İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

squadron deployed   (filonun konuşlandırılması)

The squadron deployed aboard in July 2013 following a year-long work-up cycle.

The squadron deployed 20 members of the Plant Troop (under Captain Nigel Catchlove) to Opuwo.

In 1943, the squadron deployed to the Central Pacific Area, engaging in combat from Makin Island in December 1943.

deployed overseas   (yurtdışına konuşlandı)

During World War I he was deployed overseas to Egypt as part of the Dardanelles Campaign.

After training in California it was deployed overseas to the European Theater of Operations (ETO) in England.

"Benham" was equipped with four twin 4-inch mounts in 1917, but these were replaced with single mounts before she deployed overseas.

then deployed   (sonra konuşlandırıldı)

The Regiment then deployed to Cyprus for a tour from 1956 to 1959.

The main body then deployed by RAAF Boeing 707 aircraft on 14 April.

He then deployed his artillery on an eminence near the intersection.

again deployed

HMS Portland was again deployed in January 2014.

From January to July 1965, "Mattaponi" again deployed for duty with the 7th Fleet.

In May 1954, however, the 559th again deployed to Japan on temporary duty to Misawa Air Base.

deployed during   (sırasında konuşlandırıldı)

This force was the only Axis naval force deployed during the siege.

Afterwards, he was assigned to VFA-113 and was deployed during the Gulf War.

The Avenger was also deployed during the U.S. military's operations in Afghanistan and Iraq.

deployed in support   (destekle konuşlandırıldı)

"G194" was deployed in support of these operations.

In November 2009 the 1st Engineer Battalion deployed in support of OIF IX-X.

During this time, he was deployed in support of Operation Desert Storm/Desert Shield.

first deployed

It was announced in 1965, and first deployed in 1972.

Such bombs were first deployed in the 1960s.

They were first deployed to combat units in September 1944.

deployed as part

With 3RAR he deployed as part of the International Force East Timor in 1999–2000.

The battalion is an armoured infantry battalion deployed as part of 12th Armoured Infantry Brigade.

In 2012, the vessel deployed as part of Operation Caribbe, Canada's participation in the war on drugs.

deployed along

Army forces were deployed along the highway to secure a corridor for the tanks.

More radars and quick reaction teams were then deployed along the India-Pakistan border.

troops deployed

During the 1593 Siege of Pyongyang, 40,000 Ming troops deployed a variety of cannon against Japanese troops.

The IAF Western Air Command is engaged in air logistics operations to supply troops deployed at Siachen Glacier.

In November 2012, Georgia had doubled the number of troops deployed to fight with Nato-led forces in Afghanistan to over 1,500.

not deployed

When not deployed in the Pacific, "Hamner" trained out of San Diego, California.

When not deployed to the Orient, the destroyer trained with 1st Fleet units along the west coast.

As a result, it is not deployed, and an individual does not experience unwanted medical symptoms.

forces deployed

The Hetman forces deployed themselves near a train station at Motovilivka.

The Polish forces deployed to the east of Warsaw constituted the majority of the Polish Army.

In Chechnya, security forces deployed armored personnel carriers in Argun to round up relatives of Azimov for questioning.

forward deployed   (ileri konuşlandırıldı)

The forward deployed Egyptian forces were shattered in three places by the attacking Israelis.

In 1971 the squadron departed San Diego and became a permanently forward deployed squadron stationed in Yokosuka, Japan.

A USO article noted that the Haifa USO under Gerzon's leadership epitomized "forward deployed hospitality for U.S. forces overseas."

deployed against   (karşı konuşlandı)

Four Soviet armies were deployed against the remaining northern pocket.

Between May and August the Unit was deployed against the Hurs in Sindh.

In support of the invasion, the squadron's Typhoons were deployed against tanks and other targets using "60lb" RP-3 rockets.

widely deployed   (yaygın olarak konuşlandırıldı)

Telefunken was being widely deployed in North and South America.

OpenGL ES is the "most widely deployed 3D graphics API in history".

CTC has since been widely deployed to major interstate railway lines.

before being deployed

The battalion was mobilised at the drill hall in August 1914 before being deployed to the Western Front.

It moved to Lüneburg in Germany as part of 10th Infantry Brigade in June 1956 before being deployed to Cyprus in October 1957.

He attended flight school and was certified as a fighter pilot in the United States Army Air Forces before being deployed overseas in December 1942.

initially deployed

They were initially deployed on the "Öchsle" Railway in 1899 between Biberach an der Riß and Ochsenhausen.

Terrier was initially deployed on two converted "Baltimore"-class cruisers (CAG), with conversions completed in 1955–56.

The four pairs of through trains initially deployed once the line was fully opened were gradually reduced during the First World War to two pairs.

deployed aboard   (gemiye yerleştirildi)

The squadron deployed aboard in July 2013 following a year-long work-up cycle.

At that time, he was ordered to report to VF-24, deployed aboard the USS Nimitz (CVN 68).

After VF-24, he was assigned to VF-14 and was deployed aboard the USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN 71).

deployed around   (etrafına konuşlandı)

Over 1200 km of fiber optic is deployed around the country.

There were now 4 U.S. infantry battalions deployed around Loc Ninh.

Ten cameras were deployed around the theatre to record their reactions to the concert.

battalion deployed

In September 2012, the battalion deployed to Regional Command-East, Afghanistan.

On 30 August 1999 the battalion deployed to Bosnia and Herzegovina in support of SFOR.

The battalion is an armoured infantry battalion deployed as part of 12th Armoured Infantry Brigade.