Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

destroyed by fire   (destruido por el fuego)

The main buildings were destroyed by fire in 1936.

The house was destroyed by fire On August 24, 1989.

It was later partially destroyed by fire in 1081.

destroyed during

It was destroyed during the French Wars of Religion.

This had been destroyed during the French Revolution.

The chapel was destroyed during the Second World War.

completely destroyed   (completamente destruído)

Thus, this workshop is almost completely destroyed.

The city of Tabriz was almost completely destroyed.

Numerous rural buildings were completely destroyed.

fire destroyed   (fuego destruido)

Shortly after, a fire destroyed part of the house.

An 1830 fire destroyed the original wood paneling.

On April 29, 1961, fire destroyed the main lodge.

damaged or destroyed

About 32,900 buildings were damaged or destroyed.

A total of 150 boxes were damaged or destroyed.

The floods damaged or destroyed 532 houses.

destroyed much

Kristallnacht destroyed much of the Jewish life in Leipzig.

A rock slide in 1873 destroyed much of the cultivated land.

The war destroyed much of the wealth that had existed in the South.

destroyed when   (destruido cuando)

It was destroyed when the city was bombed on 19 March 1945.

That tower was destroyed when a plane crashed through it in 1971.

This race of Daleks is destroyed when their power supply is wrecked.

destroyed most   (destruido más)

In 1755 an earthquake destroyed most of the town.

A fire in 1916 destroyed most of the buildings.

However, a flood destroyed most of what remained in 1898.

largely destroyed

In 1945, the Ulm plant was largely destroyed by bombs.

Within a week, the Soviet 12th army was largely destroyed.

It was largely destroyed in the French bombardment of 1907.

building was destroyed

The original building was destroyed and rebuilt.

This original building was destroyed by fire in 1867.

This building was destroyed by an earthquake in 1245.

partially destroyed   (parcialmente destruido)

Most of the remains had been partially destroyed.

It was later partially destroyed by fire in 1081.

It was partially destroyed by an earthquake in AD 614.

destroyed many

This has destroyed many villages in its path.

Earthquakes in 1917–1918 destroyed many historic structures.

A large fire in 1552 destroyed many of the town's old buildings.

destroyed all

At the time he destroyed all of his previous works.

The spill destroyed all aquatic life for .

Saudi forces claimed to have destroyed all seven missiles.

homes were destroyed

Almost thirty homes were destroyed in the area.

Additionally, 6,700 homes were destroyed.

Nine homes were destroyed and several landslides were reported.

totally destroyed   (totalmente destruido)

World War II the spa was almost totally destroyed.

Three of the eight rooms were totally destroyed.

By 1918 the village had been almost totally destroyed.

buildings were destroyed

The main buildings were destroyed by fire in 1936.

Many buildings were destroyed, including the Mosque.

3,500+ buildings were destroyed including 2,029 houses.

later destroyed

(Tchaikovsky later destroyed the score of "Fatum".

Jordan and JBL later destroyed Cena's "Spinner" belt.

Slavic tribes later destroyed this monastery.

reportedly destroyed   (supuestamente destruido)

A fire on the day of Banneker's funeral reportedly destroyed his own clock.

Three rebel technicals were also reportedly destroyed in the operation on 15 September.

The air strikes reportedly destroyed half a dozen Islamist armed pick-up trucks and a rebel command center.

nearly destroyed   (casi destruido)

Another pier in Port Aransas was nearly destroyed.

It was nearly destroyed by a fire in 1994.

The library was nearly destroyed by fire on December 13, 1979.

not destroyed

The village was not destroyed during the war.

Terminals can be attacked and disabled, but not destroyed.

Hugh's power in Italy was damaged but not destroyed by these events.

destroyed several

The fire also destroyed several dockside buildings.

On the way to Qela he had destroyed several fortified Syrian positions.

The crash, which occurred near present-day Eda Station, destroyed several houses.

almost completely destroyed

Thus, this workshop is almost completely destroyed.

The city of Tabriz was almost completely destroyed.

The town was almost completely destroyed.

houses were destroyed

As per records more than 1,350 houses were destroyed.

The bombing caused 60 victims and 100 houses were destroyed.

According to the chronicle of Welzl, 74 houses were destroyed.

church was destroyed

This church was destroyed in 614 by the Persians.

