original design   (オリジナルデザイン)

The Bally B-17 is an original design by Jack Bally.

The three cell blocks are of the same original design.

It is part of the structure's original design.

new design   (新しいデザイン)

The savings due to the new design were tremendous.

Eventually the new design became the Tri-R KIS TR-1.

The latter boat was an entirely new design.

graphic design   (グラフィックデザイン)

The graphic design came directly from the title."

In 1992 he gained a degree in professional graphic design.

She has a small graphic design business, Union Street Design.

interior design   (インテリア・デザイン)

It is awarded to the best interior design in a film.

Patriz Huber was responsible for the interior design.

design and construction   (設計・施工)

Thomas Drew consulted on the design and construction.

Leavitt's suit was of his own design and construction.

It won the combined design and construction Saltire Award.

design work   (設計作業)

In November 1934, Mitchell started detailed design work.

Some design work was by Solomon D. Chase.

As design work continued the nomenclature continued to evolve.

architectural design   (建築デザイン)

The architectural design team was led by SmithGroup.

The architectural design was by Karl Kandulkov.

The architectural design is credited to J.F.

design team   (設計チーム)

The architectural design team was led by SmithGroup.

The Corsair design team was led by Rex Beisel.

He led the cockpit design team on the 757/767 project.

design elements

It has some Colonial Revival style design elements.

There are several examples of non-utilitarian design elements.

The interior is a mixed of simplistic and modern design elements.

intelligent design   (インテリジェントなデザイン)

Weikart is also a supporter of intelligent design.

The intelligent design movement promoted this version.

By the mid-1990s, intelligent design had become a separate movement.

own design

Leavitt's suit was of his own design and construction.

All participants were able to take home a poster of their own design.

In 1984 Schrofer set up his own design studio in The Hague, Netherlands.

design features

The building was inspired by the design features of Big Ben.

MEC stores are often known for their use of eco-friendly design features.

Out of order controllers require special design features to handle interrupts.

sound design   (サウンドデザイン)

With the sound design and the atmospherics, it is beautiful.

Original music and sound design are by Allison Leyton-Brown.

He praised the sound design, background score and cinematography.

same design

The badge has the same design as the breast star.

It was reconstructed to the same design in 2007.

The same design is found at the Cathedral of Salvador.

design process

The data is then used in the product design process.

The design process is generally reproducible."

Love's design process has become more refined as time goes on.

similar design

A smaller arch of similar design is in the chancel.

Capitol Hill and the Holgate branch are of a similar design.

The high-band instrument is of similar design, and operates at .

design competition   (デザインコンペ)

In 1911, an Architectural design competition was announced.

In 2006, Muji held its first international design competition, “Muji Award 01”.

In 1946, a new design competition was initiated to develop a new assault rifle.

basic design   (基本デザイン)

The basic design was a series of interlocking mats.

The basic design remained unchanged over the years.

The basic design of MROI was completed in 2006.

industrial design

Myers' first job was with pioneer of industrial design Norman Bel Geddes.

Tarazi studied industrial design at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem.

At one point Metric Hosiery was a client of Raymond Loewy, "the father of industrial design".

final design

The Saturn V's final design had several key features.

The final design report was expected at the end of 2015.

The final design has doors at the front, centre and rear.

game design

It is possible to reduce the perception of lag through game design.

The art direction and game design of this early sequence were handled by Deren.

Sirlin maintains a blog where he writes primarily on the subject of game design.

design and build

Its design and build quality have also been praised.

Christensen decided to design and build a power brake.

Tillinghast was hired to design and build the golf course.

design firm   (デザイン会社)

The exhibit was designed by IKD, a Boston-based design firm.

M & Co. (design firm) M & Co. is a graphic and product design firm.

art and design

Smith studied media art and design at James Madison University.

From 1990-1991 he undertook a foundation course at an art and design school.

After leaving PAC, Newman studied art and design at the South Australian School of Art.

urban design

He had 41 commissions on the scale of community planning or urban design.

The city has substantial activity in urban design, historic preservation, and architecture.

Opened in 2003, it was designed by WET and SWA Group landscape architecture and urban design.

set design

She also worked on set design for several films.

The set design of "Solaris" features paintings by the Old Masters.

For the theater, Jason worked with direction, set design and acting.

costume design   (衣装デザイン)

The scenic and costume design was by Tony Walton.

She has been nominated for four Emmys for her costume design on "Mad Men".

The costume design and stylized period setting however were widely praised.

design and development   (設計と開発)

NAA continued design and development in 1940 and 1941.

Her work includes the design and development of educational software and experimental media.

