İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

describes how   (nasıl olduğunu açıklar)

In the 24-inch profile, Imazu describes how he works.

He even describes how those friendships began.

The weight describes how thick the cymbal is.

describes itself   (kendini tanımlar)

It describes itself as the memory of the nation.

It describes itself as the "Gateway to the Marches".

It describes itself as anti-capitalist and anti-racist movement.

book describes   (kitap anlatıyor)

The book describes the mysterious power of methane gas.

The book describes life on the outer beach during all four seasons.

This book describes a near-Utopian society in the name of Campos in Mexico.

article describes

The disk encryption theory article describes some of these modes.

The article describes the squares and triangles as "slightly shapist".

This article describes some of those effects on individuals and populations.

song describes

The song describes life in India, and speaks of many cultural aspects.

The song describes an 'old assyrian' drinking binge with some references to the Classics.

The song describes the time of bringing the cows to the high country at cheese making time.

describes the song

She also describes the song as "a heck of a lot of fun."

Author Ian Inglis describes the song's melody as "romantic".

In her own words, Hill describes the song: "This song inspires.

describes what   (neyi tanımlar)

zoning) that describes what activities are acceptable in a given location.

Anton Gazenbeek describes what happened next in his book "Inside Tango Argentino".

He then clarifies their destiny and describes what hell would be like for the non-believers.

describes the album

He describes the album as being experimental.

She describes the album as one of a pleasing ebb and flow.

"Q" describes the album as "a lush, almost psychedelic mood piece."

describes the film   (filmi tanımlar)

Variety describes the film as a "potent investigative piece."

Neumaier describes the film as a successful "'character-based' monster-flick".

Erwin Romulo of The Philippine Star describes the film as "wickedly fun to watch".

website describes

The official website describes the protocol as a work in progress.

The ACM website describes these people as 'Renowned International Thought Leaders'.

The "Londonist" website describes this suggestion as "fanciful", as the modern Tyburn is a sewer.

describes the book

The Independent describes the book as “Gripping and thought-provoking ...

Alasdair MacIntyre describes the book as "an unduly neglected minor modern classic."

Brock now describes the book as a "character assassination" and has since "disavowed its premise".

what he describes

Jeff Penalty left the band in March 2008 in what he describes as a "not amicable split."

Instead, Bordwell promotes what he describes as "neoformalism" (a revival of formalist film theory).

Bies deplored what he describes as the one-sided lack of civility exhibited by Democrats during the 2011-2012 Assembly sessions.

then describes

The story then describes the detective's attempt to solve the mystery.

It then describes the fate of Thamud, a formerly prosperous extinct Arab tribe.

Vash Young then describes the flash of insight the enabled him to re-invent himself.

describes the process

The final and most lengthy section describes the process of arriving at synergy.

Photogrammetry describes the process of measuring data based on photographic reference.

It describes the process of building "Patriot", a motoryacht commissioned by Mark Grosvenor.

novel describes   (roman anlatıyor)

The novel describes friendship and rivalry among pulp writers of the 1930s.

The novel describes the events of the reigns of Manuel I, Alexios II and Andronikos I through the eyes of Agnes.

The novel describes the events of the reigns of Manuel I, Alexios II, and Andronikos I through the eyes of Agnes.

narrator describes   (anlatıcı anlatır)

The narrator describes the Princess Boy's family relationships and friendships.

The poem is a soliloquy given by an aviator in the First World War in which the narrator describes the circumstances surrounding his imminent death.

The narrator describes his conflicting feelings ("There were times when I could have murdered her/But you know I would hate anything to happen to her").

below describes

The table below describes land use in Burundi.

The table below describes the composition of the three major groups of algae.

The list below describes the sections in each county that are designated SR 640.

author describes

Early in the novel, the author describes the interior of Sarek and Amanda's home.

One author describes the gamma function as "Arguably, the most common special function, or the least 'special' of them.

The author describes Adria's placement in this way: "Imagine a slash between France and Germany, and then insert about 300 miles".

describes in detail

His book "Nigamasara" (1673) describes in detail the "Vargavi Varuni Vidya" (Vedanta).

Burns also describes in detail Valerie Solanas' near-fatal shooting of Warhol in 1968.

Livy describes in detail the humiliation of the Romans, which serves to underline the wisdom of Herennius's advice.