İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

description was published   (açıklama yayınlandı)

The description was published in "The Orchadian".

detailed description   (Detaylı Açıklama)

See SOAPjr Specs for a more detailed description.

Frederic Moore (1880) gives a detailed description:

George Hampson (1889) gives a detailed description as follows:

original description   (orijinal açıklama)

In his original description, Peck called it the "velvety-stemmed bolete".

In his original description, Hooker had proposed a separate section, "Habenaria" sect.

Additional specimens from Clipperton Island and Costa Rica were included in the original description.

brief description   (kısa açıklama)

For a brief description see the African Plant database.

See its brief description before.

The following is a brief description of the images related to the fort.

first description   (ilk açıklama)

The first description of "C. furcifer" was in 1902 by W.D.

He also wrote the first description of the Shehri language.

It was not the very first description of this constellation of symptoms.

following description

It is best known for the following description:

However, the following description is based on the regional structure.

The New York Times in 1884 gives the following description of Rigault...

formal description

The formal description followed in 1939 by John Hutchinson.

Alex George then began preparing a formal description of the species.

The semantics of a Reo circuit is a formal description of its behavior.

type description

Dall's original text (the type description) reads as follows:

Pilsbry's original text (the type description) reads as follows:

Engel's 2011 type description of the new species was published in the online journal "ZooKeys".

published the description

"densiflora" and published the description in "Flora Australiensis".

"quadrata" and published the description in "Journal of the Adelaide Botanic Gardens".

"eremicola" and published the description in "Journal of the Adelaide Botanic Gardens".

accurate description   (doğru açıklama)

The Saville Report agreed that this is an "accurate description of what happened".

Voltaire's depiction of Leibniz's ideas was so influential that many believed it to be an accurate description.

In 1912, a neurologist William Mestrezat gave the first accurate description of the chemical composition of CSF.

general description   (Genel açıklama)

He selected cases and wrote a general description of what the law should be in a given set of circumstances.

The NIGP Code is structured as follows: 3-Digit Class Code The 3-Digit class Code has a brief general description.

Smith's general description of the process of discovery is highly evocative of Röntgen's descriptions of his discovery of the X-ray.

complete description

The complete description of a tribosystem is the first step when devising a tribological test procedure.

He did not describe the remains in any great detail, citing Lambe's complete description the year before.

The complete description of a tribosystem includes all relevant factors that govern the tribological behavior of the system.

description of how

A description of how to repeatedly select candidate solutions for evaluation is called a search algorithm.

Campany 2002: 232) Wang Yuan's (王遠) hagiography has a rare description of how the "shijie" process feels.

Paracelsus saw these principles as fundamental and justified them by recourse to the description of how wood burns in fire.

description of what

In this he gave the first description of what are now known as Russell bodies.

The Saville Report agreed that this is an "accurate description of what happened".

The grain of the model is the exact description of what the dimensional model should be focusing on.

full description

Then in 1833 a full description of the property is given.

A full description of the plant is given in Flora of Australia online.

Extra.xml contains additional information about the apps such as the full description.

job description   (iş tanımı)

So my job description was changed.

In the days of ubiquitous plain bearings, oiling was often a job description in and of itself.

The poem, being in the form of a job description, attempts to recruit men into a “"new, tremendous"”.

physical description   (fiziksel tanım)

In later writing, Aymonier gave a detailed physical description of the temple.

The official physical description of Cooper has remained unchanged and is considered reliable.

He resembles Sherlock Holmes in physical description and acerbic manner, but not in deductive genius.

short description

A short description of these concepts is given below.

These "hôtels" are listed on this page with a short description.

In time, this short description was elaborated, resulting in the description of the eightfold path.