İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

despite the fact   (gerçeğe rağmen)

despite the fact that the club had been relegated.

This was despite the fact that Senjuji dominated the region.

Homer even makes plans to marry Wally, despite the fact that she has fallen for Steve.

despite having   (sahip olmasına rağmen)

The victims were often still conscious, despite having been drugged.

They thus retained the same broadside, despite having two fewer guns.

Texas and Purdue were teams invited despite having records under .500.

despite not   (olmamasına rağmen)

It is called Therme despite not having a Roman Bath.

Furious, Pat calls Doc out, despite not having a chance.

She passed the bar despite not possessing a university degree.

despite losing   (kaybetmesine rağmen)

He was also an artist, despite losing an eye in childhood.

He won the game's MVP award, despite losing the game 28–23.

Gavin's contract was honored despite losing the role to Connery.

despite all   (her şeye rağmen)

Iosepa continued to grow despite all these challenges.

But despite all, Sambuca progressed.

Cory cautioned, however, that despite all this, a woman remains a person with rights.

despite only   (sadece rağmen)

The beach was dedicated in July 1936 despite only being partially complete.

Conlan won despite only returning to training two weeks prior following an injury.

Godlewski won a three-way primary despite only receiving 43% of the vote on August 14, 2018.

despite winning   (kazanmasına rağmen)

Halifax reached the QMJHL playoffs despite winning just 20 games.

In the 2018 World Championship Ratajski lost 1–3 to James Wilson despite winning the first set.

Following the season, George Karl was fired as Nuggets head coach despite winning Coach of the Year.

despite playing   (oynamaya rağmen)

Beltré's decision not to wear a cup despite playing third base has been well-documented.

Unusually, both Baggio and Maradona wore the number 10 shirt, despite playing on the same team.

Perreault was named to the All Tournament Team, despite playing in only four of Canada's seven games.

despite missing   (eksik olmasına rağmen)

In 1990, despite missing time with injuries, Hamilton played in 89 games and hit .295.

This gave the Hogs a 10-3 lead at the break, despite missing on every third down conversion.

He finished the season 30th in series points despite missing the first half of the season with an injury.

despite not having   (olmamasına rağmen)

It is called Therme despite not having a Roman Bath.

Furious, Pat calls Doc out, despite not having a chance.

The diocese was judged to be in good shape despite not having a bishop for fifteen years.

despite the lack   (eksikliğe rağmen)

In 1949, night flying was added to the curriculum, despite the lack of radar equipment.

Australian Quakers are prepared to celebrate same-sex marriages despite the lack of legal recognition.

Anthony Birley notes, despite the lack of records on Terentianus' origins, "study of the distribution of QQ.

despite several   (birkaçına rağmen)

Algeria has not joined the WTO, despite several years of negotiations.

He retained power despite several military coups with strong palace support.

The fungus has not been successfully grown in vitro despite several attempts.

despite opposition   (muhalefete rağmen)

The Woolfs nevertheless took up publishing her books, despite opposition from John Lehmann.

When an ordinary free man accepted Islam, despite opposition, he would enjoy the protection of his tribe.

Kibaki was declared the winner and sworn in on 30 December, despite opposition leader Raila Odinga's claims of victory.

despite many   (birçoğuna rağmen)

He remains loyal to Kamishiro despite many of his rude actions.

The wire was forced, despite many casualties and Guillemont entered.

Only one of the smaller post-war parties, the FDP survived despite many problems.

despite   (- rağmen)

On 20 September – despite an early exit at the US Open, Andy Roddick of the United States was the sixth qualifier.

With the success of the "Confessions" books, Wood quit his job at Masius – despite his father's stringent objections – to write full-time.

New City released a music video for the track, with the band channeling party atmosphere of the desert festival – despite never having been.

despite the presence   (varlığına rağmen)

One day, his door is left open despite the presence of the tenants.

The station is unstaffed and, despite the presence of CCTV, it suffered from crime.

He managed to keep his territory intact, despite the presence of the land-hungry Dukes of Brunswick.

despite heavy   (ağır olmasına rağmen)

The British line stood firm, despite heavy casualties from gas and shellfire.

At the Battle of Mobile Bay on August 5, 1864, he was "[c]ool and courageous" despite heavy fire.

The German advance was held in front of Bucquoy, despite heavy shellfire and the weariness of the troops.

despite never   (asla rağmen)

Michigan won the game, 9-3, despite never getting a first down.

