İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

often depicted   (sıklıkla tasvir edilir)

These often depicted copper pans, game, or flowers.

The egg is often depicted with a serpent wound about it.

Koyash is often depicted as a fiery bird or a winged horse.

usually depicted   (genellikle tasvir)

Doggie Daddy is usually depicted wearing only a collar.

Batman and Superman are usually depicted as close friends.

He is usually depicted as an armored warrior riding a horse.

events depicted   (tasvir edilen olaylar)

The novels are set after the events depicted in the 2002 film "".

They allow drafters to physically experience the events depicted in them.

The film takes place concurrently with the events depicted in "Night of the Living Dead".

depicted as having   (sahip olarak tasvir edildi)

Pan, son of Hermes, was often depicted as having an exaggerated erect phallus.

Devil is depicted as having the power of speech and proclaims: "Moon-Boy hated me.

They are frequently depicted as having multiple heads, always uneven in number, arranged in a fan.

sometimes depicted

The human figures are almost always clothed and are sometimes depicted with their knees bent.

The Scandinavian tomte (also called nisse) is sometimes depicted as a gnome instead of Santa Claus.

Coprophagia is sometimes depicted in pornography, usually under the term "scat" (from "scatology").

depicted wearing

Doggie Daddy is usually depicted wearing only a collar.

The firefighter is depicted wearing a uniform and helmet.

(Executives are not depicted wearing caps.)

frequently depicted

Nāgas are frequently depicted in Angkorian lintels.

Centaurs were also frequently depicted in Roman art.

The FBI has been frequently depicted in popular media since the 1930s.