designed and built   (設計および構築)

It was designed and built in Germany in the 1970s.

Simms designed and built the Motor Scout in 1898.

The Currie Wot was designed and built at Lympne.

building was designed   (建物は設計されました)

The building was designed by Ödön Lechner in 1896.

The building was designed for multiple purposes.

The building was designed by the architect Robert A.

designed by architect   (建築家によって設計された)

It was possibly designed by architect Walter Ware.

It was designed by architect Joseph Bell DeRemer.

It was built in 1912 and designed by architect J.W.

originally designed

Eartha was originally designed to be in diameter.

The church was originally designed by Juan Arellano.

Internet email was originally designed for 7-bit ASCII.

specifically designed   (特別に設計された)

are specifically designed by the creators to be canonical.

This drug was specifically designed to treat brain tumors.

The team was specifically designed to be media superstars.

sets were designed

The film's sets were designed by Norman G. Arnold.

The sets were designed by Yuri Annenkov.

The film's sets were designed by the art director Anton Grot.

specially designed   (特別に設計された)

These are specially designed to bind with specific molecules.

The Van Hool trolleybuses were specially designed for the VMCV.

Obstacles are specially designed to simulate firefighting reality.

designed to provide   (提供するように設計)

They are designed to provide efficient execution of batch jobs.

LPV is designed to provide lateral and vertical accuracy 95 percent of the time.

Many exploits are designed to provide superuser-level access to a computer system.

designed specifically   (特に設計された)

The aircraft was designed specifically for touring in Africa.

buzzer is a special controller designed specifically for the "Buzz!"

The system has been designed specifically for Baltic Sea conditions.

not designed

The frames in the Langstroth patent were not designed to use foundation.

The majority of the covers for the band's singles were not designed by Seymour.

They were not designed to be ships of the line and exchange broadsides with the enemy.

designed to help   (助けるために設計された)

Bede wrote some works designed to help teach grammar in the abbey school.

The strategy was designed to help them compete with Google and ad networks.

There are rehabilitation programs designed to help borrowers get out of debt.

building designed

It is an International Style building designed by Edwin A. Keeble.

It is a three-story brick building designed in Classical Revival style

It is a Sullivanesque building designed by architects Purcell & Elmslie.

designed for use

"Suburito" are "bokken" designed for use in "suburi".

It was designed for use in web kiosks and digital signage.

The boat hull was designed for use in higher wave conditions.

designed and produced

The 3M8 missile was designed and produced by NPO Novator.

The car has been designed and produced by domestic experts.

Garrett designed and produced oil coolers for the Douglas DB-7.

designed to allow

The PopSockets grip is designed to allow easier handling of the phone.

This wing was designed to allow as much natural ambient light in as possible.

It is designed to allow the user to discover and understand the planet Earth.

designed so

The rules are designed so that rarer events require larger drinks.

Sin Wenz was designed so that every dialect had its own form of the alphabet.

The Deseret alphabet was purposely designed so as to not have ascenders and descenders.

designed to protect   (保護するように設計)

The church said that this baptism policy is designed to protect children.

The strap of the watch is also designed to protect the module during a fall.

The parish had a castle designed to protect Kolding Fjord close to the church.

designed and manufactured   (設計および製造)

The Fossmobile was designed and manufactured by George Foote Foss.

The Aludra was designed and manufactured by Malaysian local company CTRM.

In 1960s the plant designed and manufactured draglines with booms 90–100 m long.

designed many

Wilkins and the firm designed many coke plants.

In Australia, Wardell designed many public buildings.

John Vaughan was an architect who designed many homes.

designed by architects

It was designed by architects Purcell & Elmslie.

It was designed by architects Wyatt & Nolting.

It was designed by architects Buechner & Orth.

program designed

This is a program designed to assist Pharmacists in consulting patients.

Cognitive Artificial Intelligence is a cloud based AI program designed for offline education use.

Open Data Buffalo is an official City program designed to foster transparency, innovation, accountability, and efficiency.

designed and constructed

Both types were designed and constructed in Germany.