The church was destroyed after the Second World War.

The church was destroyed 2009 by the local government.

then destroyed

The building is then destroyed by a bomb shell.

He had then destroyed the Indians' arms.

It was then destroyed, six years after the tower was built, by lightning.

aircraft destroyed

Lewis and Ingman list 30 aircraft destroyed.

It claimed 338 air-to-air and 358 air-to-ground aircraft destroyed.

The squadron completed three years overseas and was credited with 260 Luftwaffe aircraft destroyed.

attacked and destroyed

On 4 September they attacked and destroyed the village of Ćukovi.

The Basques attacked and destroyed his rearguard and baggage train.

In April 1887, a mob attacked and destroyed 175 Jewish homes and 14 shops.

fire that destroyed   (fuego que destruyó)

But this was not the foremost cause of the fire that destroyed the city.

In 1896 it suffered a major fire that destroyed most of the buildings in the city.

On May 22, 1906, Fairbanks was ravaged by a fire that destroyed most of the buildings.

destroyed or damaged

The 2005 landslide killed 10 people, and destroyed or damaged dozens of houses.

Much of London was destroyed, with 1,400,245 buildings destroyed or damaged in the Blitz.

RAF Fighter Command lost 18 Spitfires destroyed or damaged to all causes in the days air battles.

almost destroyed

A fire in 1884 almost destroyed the entire town.

At Calcutta a fire almost destroyed her.

In May 2002, a major fire almost destroyed the entire building.

town was destroyed   (la ciudad fue destruida)

The town was destroyed by Venetian galleys in 1432.

According to the Red Cross, 75% of the town was destroyed.

In 983, the town was destroyed by King Mstivoj of the Obodrites.

eventually destroyed

Most of these houses were eventually destroyed.

Both of these mills were eventually destroyed in a flood.

It was eventually destroyed in the Ruhr Pocket in April 1945.

city was destroyed

The city was destroyed by Philip V of Macedon in 200 BC.

The most of the city was destroyed in 1944 during World War II.

Much of the city was destroyed and many of its inhabitants killed.

house was destroyed

The house was destroyed by fire On August 24, 1989.

In 1993, the Rambonnet house was destroyed by fire.

In 1795, the house was destroyed by fire and Rev.

entirely destroyed

Venzone was almost entirely destroyed by the 1976 Friuli earthquake, killing 47 inhabitants.

On 26 July 1944, during World War II, San Casciano was almost entirely destroyed by an Allied bombardment.

The town was almost entirely destroyed during the Gothic Line phase of the Italian Campaign in World War II.

subsequently destroyed

These were subsequently destroyed by bombing.

It was probably subsequently destroyed.

The castle was given up and subsequently destroyed by Ottoman troops in 1593.

destroyed the city

The Mamluk Empire of Egypt finally destroyed the city in 1374.

Opposing troops destroyed the city.

1691 the Tatars destroyed the city.

castle was destroyed

In the late 1800s, the castle was destroyed by fire.

It is not known how or when the castle was destroyed.

The castle was destroyed by an English pirate in 1513.

probably destroyed   (probablemente destruido)

The medieval cathedral was probably destroyed in the troubles of the 16th century.

Seven aircraft were claimed destroyed, one probably destroyed and seven were damaged.

The smaller fragments were probably destroyed before they even reached the cloud layer.

partly destroyed

The Saalhof was partly destroyed in World War II and later rebuilt.

The residence was partly destroyed during the latter of these centuries.

In the mid 13th century, the city was invaded by the Mongols and was partly destroyed.

mostly destroyed

The town was mostly destroyed during the Napoleonic Wars in 1812.

The buildings were mostly destroyed during the Thirty Years' War.

Notice that c-CH is mostly destroyed by converting it back to CH.

virtually destroyed

Rakata itself is extinct since its conduit has been virtually destroyed.

Reports from those who flew over the Aceh coast reported a virtually destroyed coastline.

The town itself was virtually destroyed in the battle, and the result was a decisive victory for Venice.

finally destroyed   (finalmente destruido)

The ship was finally destroyed by a fire in 1918.

The Mamluk Empire of Egypt finally destroyed the city in 1374.