The ARC became the driving force behind the design and development of the oN-Line System (NLS).

character design

The largest problem was character design.

A common anime character design convention is exaggerated eye size.

The moe character design is by .

fashion design

She has an academic degree in fashion design.

He started a degree in fashion design, but found it too academic.

She then studied fashion design at the Marangoni Institute in Milan.

product design

The data is then used in the product design process.

German designers became early leaders of modern product design.

M & Co. (design firm) M & Co. is a graphic and product design firm.

design studio

From 1930 - 39 he worked at Kaj Gottlob design studio.

The design studio is among the most awarded in Denmark.

Both worked in Burtin's design studio.

design a new

Tateno asked an Italian friend, Alexsandro Bencivenni, to design a new interior.

He commissioned the Aberdeen City Architect, John Smith to design a new mansion in 1839.

The school board hired Lansing architect Judson Churchill to design a new school building.

initial design   (初期設計)

Tokarev is said to have come up with the initial design.

Its initial design was protected under US Patent D106,918.

Following the initial design of ATM, networks have become much faster.

production design

It won a French Cesar Award for its production design.

She also contributed production design for Jiang Wen's film, Hidden Man.

The production design for the film was carried out by artist K. M. V. Namboothiri.

similar in design

It is similar in design as the adjacent stations.

It was similar in design, but used the lower frequency set for transmission.

These were very similar in design to the last series of rupee notes, issued earlier.

design and manufacture   (設計と製造)

A macrocell array is an approach to the design and manufacture of ASICs.

The company specialized in the design and manufacture of ultralight aircraft.

BSA went on to design and manufacture a "safety" bicycle (patent:15,342 of 1884).

design changes

No publicity was produced for the other design changes.

Mako went through a number of design changes.

Some design changes were introduced in the front end and side boxes.

modern design

The modern design is by architect I.Y.Lubimov.

The interior is a mixed of simplistic and modern design elements.

Abaci, of a more modern design, are still used as calculation tools today.

level design

GameCaptain praised the atmospheric level design.

Critical reaction to the game's level design was also positive.

The sequel has a variety of changes, particularly in level design.

design used

This idea parallels the Teller–Ulam design used in the Mike explosion.

Her design used sulfuric acid electrolytes and was patented by the university.

The original landscape design used non-native plants that required regular watering.

commissioned to design

Benjumeda was commissioned to design the Cádiz Town Hall.

Anne Marie Carl-Nielsen was commissioned to design the monument.

Pat Denner was commissioned to design the sign for the Stateline Casino in 1952.

different design

The new church was built to a different design.

The landing gear is also of a different design.

The Chaser also has taillights of a different design.

design company   (デザイン会社)

He established a publication design company.

Ltd. (TFDC) was an Indo French engineering design company.

Incat Tasmania has its own in house design company, Revolution Design.

overall design   (全体的なデザイン)

They were standardized mechanically and in overall design.

The building's overall design is in the Neo-Renaissance style.

Box flaps were yellow and the overall design was reminiscent of Dinky or Corgi.

engine design

This early engine design has mostly fallen into disuse.

The engine is based upon a BMW motorcycle engine design.

building design

The building design was commissioned from Camillo Guerra.

The building design embodies the Art Deco and Moderne styles.

The new building design is based on a model approved by the state of Massachusetts.

aircraft design

It was Louis Bréguet's first fixed-wing aircraft design.

Taganrog is also home to the aircraft design bureau Beriev.

Williams had been experimenting with aircraft design from at least 1908.

first design

It was not the first design to feature a giant wing.

Herbert's first design for opera was for Sadler's Wells.

Miller produced the first design, a Golly golfer in 1928.

design was based

The design was based on the Teller–Ulam layout.

The stealthy hull design was based on BAE Systems’ aircraft technology.

The design was based on previous experience with the bathyscaphe "FNRS-2".

system design

He developed a number of power system design improvements.

In this way, system design links back to normative economics.

Sometimes both CPLDs and FPGAs are used in a single system design.

helped design

One supporter contributed at this level and helped design the Crystal.

In 1682, Arcangelo helped design the baroque facade Santa Maria in Portico a Chiaia.

He built the brick walls and paths in the garden of his house, a house he himself helped design.

landscape design

Land Use Consultants led the masterplan and landscape design.

Rather it deals with the essence of landscape design philosophy in its entirety.

Examples include low-impact stormwater management systems, and landscape design.

web design

Edge Reflow is an application designed to allow for development of responsive web design.

Previous trainings have included web design, invoicing, and social media networking strategies.

Forrester Research ranked it as a top-tier web design agency in its 2006 Web Design Agency Shootout.

lighting design

Kenneth Pogin: Production Manager and lighting design.