In 1951 he designed and constructed one of the first buses.

She was built at Brest Dockyard, designed and constructed by Laurent Hubac.

designed to accommodate   (収容するように設計)

It is designed to accommodate 300 to 400 persons.

At , the library is designed to accommodate 20,000 volumes.

Conard was originally designed to accommodate 1100 students.

house was designed

The house was designed by Mrs. Charles C. Vineyard.

The house was designed by Henry Beston in 1925.

The house was designed in the I-house style.

designed around   (周りに設計された)

The boat was actually designed around the cockpit jib winches.

The recreational program is designed around tier level and staff input.

The A2 was extremely aerodynamic and was designed around a wind tunnel.

designed to make   (作るように設計された)

ending designed to make drive-in audiences uncomfortable.

The system is designed to make use of amplitude comparison for height finding.

It is a slightly revised version of Pitman shorthand designed to make it more systematic.

designed to carry

is a road vehicle designed to carry many passengers.

The lifeboat was only designed to carry 38 passengers.

It was designed to carry motor traffic and pedestrians.

designed to promote   (促進するように設計)

These rules are designed to promote more offense.

The OCT was designed to promote competitive curling from a grass root level.

The ad was designed to promote the engineering attributes of the flagship Lexus sedan.

system designed

The company promotes a portable biometric system designed for front line workers.

Photo CD is a system designed by Kodak for digitizing and storing photos on a CD.

ESA also provides the DMS-R data management system designed for the Russian segment of the ISS.

designed several

in architecture, and designed several residences.

He also designed several of the buildings at West Point.

He designed several London churches.

designed to meet

It is designed to meet the needs of lawyers working in the private sector.

Each outreach programme is agreed with the individual and designed to meet their needs.

Technical assistance programmes are designed to meet the needs of the recipient country.

aircraft designed

A variant of the CH-53E, this model was the first aircraft designed specifically for AMCM.

Wacyk-Tyrala WT-1 The WT-1 was a 1931 high performance sports aircraft designed in Poland.

Gabriel Śląsk The Gabriel Śląsk (Silesia) was a Polish light aircraft designed and built by an amateur in the mid-1930s.

designed to support   (サポートするように設計されています)

FileMan was designed to support the complex information storage and processing needs of hospitals.

Common Lisp has been designed to support incremental compilers, file compilers and block compilers.

Accounting information systems are designed to support accounting functions and related activities.

designed to give

The glass cockpit was designed to give the pilot good situational awareness.

The electoral system is designed to give the winner of the election a majority.

These were designed to give working men in the cities a more rural domestic life.

designed to prevent   (防ぐように設計)

Dry suits are designed to prevent water from entering.

Article 102 under competition law is designed to prevent market abuse.

Disk encryption and Trusted Platform Module are designed to prevent these attacks.

church was designed

This new church was designed by Sir Robert Lorimer.

A new sacristy for the church was designed in 1840.

The new church was designed by Peng Yongming ().

designed to produce   (生産するように設計)

These are designed to produce a controlled bond with masonry blocks.

The TMP plant is designed to produce up to 550 tons of pulp per day.

The turbines were designed to produce , which would propel the ship at .

newly designed

The newly designed Cascades Park opened in 2014.

Fires a newly designed .67 bullet built just for it.

Jenkins agreed, using a newly designed armor to operate as the Beetle once more.

designed to reduce   (削減するように設計)

The superstructure was designed to reduce radar reflection.

They are designed to reduce or diminish the effects of aging.

Active noise control is a technique designed to reduce unwanted sound.

designed to operate

furnaces designed to operate without bellows at all).

They were designed to operate on 110 volts direct current.

The URI Mining Vehicle is designed to operate in underground mines.

designed to improve   (改善するように設計)

The forum also designed to improve the sharing of data between agencies.

It was designed to improve on the F-4 Phantom's air combat performance in most respects.

Type 373 radar is designed to improve the capability against rounds with flat trajectory.

designed to look

They are designed to look like a sail on a boat.

Western Paradise was designed to look like a town of the Old West.

