name is derived

The name is derived from the old German "Moos Au".

The name is derived from the Siak Regency of Riau.

The name is derived from a district in Brighton.

name derived

Its name derived from a palm plant called “Pitogo”.

"Ah Pah" is a name derived from the Yurok language.

Tolicha is a name derived from the Yokutsan languages.

name was derived

The name was derived from Ventura, California.

The name was derived from the local Indian word for "welcome".

In some cases the family name was derived from a profession (e.g.

probably derived   (おそらく派生)

Their use of the title probably derived from the ancient Persian title.

It was probably derived from a cognomen "Segulus", of uncertain meaning.

Movement 7 is probably derived from a secular dance-like movement in da capo form.

derived its name

Sable Island derived its name from the French word for "sand".

Malfa derived its name from Amalfi.

It is also said to have derived its name from a small island named Myrtus.

more derived

The dwarf and pygmy sperm whales are more derived than "K. pusilla".

The clade Neoceratopsia includes all ceratopsians more derived than psittacosaurids.

Comparison with "TBX3" in other species showed that the "non-dun2" deletion is a more derived allele.

surname derived

Dunphy Dunphy is an Irish surname derived from Donohoe.

Shlesinger Shlesinger is a surname derived from Silesia.

Urbanik Urbanik is a patronymic surname derived from the given name Urban.

not derived

The word is obviously not derived from Arabic.

The blue color is not derived from pigment but is structural.

So, Eraviperoor is Eraviperoor and not derived from Eravipuram.

ultimately derived

This system is ultimately derived from West Semitic scripts.

The name "dinar" is ultimately derived from the Roman denarius.

The name ultimately derived from the Belgic tribe the Atrebates.

word is derived

The word is derived from Persian word "nard" ().

The word is derived from the Greek "" 'distortion, dislocation'.

The word is derived from the Ancient Greek ἄσφαλτος "ásphaltos".

likely derived   (おそらく派生)

The name was most likely derived from "Rubrius", from "ruber", red or ruddy.

Choestoe is a name most likely derived from the Cherokee language meaning "Rabbit place."

"Aturia" is likely derived from species of the genus "Aturoidea" of the family Hercoglossidae.

title is derived   (タイトルが派生します)

The title is derived from Butler's novel "Patternmaster".

The title is derived from a comment by a witness at Adolf Eichmann's trial.

The title is derived, according to the frontispiece, from Cervantes' "Don Quixote".

term is derived   (用語が派生します)

The term is derived from the ethnonym of the local Ngatjan people.

The term is derived .

originally derived

EBICAB was originally derived from Ericsson's SLR system in Sweden.

The clutch mechanism uses dry plate carbon–carbon technology originally derived from aircraft brakes.

The Akisho name is originally derived from "Cayisho" which means, in old Somali, the (Cayilsan) "Fat One."

possibly derived

It is possibly derived from the Germanic for 'place by the stream'.

“Belanda” itself was possibly derived from the Portuguese “Hollanda” (Holland).

The name "Basic" is possibly derived from the Mahican language, meaning "stone".

epithet is derived   (預言者)

The specific epithet is derived from the "Latin "laetum", pleasant or bright".

It was described by Vitali in 2003, and is known from Jamaica, from which its species epithet is derived.

The specific epithet is derived from the Latin "convexus" (meaning convex) and refers to the forewing hump.

itself derived

It is a calque of the Greek name Theodore, itself derived from the Greek word "Theodoros".

It is derived from the place name "Lewandów", itself derived from the Old Polish word "lewanda" – 'lavender' ("lawenda" in modern Polish).

The word originates from the Old French , itself derived from the Latin meaning "arms and/or equipment", with the root meaning "arms or gear".

not be derived

This theorem cannot be derived from the Euler equations.

""ideas ideas great hate"") cannot be derived from this grammar.

"A no observable adverse effect level (NOAEL) could not be derived from these studies.