The lighting design was by Jean Rosenthal.

Scenic, costume, and lighting design were by Robert Edmond Jones.

design principles

The design principles are differentiation and adaptation.

Wu's design principles derive from traditional Chinese painting.

Depending on the frequency range specified different design principles must be used.

unique design

"Pip" has a unique design and animation compared to other episodes.

A unique design was built by Bega and Nervi at the Limena MSA in 1967.

Due to the unique design of the guns, the amount of ammunition was limited.

architecture and design

Wells' work in architecture and design began in 1953.

This manifested itself in the architecture and design of the building.

Athfield won over 60 national and international architecture and design awards.

engineering design

Ltd. (TFDC) was an Indo French engineering design company.

This results in a more reliable and robust engineering design.

A conference in 1984 was helpful in bringing geogrids to the engineering design community.

design concept

This then is a guide for the architect in creating the design concept.

The facility is based on a modular design concept to support diverse experiments.

The original design concept of the YB-40 never played out as intended in practice.

design bureau   (設計局)

Taganrog is also home to the aircraft design bureau Beriev.

S-225 was designed by A.A. Raspletin, who worked in special design bureau OKB-31, of KB-1 design bureau.

design based

The avatar includes the T-shirt design based on Daniel Johnston's "Frog" that Cobain had popularized.

Morton Ranch High School is a modified repeat design based on the award-winning Cinco Ranch High School plan.

They were a scaled down design based on the larger "El Cano" at 620 tons and 166 ft that had been built in Spain.

design and production

This simplified the design and production of the rifle.

Both design and production work were divided between the two partner companies.

The relationship between design and production is one of planning and executing.

design included

The original design included a large razo sky orange and silver, wood designs.

The Northrop design was larger while the Lockheed design included a small tail.

Brindley's design included an aqueduct carrying the canal over the River Irwell.

stage design

It paraded stunningly exquisite costumes, intricate stage design and pyrotechnics.

During this time, he worked as a stage design assistant for Prof. Bernhard Kleber.

Caplat was particularly interested in good stage design, hitherto a weakness at Glyndebourne.

s design

Caroline Townshend and Joan Howson were responsible for the window’s design and execution.

"Randolph"s design appears to have been inspired by British 36-gun frigates of the period.

It was built on Jappelli’s design: marble counter of elliptical shape ending with six leonine paws.

cover design

Music is provided by Adrian Leung, with cover design by Julia Dowe.

This graph served as the cover design for the 1999 textbook "Thermal Physics" by Ralph Baierlein.

Unlike other refurbished buses of this type, the interior retains blue grab rails and the original seat cover design.

simple design

The locomotives were of simple design.

0f simple design, the north facade has a projecting center bay.

It was a simple design with a platform on each side of the track.

exterior design

Special attention draw details of exterior design e.g.

The exterior design was very simple and family-oriented.

Ian Callum was responsible for the exterior design of the vehicle.

design philosophy

Rather it deals with the essence of landscape design philosophy in its entirety.

Hara has published books on design philosophy, most recently "Designing Design".

Consistent with Birkerts's design philosophy, no cars are visible from the street.

winning design

The winning design was the Orion spacecraft.

The winning design includes the slogan "Show Some Love".

The winning design is to be worn by Carolyn Murphy at a Red Carpet event.

design the new

In 1863 they got the contract to design the new Halifax County jail.

The firm of Von Garkan, Marg und Partner (GMP) was retained to design the new building.

Dutch Wheels, a world renowned company that manufactures ferris wheels, was selected to design the new wheel.

standard design

There was no standard design for the Red Ensign until the early 1920s.

It is a Southern Pacific standard design Two Story Combination Depot No.

Block G is a forerunner of the standard design for vocational buildings.

design is based

The interior design is based on two tracts.

The Indigo's design is based on a simple cube motif in indigo hue.

Her design is based on the Norwegian sailing lifeboat designs of Colin Archer.

design phase   (設計段階)

The project is in the design phase .

During the design phase, the car was indicated with the code "Type X6S".

During the design phase the project became known as the Winburndale Dam.

design speed

The machinery was rated at and gave a design speed of .

The machinery was rated at , giving a design speed of .

The design speed for the tracks is 160 km/h.

detailed design

In November 1934, Mitchell started detailed design work.

Work on the Mark II continued and the detailed design was completed in June 1947.

Bereznyak and Isaev began a new more detailed design, which they finished in three weeks.

competition to design   (設計競争)

In 1966, Amanat won a competition to design the building.