The sets were designed to look like the couple's real-life residence.

buildings designed

Among the most important are two buildings designed by Marcello Piacentini.

The city is the site of three buildings designed by the architect Jørn Utzon.

One of the most striking buildings designed by Hendrick de Keyer is the Westerkerk.

designed the building

Rupp and Farrell designed the building the following year.

Edward Shire designed the building using limestone and brick.

Camille Finefrock designed the building's gardens and interiors.

designed and developed

She has designed and developed programmes on Folklore and Culture studies for IGNOU.

It was designed and developed by state-owned FGUP "Bazalt" weapons manufacturing company.

She shared a patent for a data visualization tool designed and developed at the MathWorks.

designed primarily

They were designed primarily for ant-submarine warfare.

The Aquarium of Boise is designed primarily around interactive touch tanks.

Current wireless ad-hoc networks are designed primarily for military utility.

designed to work   (動作するように設計)

Most wireless LAN equipment is designed to work within predefined standards.

The Location API is designed to work with many different positioning methods.

Current face recognition systems are designed to work on relatively small still facial images.

initially designed

The ASW-600 was initially designed in the 1980s.

It was this task for which Colossus was initially designed.

It was initially designed by engineer Joseph Strauss in 1917.

designed a new

They then designed a new model in China, announced in 2009 as the MG6.

He also designed a new CGI character for the 2016 "" live-action film.

Apple designed a new circuit board with more layers and normal-width traces.

designed to encourage   (奨励するように設計)

Its multiple-entry plazas and sunken gardens were designed to encourage socialising.

The app is designed to encourage communication and awareness in patients and medical staff.

Overall, the system is designed to encourage role-playing over strict adherence to a set of rules.

designed a number   (数を設計しました)

He designed a number of Indianapolis schools.

Wright designed a number of pieces of furniture for the house.

He designed a number of pieces, some of which remain in the family.

designed to serve

XAP was designed to serve as the system of record for the data that it maintains.

The businesses in the area were largely designed to serve the needs of customers during the horse and buggy era.

It was designed to serve as a handheld computer device that translates English into one of 40 different languages.

designed the first

In 1938 she designed the first production of W.B.

In 1941, he designed the first drive-in theatre.

He designed the first set of Portuguese written laws.

system was designed

Like the Wuppertal railway, this system was designed by Eugen Langen.

This truck-mounted system was designed as a small version of a CH station.

The old SAGE system was designed for both peacetime and wartime functions.

designed to resemble   (似ているように設計された)

The pulpit area was designed to resemble a cave.

The Dendy Junior was designed to resemble the Famicom.

It is designed to resemble a traditional Arabian town.

primarily designed

A fighter aircraft is primarily designed for air-to-air combat.

Post-Civil War, the buildings were primarily designed in the Victorian style.

The car was primarily designed for rallying, but was also sold in a street version.

designed by local

The ACT Memorial was designed by local Canberra artist Matthew Harding.

The new building was designed by local Burlington architect Vernon Lewis.

The war memorial was designed by local architect, Percy Stone (1856–1934).

designed to increase

The increase in effective distance is designed to increase difficulty.

The NSF BIO RET program is designed to increase the knowledge of K-12 science educators.

All of these elements were designed to increase interaction between classrooms and promote learning.

designed to run

ASTAP was designed to run on IBM Mainframe computers.

The IO-346 was designed to run on 91-98 avgas.

The Indigo was designed to run IRIX, SGI's version of Unix.

designed to hold

It was overcrowded; designed to hold 6,500 items, it held 31,200.

It was designed to hold 0.1 kilograms of liquid biological agent.

This cluster bomb was designed to hold three stacks of 19 M138 bomblets.

buildings were designed

His Stamford buildings were designed for F.D.

That's why the buildings were designed to be impenetrable."

Both buildings were designed by the architecture office "Deadline".

programs designed

There are rehabilitation programs designed to help borrowers get out of debt.

In 1953 the Compton development Center was established with programs designed for teens.

Later, as Ramsey County Attorney, Gaertner established programs designed to curb domestic violence.

designed to use

The CANDU was therefore designed to use natural uranium.