He began saving for a ZX Spectrum despite never having used one before.

In an interview with Newsmax TV, Mamet said he wanted to write about war, despite never having served.

despite receiving   (almasına rağmen)

The film grossed $44 million worldwide despite receiving predominantly negative reviews from critics.

On board the dhow was a Yemeni male who, despite receiving emergency treatment, died from his injuries.

He stated that despite receiving offers from Olympiacos, Panathinaikos and AEK Athens he wanted to return to his "home".

despite suffering   (acı çekmesine rağmen)

Rodgers did this despite suffering a calf injury early in the game.

He remained mentally agile despite suffering from several strokes from 1975 onwards.

Perl remained active in Jewish affairs until his death, despite suffering from Parkinson's disease.

despite having no   (hayır olmasına rağmen)

He moved to the United States to pursue acting despite having no experience.

The intense coloration makes the fruit attractive to some birds despite having no nutritional value.

That ruler's nation logically becomes an "empire", despite having no additional territory or hegemony.

despite finishing   (bitirmeye rağmen)

Ukraine was not relegated, despite finishing 8th out of 8 teams.

In the finals, despite finishing in 1:39.74, she finished in second place to take the silver.

Sakho finished as West Ham's top scorer in the 2014–15 season despite finishing the end of the season out injured.

despite strong   (güçlü olmasına rağmen)

The Rosia Water Tanks were demolished in August 2006 despite strong opposition.

Armenia's unemployment rate, however, remains high, despite strong economic growth.

The Allies pushed ashore and expanded their beachhead despite strong German resistance.

season despite   (mevsim rağmen)

Matthews claimed he had his best overall season despite the low numbers.

Wildfires plague the forested areas of Guam every dry season despite the island's humid climate.

UAlbany continued its run during the 2008 season despite playing an un-orthodox schedule to start the season.

despite efforts   (çabalara rağmen)

The house was demolished in April 1969 despite efforts to save it.

While in hospital, Ollie still remains silent despite efforts from the doctors and police.

The musical was premiered to an integrated audience at the University of Witwatersrand despite efforts of the government to prevent its opening.

despite knowing   (bilmesine rağmen)

Del finally pushes Henry over the edge by telling a skiing joke (despite knowing that's how Victoria's mother died).

She also acquired some alabaster heads looted from the palazzo Bentivoglio in Bologna, despite knowing their provenance.

Andrew, desperate not to miss the concert, asks Chris to take her in the car, despite knowing that there is not a spare seatbelt.

despite the efforts   (çabalara rağmen)

The main section of the wreckage has never been found despite the efforts of Navy and Coast Guard divers.

They struggle to survive and to maintain their relationship despite the efforts of others to eliminate them..

Some sources say that MacDonald occupied the castle for three years despite the efforts of Clan Grant to dislodge them.

despite what   (neye rağmen)

"New York" magazine wrote that "despite what the sign reads, countless restaurants trump this spot."

Since then, he has become a strong individual, helping Harry whenever asked despite what the Courts dictate.

In late 2008, friends began to suspect that Brantley's marriage was struggling despite what she had claimed.

despite its name   (ismine rağmen)

Today, despite its name, trading for Osaka Stock Exchange takes place in Tokyo.

ANA, despite its name, was considered a very distinct language, and mutually unintelligible, from "Arabic".

"Gazpacho manchego", despite its name, is a meat stew, served hot, not a variation on the cold vegetable soup.

despite attempts   (girişimlere rağmen)

Rather predictably, but despite attempts to the contrary, the issue of Zimbabwe dominated.

The first attempt only obtained calves, who died despite attempts to feed them with goat milk.

Engel noted that despite attempts to the contrary, the award maintains cricket's bias towards batsmen.

despite numerous   (çok sayıda olmasına rağmen)

Unfortunately the current society has been unable to reach out to these members, despite numerous attempts.

It was expected that Elizabeth would marry and produce an heir; however, despite numerous courtships, she never did.

This is shown during his escape from Moscow, when he repeatedly outwits and outfights the soldiers pursuing him, despite numerous injuries.

despite repeated   (tekrarlanmasına rağmen)

She added that, despite repeated invitations over the months, Brown had refused to appear on her TV program.

I was promised action – but despite repeated subsequent requests for news on progress – I was just stonewalled."