He also entered the 1827 competition to design Clifton Bridge in Bristol.

He won a 1901 student competition to design a Beaux Arts pedestrian gateway.

garden design

Edward La Trobe Bateman was involved in garden design work here in the 1880s.

Edward Milner founded the garden design and landscape architecture firm of Milner-White.

She also had considerable influence on the development of garden design in the royal estates.

design and implementation   (設計と実装)

Mostashari is credited with leading the design and implementation of stage I meaningful use.

It was also known in South Carolina as the "Edgefield Plan" due to Gary's leadership in its design and implementation.

EAP defines the blueprint for subsequent design and implementation and it places the planning/defining stages into a framework.

innovative design   (革新的なデザイン)

The station in Budapest was an innovative design.

The C1's most innovative design feature was its emphasis on safety.

It was simply perceived as too much money despite innovative design and glowing reviews.

design and manufacturing

Hydroline is specialized in design and manufacturing of hydraulic cylinders, R&D services and testing.

Development of design and manufacturing techniques to prevent 1000 V self-destructive arcing continued.

That was the beginning of the new AiResearch Industrial Division for turbocharger design and manufacturing".

ship design

She was of the VC2-S-AP5 Victory ship design type.

The octuple launcher for ASROC was stationed at the mid-deck, and the entire ship design was prescribed by this stationing.

common design

It is a common design feature on post-WWII warships, (e.g.

A wide variety of stands are available, and there is no one common design.

The stamps shared a common design, differing only in color and denomination.

design engineer

By 1957, he was working as a design engineer.

The same year he began work at the BBC as a design engineer.

Walter Mickle Smith was chief design engineer for the complex.

design called

French doors are derived from an original French design called the casement door.

The school design called for four distinct academic "wings" for focus on individual subjects.

The initial design called for a range of with a payload, but on 26 July this was increased to .

experimental design

These methods are followed in experimental design.

She was an experimental design and was scrapped in 1959.

Therefore, researchers should choose the experimental design over other design types whenever possible.

visual design

Gry Online thought the game's visual design was its draw card.

Tearaway won "Edge"s 2013 award for best visual design in a game.

White was the principal sales person and helped with visual design.

modular design   (モジュール設計)

The facility is based on a modular design concept to support diverse experiments.

The 350 was conceived as a modular design, and single cylinder versions were made.

Wikispeed Wikispeed is an automotive manufacturer that produces modular design cars.

structural design

The structural design was the responsibility of "TMJ Tomasz Ziętała".

The legal issues fall upon water right, air rights, and structural design.

He became an expert in structural design, writing the standard textbook of the time.

preliminary design

The preliminary design was approved by the Portland City Council on December 3, 2008.

By March 2018, "Hera" proposal was in Phase B1, where the preliminary design was being drawn up.

Each were allocated $3 million for preliminary design and engineering work of the Maverick in 1966.

software design

Catallaxy also becomes a new dimension in software design and network architecture.

It is a systematic approach to software design, involving the application of engineering practices to software.

The rise of the structured programming movement led to many other "structured" approaches applied to software design.

s design

Caroline Townshend and Joan Howson were responsible for the window’s design and execution.

It was built on Jappelli’s design: marble counter of elliptical shape ending with six leonine paws.

The car’s design is based on the Dacia B0 platform and is the result of Renault’s and AVTOVAZ’s specialists.

style design

It has some Colonial Revival style design elements.

It is a 2 1/2-story, Federal style brick double house with Greek Revival style design elements.

It is a "rare example" of Art Moderne style design in Orem and in Utah more widely, built in an agrarian and war-time economy.

furniture design   (家具デザイン)

Particle board has had a huge influence on furniture design.

I believe that furniture design will follow this curvy trend."

She is known for her designs of internal spaces and furniture design.

design featured

His design featured curvilinear numbers resembling musical notes.

Mahdavi's design featured pink.

For underwater steering, her design featured four pairs of diving planes.

design projects

As a result, he later headed several design projects in Serbia's capital city.

Engineers need proficient knowledge of relevant sciences for their design projects.

The company also develops interior design projects for high-end buildings and hotels.

design concepts

In total, they developed some 500 design concepts.

Most design concepts have inherent problems.

First, design concepts for new materials may be improved by learning from Nature.

body design

The body design was by the company's technicians and was styled by Bertone.

The suit's body design was a team effort by brothers Koei Yagi and Kanji Yagi.

During this transition, Carpenter revised the body design of all of its buses.

unusual design   (珍しいデザイン)

These were often small pianos of an unusual design.

The reticle of the SUSAT is of unusual design.

"Choctaw" and "Andaste" had an unusual design.