Arlo cameras are designed to use low power during normal "scan" mode.

The frames in the Langstroth patent were not designed to use foundation.

station was designed   (駅が設計されました)

The power station was designed to burn slack coal.

The station was designed by Frederik Willem Conrad.

The comfort station was designed in 1936 by W.G.

game designed

"Świrus" is the first polish adventure game designed for Windows.

"Follow The Leader" is an eidetic music game designed to test the player's memory.

"0verkill" is a 2D platform multiplayer shooter game designed entirely in color ASCII art.

designed to take

The PDV is designed to take out the target missile at altitudes above .

IDEAAS was designed to take the basic STA framework and apply it as a nonprofit model in lower income areas.

The tank destroyer on the other hand is specifically designed to take on enemy tanks and other armoured fighting vehicles.

car designed

On March 27, 2005, CQ Motors began selling an electric car designed by Toriyama.

Noble M10 The Noble M10 was the first car designed and produced by Noble Automotive.

Mazda Chantez EV The Mazda Chantez EV was a concept car designed by Mazda as part of the A.I.S.T.

designed to replace

The R5 class was designed to replace Super 2000 cars, and its regulations were introduced in 2013.

The articulated units were designed to replace the earlier unsuccessful 1927 Stock, which were prone to derailments.

Some block heaters are designed to replace one of the engine's core plugs and therefore heat the engine via the coolant.

designed to create

It was designed to create an intimate community that mirrored a "reserve reality."

When opened, the panels are designed to create the illusion of a bird's wings extended.

The interior was designed to create the outdoor nighttime atmosphere of a Mexican village.

designed to ensure   (確保するために設計された)

This monopoly is designed to ensure coordinated and coherent drafting of EU law.

The new Marquette Interchange was designed to ensure the safe and efficient flow of traffic.

The compact machine base is designed to ensure that it can be moved easily using lifting equipment.

designed to bring   (持参するように設計)

It was designed to bring attention to the Affordable Care Act.

CFWheels was designed to bring many concepts from Ruby on Rails to ColdFusion, Railo and Lucee.

program is designed

When a program is designed, it relies upon the API.

The recreational program is designed around tier level and staff input.

The Young Stars program is designed for fathers and their sons aged 6–10 years.

designed to comply   (準拠するように設計)

The car was designed to comply with 2005 FIA F1 Safety Regulations.

The LS1 was designed to comply with the US light-sport aircraft rules.

The Nordic II was designed to comply with the Canadian ultralight rules.

designed to fit

The games were designed to fit the NCTM standards at their time of development.

It is designed to fit natural hand position and movements, to reduce discomfort.

The cable plug is always male and is designed to fit over a standard 8P8C modular connector.

bridge was designed

The bridge was designed by French engineer Ferdinand Arnodin.

The bridge was designed by Robert Stephenson and built in 1850–1.

The bridge was designed by HNTB.

well designed   (うまく設計された)

The project was well designed, inexpensive, and simple by today's standards.

Their hands are particularly well designed for giving "flipping the bird" (a.k.a.

Older variable-width encodings are typically not as well designed, since the ranges may overlap.

designed by noted

Both were designed by noted architect James Gandon.

It was designed by noted armory architect Joseph F. Kuntz.

The wing was designed by noted post-modern architect Michael Graves.

designed to withstand   (耐えるように設計されています)

"Industrial PRTs" are designed to withstand industrial environments.

The cathedral is designed to withstand earthquakes of 8.5 on the Richter scale.

The steel walls were 12.7 cm thick and designed to withstand pressure of up to .

designed to keep   (保つように設計)

This was designed to keep rainwater out of the battery compartment.

The scheduling for the INL was designed to keep the travel costs at a minimum.

Aluminium leg shields were designed to keep the rain off, and footboards gave it a scooter feel.

designed to test   (テストするように設計)

The tasks are designed to test their teamwork abilities and community spirit.

"Follow The Leader" is an eidetic music game designed to test the player's memory.