Some people with SCSFLS chronically leak cerebrospinal fluid despite repeated patching attempts, leading to long-term disability due to pain.

despite no   (hayır olmasına rağmen)

While she was inside, her lantern blew out despite no breeze inside the cave.

Dilan and Milea get closer and closer, despite no love declaration has been made.

Radeon branded DDR4 SDRAM memory was released in 2015, despite no AMD CPUs or APUs supporting DDR4 at the time.

despite protests   (protestolara rağmen)

The bears were released despite protests from French farmers.

Burns then gives the case to Cross, who goes to the scene, despite protests from Nana and Jamilla.

The AFC and FIFA decided not to reschedule the match despite protests from the PFA, and Singapore was awarded a 3–0 win in a walkover match.

despite making   (yapmasına rağmen)

Bury denied any connection, despite making a full confession to his wife's murder.

However, it never succeeded in this goal, despite making progress on several ecumenical fronts.

He was released from his contract in May 2007, despite making 37 appearances in the 2006–07 season.

despite taking   (almasına rağmen)

Sickness, despite taking quinine daily, claimed the European engineers.

He lost to the incumbent, Wilson Hungerford, despite taking more than 40% of the vote.

UKIP did not field any candidates, despite taking 11% of the vote at the previous election.

despite the opposition   (muhalefete rağmen)

He entered despite the opposition of his father and after several vain attempts he relented.

Even though she shunned her suitors and studied earnestly, she accepted Angelito despite the opposition of the family.

He then decided to take early retirement, receiving a pension from the union despite the opposition of its new leadership.

despite still   (yine de)

but is less toxic in comparison, despite still being a toxic drug.

Leeroy and Natalee did not feature in this episode despite still being cast members.

On 16 November 1914, Werner Voss became one of those recruits despite still being only 17 years old.

despite leading   (lider olmasına rağmen)

He faced former World Champion Ted Hankey in the first round and lost 3–2 despite leading 2–1.

They lost to the Lakeshore Catholic Gators of Port Colborne by a score of 29-28, despite leading 21-8 at halftime.

The next week, Stony Brook faced an FBS opponent in Syracuse, but lost 28–17 despite leading for most of the first half.

despite both   (ikisine rağmen)

Ultimately, the principal declares them both co-presidents, despite both their arguments.

The traditionalists lost one seat despite both UPP and UPD increased their number of votes.

The original Sparrow I and aborted Sparrow II became the AIM-7A and AIM-7B, despite both being out of service.

despite a lack   (eksikliğe rağmen)

They are accepted due to their unorthodox interview answers, despite a lack of relevant experience.

On 15 July 1919, the company flew a proving flight across the English Channel, despite a lack of support from the British government.

Marlowe's daughter (Elaine May) takes a romantic interest in David, who perseveres despite a lack of acting talent and the hostility of Marlowe.

despite the loss   (kaybına rağmen)

She is credited with mounting a strong campaign despite the loss.

Jutland proved to be decisive in Beatty's career, despite the loss of two of his battlecruisers.

The Apollo 15 mission splashed down safely on August7 despite the loss of one of its three parachutes.

despite initial   (başlangıca rağmen)

Conflict soon ensued, however, and despite initial setbacks, Alfonso prevailed over Raymond.

The program switched to malathion, but despite initial successes, malaria continued its resurgence into the 1980s.

It soon turned out that Gertson was not a real person despite initial claims by FanSided former Editor-in-Chief Jim Cavan.

noted that despite   (rağmen kaydetti)

Copsey noted that despite Griffin's reforms, a "culture of anti-Semitism" still pervaded the BNP.

Engel noted that despite attempts to the contrary, the award maintains cricket's bias towards batsmen.

Many reviewers noted that despite being highly similar to "Aria of Sorrow", it managed to define itself as a standalone title.

despite scoring   (puanlamaya rağmen)

He played full match despite scoring 0 goals.

He was never a regular at Elland Road, despite scoring 30 times in 89 league games.

He needed only five minutes on the pitch to find the net but despite scoring on his debut he was unable to prevent United's loss to their bitter rivals.

despite his lack   (eksikliğine rağmen)

After the match, Tiendalli stated his intent to stay at Swansea despite his lack of first-team opportunities.

He is followed by Mississippi who also wishes to help, despite his lack of experience and terrible aim with a gun.

In 1951, despite his lack of formal education, he was accepted as a student by the University of Chicago on the basis of his poems.