expressed a desire   (欲望を表明した)

Gavurin and Wheeler expressed a desire to settle down.

She has publicly expressed a desire to become an astronaut.

He had expressed a desire to win a championship with the Wizards.

sexual desire   (性欲)

There is also an association with lowered sexual desire.

() The Zohar explains that the thigh is the root location of sexual desire.

To become a good commander, eliminate five desires, especially the sexual desire.

no desire   (欲求なし)

She was down to 85 pounds and had no desire for food.

I wish to save life, and have no desire to destroy life.

Celia had no desire to live on a farm the rest of her life.

expressed his desire   (彼の欲望を表明した)

In September 2010, Vandam has expressed his desire to play for Ghana.

During one such meeting, Phalke expressed his desire to write a play.

The poem expressed his desire for radical change without overt sedition.

desire to become   (なりたいという願望)

He has a strong desire to become Tycoon Shō's successor.

She has publicly expressed a desire to become an astronaut.

Burgess grew up in Harlem, and his mother disapproved of his desire to become a musician.

strong desire

He has a strong desire to become Tycoon Shō's successor.

She expressed a strong desire to give back to the sport and entering into coaching alongside Sutton.

The Griffon Bruxellois is known to have a huge heart, and a strong desire to snuggle and be with its master.

desire to make   (作りたい)

She commented, "a desire to make a difference was kindled."

"“I rap for the desire to make something powerful and creative.”

Kastner met with Goldman and expressed a desire to make a tough movie, one "with balls".

desire to see

"You have manifested the desire to see before you my head on a plate.

During the interview Williams expressed the desire to see the hare again.

While there, he expressed a desire to see an American prairie before returning east.

desire to return   (帰りたい)

With The Weeknd in the song expressing a desire to return to the former.

In November 2010, Rösler expressed his desire to return to the Premier League as a manager.

He expressed his desire to return to his country, after having some personal problems in Spain.

desire to create

W. Awdry's desire to create a credible and consistent world for his stories.

Science fiction criticism has come a long way from its defensive desire to create a canon.

Wujcik also expressed a desire to create a book giving greater detail to the Courts of Chaos.

desire to play   (遊びたい)

In September 2010, Vandam has expressed his desire to play for Ghana.

In 2004 Amoruso expressed a desire to play for Scotland, through residency.

In the same interview he expressed a desire to play more comedy, as he had in the "Mother Riley" farce.

desire to leave   (去りたい)

After their tour in 2010, band member Dallas Green expressed his desire to leave the band.

Not long after the departure of manager Mark Hughes to Manchester City, Bentley reiterated his desire to leave.

In August 2010, Walters expressed to Roy Keane his desire to leave Portman Road after Stoke City made an offer for him.

desire to help

Ramesh (P. Jairaj) is a straightforward young man with a desire to help mankind.

She was inspired by her desire to help her son Salim and other children with disability.

Epitaph have continually voiced their desire to help us become the band that "we" have always wanted to be."

desire to keep   (保ちたい)

Baxter's expressed desire to keep the park "forever wild."

This was largely due to a desire to keep all opcodes one byte long.

There was therefore a conscious desire to keep the "kami" away from Buddhism.

desire to work   (働きたい)

The reason why he chose Oslo was a desire to work with figurative sculptures.

Evans often says that this job led to his desire to work in the developing world.

He expressed his desire to work with John Perzel, saying that "John Perzel is a city fellow and fights like an alley cat.

desire to avoid   (避けたい)

However, "Danse Macabre" has a casual, non-linear writing style and expresses a desire to avoid "academic bullshit".

The use of CE in Jewish scholarship was historically motivated by the desire to avoid the implicit "Our Lord" in the abbreviation "AD".

Wavering Cabinet ministers were also likely motivated by the desire to avoid senselessly splitting their party and sacrificing their jobs.

desire for revenge   (復ven心)

Yet her life is still full of hatred and the desire for revenge.

He reunites with Hopkins and informs him of Marshall's desire for revenge.

But his father dies, and Jason turns his desire for revenge against Sunlocks, his father's son of another wife.

not desire

While Bardelys does not desire marriage, he feels he has to accept the challenge.

He ceased throwing exercises and commented that he does not desire further surgery.

His father wanted him to become a soldier but Murias did not desire that career path for himself.

desire to continue

On 12 July 2009 on "" on the TEAM 1040 radio in Canada he indicated his desire to continue with the Canadian national team.

As recently as 2016, Bharat Bala and producer Phillip Lee have expressed their desire to continue the film with a different cast.

The result being a young team with strong aspirations claiming a 2011 league victory with a desire to continue improving through 2012.

desire to move   (引っ越したい)

As part of its desire to move out of mass circulation publications, Curtis sold the magazine in 1968 to Downe Communications.

Franklin left to take up the same position at Middle Tennessee State, citing a desire to move closer to his family in Kentucky.

Gilberto expressed a desire to move to England, saying, "It would be fantastic to play against the likes of David Beckham again."