In addition, the ship was designed to test the use of automation to reduce crew size.

designed to handle   (処理するように設計されています)

The dams are designed to handle a maximum flow of .

Its terminal is designed to handle more than 430,000 passengers per year.

Control units can be designed to handle interrupts in one of two typical ways.

designed to facilitate   (促進するように設計)

PEARUSA's structure is designed to facilitate church planting.

Each residence hall is designed to facilitate the Freshman Experience in a slightly different way.

Bra–ket notation was designed to facilitate the formal manipulation of linear-algebraic expressions.

structure was designed

The structure was designed by Bartolomeo Vecchione.

The Gothic Revival style structure was designed by Ludvig Lnudsen.

The structure was designed to have 26 cells and a sheriff's residence.

designed using

The sensors are designed using quantum physics.

The levels were designed using the Gleed2D application.

The gas generator was designed using experience from the D-36 turbofan.

aircraft was designed

The aircraft was designed for aero-towing gliders.

The aircraft was designed specifically for touring in Africa.

The aircraft was designed with maximum aerodynamic efficiency in mind.

designed to house

and came in a box designed to house both previous EPs.

The community was designed to house and support the workers.

Birdcage A birdcage (or bird cage) is a cage designed to house birds as pets.

all designed

It was all designed (very successfully) to get major heat from the crowd.

The wheels, body kit, and interior were all designed by this German group.

These were all designed with export in mind, so all writing on them is in Latin script.

designed to assist   (支援するように設計)

Committees are designed to assist the Senate as a whole.

This is a program designed to assist Pharmacists in consulting patients.

This program is designed to assist seniors with hearing loss to adapt and stay connected.

system is designed

The system is designed to be operated by six Marines.

The system is designed to enable businesses to analyze big data.

The rail system is designed to combine both commuter and high-speed lines.

ships were designed

The ships were designed as coastal mine hunters.

The ships were designed in 1915 and based on the "Audace"-class destroyer.

Both ships were designed to sail on the Italy-South America route, run with three classes.

house designed

A bell tower and chapter house designed by Hunt were never completed.

It is a Queen Anne style house designed by architect Montezuma Fuller.

It is an American foursquare house designed by German-born architect Henry Wildhagen.

often designed   (しばしば設計された)

It is often designed to have a "pioneer" look.

The FC units are often designed as drop-in replacements.

In the 9th-10th centuries they were often designed with bell towers.

designed to address   (対処するように設計)

RevoScaleR was designed to address these limitations.

The math curriculum is designed to address the specific needs of the student.

IPv6, the successor technology to IPv4, was designed to address this problem.

carefully designed

After the contract, her music products were carefully designed and invested.

Laws and ethical considerations preclude some carefully designed experiments with human subjects.

The carefully designed facilities offer open and welcoming surroundings that foster intimate, collaborative education.

designed to measure   (測定するように設計)

The Global Gender Gap Index is an index designed to measure gender equality.

All nautical instruments designed to measure the speed of a ship through water are known as logs.

It was designed to measure the level of the Nile, which was important for agricultural and administrative purposes.

game was designed

The game was designed in the Adventure Maker program.

The game was designed by William David Volk.

The game was designed by Meg Stivison.

architect who designed   (設計した建築家)

John Vaughan was an architect who designed many homes.

Enric Miralles, the Spanish architect who designed the building, died before its completion.

It was designed by Pytheos of Priene, the same architect who designed the Mausoleum at Halicarnassus.

structure designed

Safar is a flexible, innovative structure designed by Janak Mistry.

It has a structure designed by Birch Burdette Long, who was a Frank Lloyd Wright protege.

The EAU-RF has created a governance structure designed to achieve its targets most efficiently.

designed to appeal   (アピールするように設計された)

This was also designed to appeal to very young children.

The proposal was designed to appeal to both domestic and foreign opinion.

Melodrama is typically sensational and designed to appeal strongly to the emotions.

designed to teach

It was designed to teach scientific concepts to children.

The game was designed to teach children early reading and decision-making skills.

Some fugues during the Baroque period were pieces designed to teach contrapuntal technique to students.