bus depot   (バス停)

The local bus depot is about a 15-minute walk in Bomkhana, Vikhroli.

Kerala State Road Transport Corporation operates a bus depot at Vamanapuram.

"Snoring" Bobby is frightened by strange noises in the bus depot but she investigates.

locomotive depot   (機関車庫)

It was allocated to Old Oak Common locomotive depot.

In 1929 the locomotive depot alone had 509 employees.

It gained a locomotive depot and carriage shed at the same time.

supply depot   (補給所)

The town also served as a supply depot during the war period.

On just two days' notice, he established a well-organized supply depot.

To keep units supplied with ammunition, the player must construct a supply depot.

railroad depot   (鉄道基地)

Tulasco had its start in 1869 as a railroad depot.

Benjamin Mott gave the LIRR of land for a railroad depot.

They sheltered at a railroad depot and were found by a policeman.

train depot   (電車の駅)

By 1914 construction began on a local train depot.

All trains are all based from the Guro train depot.

The current train depot on the property is a replica of the original.

depot ship

She was to serve as a repair and depot ship, Pendant No 088.

In service 20 June 1916-9 September 1919, as a repair and depot ship 1917.

In the same year, the seaplane depot ship "Zmaj" was acquired from Germany.

new depot   (新しいデポ)

In Bommersheim near Oberursel a new depot was created.

This new depot was measured at .

In 1906 it built the new depot.

depot was built

The Snoqualmie depot was built in 1890 by the SLS&E.

Then, in 1871, not far from the station, the locomotive depot was built.

In 1980, a new trolleybus depot was built, and connected to this extension.

tram depot

One historic mule tram depot, at Vila Guaraní, is preserved.

The only visible remains of line is the tram depot, on the outskirts of Altdorf.

Fulwell Bus Garage was originally built as a tram depot for London United Tramways in 1902.

maintenance depot

On the north side of the station is the outdoor storage yard and maintenance depot for Line 2 trains.

During the 19th century, the supply and maintenance depot for ships at Stanley developed into a port serving ships rounding Cape Horn.

It is one of the oldest air force bases in Pakistan, originally functioning as a maintenance depot for the Royal Indian Air Force during the days of the British Raj.

ammunition depot   (弾薬庫)

This is the reason it was named "Barood Khana" meaning place ammunition depot.

Part of the haveli acted as an ammunition depot and part was used as a residence.

Following the war it continued in use as an ammunition depot until the French Army abandoned it.

freight depot

The building continued to be used as a freight depot until 1964.

The current station is the rail line's former freight depot, renovated in 2017.

A few years later, the B&O built a huge freight depot next to the passenger station.

storage depot

It became a bulk storage depot for emergency supplies.

More recently, it became a bulk storage depot for emergency supplies.

China plans to build a pipeline to Nepal's Panchkhal along with a storage depot.