wheelchair.

After closing the Ignalina plant, the country became dependent on energy supplies from neighbouring Russia.

Money came into use because people became dependent on one another, importing what they needed and exporting the surplus.