It was rebuilt around 1420 and finally destroyed during the Reformation.

now destroyed

It is found in western Nigeria (the now destroyed Ilaro Forest).

The refectory (now destroyed) was built around 1265, with the chapel completed before 1340.

A small castle was built here that lasted into the early 20th century but is now destroyed.

earthquake destroyed   (terremoto destruido)

In 1755 an earthquake destroyed most of the town.

In 1223 a violent earthquake destroyed the monastery.

In 1859, an earthquake destroyed the library.

destroyed along

Meanwhile Anibal's compound is destroyed along with his men.

It was destroyed along with much of the town in the 1755 Lisbon earthquake.

Gramimond is introduced in laisse 118 of the poem and is destroyed along with its rider by Roland.

destroyed more

The last disposal operation destroyed more than 13,000 VX filled land mines.

The disaster killed 167,000 inhabitants and destroyed more than 60% of the city's buildings.

A bee keeper destroyed more than 700 of these flies in a single bee yard in a three-day period.

destroyed due

Often records are destroyed due to accident or neglect.

Several "Malakhelisaurus" footprints were destroyed due to the construction of a road.

The cattle in the area were destroyed due to foot-and-mouth disease in the 2002/2003 period.

again destroyed

The engine house was again destroyed by fire in 1933.

In the 8th century it was again destroyed and abandoned.

This second structure was again destroyed, this time by the Normans, in 915.

either destroyed   (ya sea destruido)

Four-fifths of the libraries were either destroyed or looted.

A further 160 villages were either destroyed or severely damaged.

It thus becomes critical for the U.S. government to see this submarine either destroyed or captured.

effectively destroyed

The corps was effectively destroyed during the retreat.

The massacre effectively destroyed the Tarnbeere Gundidj clan.

It is estimated that three battalions were effectively destroyed.

destroyed a large

In 1862 a huge fire destroyed a large part of the town, whose buildings were largely built using wood.

In November 2000, a landslide destroyed a large part of the village and took the lives of seven people.

The construction of I-280 destroyed a large part of the historic urban cores of Orange, East Orange, and Newark.

destroyed before

The smaller fragments were probably destroyed before they even reached the cloud layer.

The structure of the hospital was destroyed before the first siege of Hull during the English Civil War.

In some locations, rape kits are destroyed before ever being tested and sometimes without notifying the victim.

bridge was destroyed

One bridge was destroyed in the town of Mercedes.

The bridge was destroyed on August 28, 2011 by flooding resulting from Hurricane Irene.

The bridge was destroyed in the collapse of 1 WTC during the September 11 attacks in 2001.

having been destroyed

Today, 12 towers still survive, three having been destroyed at different times.

This so-called gateman's house ("Pförtnerhaus") was reconstructed in 1979 after having been destroyed during the Second World War.

The cabin itself remains perfectly intact until the events of this film despite much of it having been destroyed in the original film.

destroyed by bombing

The village was completely destroyed by bombing.

These were subsequently destroyed by bombing.

In 1943 E.333.023 of Bolzano depot was destroyed by bombing.

village was destroyed

In 1746 much of the village was destroyed by a fire.

The village was destroyed and 220 people died.

Much of the artistic heritage of the village was destroyed.

destroyed the town   (destruyó la ciudad)

In 1690 an army of 15,000 French destroyed the town.

An earthquake in 1783 completely destroyed the town.

Their troops destroyed the town of Corvey and damaged the abbey.

destroyed the original

An 1830 fire destroyed the original wood paneling.

A fire destroyed the original structure on 8 February 1970.

A fire destroyed the original store.

lost or destroyed

It is difficult for scientists to ascertain a precise number because many of the bodies have been lost or destroyed.

The five surviving pillars remain hidden, with Jack reporting that they had been lost or destroyed over the course of their mission.

One notable fact is that a number of Gong An works may have been lost or destroyed during the Literary Inquisitions and the wars in ancient China.

storm destroyed   (tormenta destruida)

As the church was being built, a storm destroyed the entire structure.

Throughout the country, the storm destroyed 186 homes and left 700 people homeless.

The storm destroyed 500 classrooms, 35 government buildings, and 7 health facilities.

destroyed and rebuilt

The original building was destroyed and rebuilt.

All were destroyed and rebuilt many times.

The city was destroyed and rebuilt three times in the 13th century.