claimed descent

They also claimed descent from the Turkic Khazars.

The dynasty claimed descent from Woden via Seaxnēat.

Several ancient towns claimed descent from the deity.

descent through

Gayle is of Jamaican descent through his father.

She is of Sudanese descent through her father.

Hedlund is of Finnish descent through his Finnish mother.

claim descent   (主張下降)

Many castes today claim descent from Malayaman.

His clan, the Ljubibratići, claim descent from the medieval Ljubibratić noble family.

All of the earliest traditional Clan Mackenzie histories claim descent from a Fitzgerald progenitor.

line of descent

Each family has its own history and line of descent.

A cadet branch is a line of descent from another line than the senior-most.

The epitaph gives a line of descent identifying Bodhidharma as the first patriarch.

descent who plays

Mirza Mujčić Mirza Mujčić (born 7 April 1994) is a Swedish footballer of Bosnian descent who plays as a defender.

Gaetano Manno Gaetano Manno (born 26 July 1982 in Hagen) is a German footballer of Italian descent who plays for SpVg Hagen 11.

Sercan Sararer Sercan Sararer-Osuna (, born 27 November 1989) is a Turkish professional footballer of partial Spanish descent who plays as a winger.

common descent

Creation science rejects evolution and the common descent of all living things on Earth.

These features are evidence of common descent from a hypothetical ancestor, Proto-Arabic.

Besides providing evidence of common descent, he introduced a mechanism to explain it: natural selection.