Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

more detail   (mas detalle)

These examples are described in more detail below.

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(See John Lavington Bonython#Family for more detail.)

attention to detail   (atención a los detalles)

Paying attention to detail can reward a philatelic sleuth.

His attention to detail was meticulous.

The landscape shows great attention to detail in the modeling of nature.

great detail   (gran detalle)

The sector has been surveyed, but not in great detail.

I don't do sex scenes in any great detail.

The chronicle of Rasted describes his victory in great detail.

described in detail   (descrito en detalle)

Everyday housework is described in detail.

In the submitted document, the system is described in detail.

It was described in detail by the contemporary poet Sebastian Brant.

greater detail   (mayor detalle)

I also explore the world of the Ravensbundmen in much greater detail.

He spoke of the "void" in greater detail in volume 5 of the "Matalib".

Each frame has greater detail.

every detail

... Chevron ... is Knole in every detail ... .

Its findings confirmed Casement's report in every detail.

The press described it at its first showing as "in every detail thoroughly up-to-date.

level of detail

He had particular praise for the sound effects' level of detail.

This is sometimes a level of detail and discipline absent from the organisation.

Notwithstanding that, the level of detail speaks to authentic recall rather than confabulation.

security detail

Pruitt's security detail accompanied the family to the game.

Meanwhile, Gant executes the only survivor of Michael's security detail.

Shamron decides that Gabriel should spend the next year as Anna's security detail.

further detail

(For further detail of training undertaken see RAF Sutton Bridge).

The associated mechanisms are explained in further detail down below.

One record shows that he died before 1879 but there is no further detail.

detail how

This section explains in detail how Schönhage–Strassen is implemented.

They describe Bhadu and tell in loving detail how they will be entertained.

"; and 14, "American Scottish", detail how a font can make somebody or something look.

much detail   (mucho detalle)

Not much detail is known about Bhimsen Thapa's early life.

Mother Borgia wanted the exterior to have as much detail as the interior of the building.

The journal relates with much detail and candour his frequent and casual use of prostitutes.

fine detail   (buen detalle)

Vellum is extremely smooth and suitable for very fine detail.

On the other hand, it is hard to achieve fine detail with the relief technique.

Although large model work continues, fine detail analysis dominates agency and consultant work in the US.

discussed in detail

In the main building the history of the French Huguenots is discussed in detail.

They discussed in detail on the antiquity of the Malankara Church and Malankara Nasranis.

One of mechanical method for the fabrication of hydrogel tip will be discussed in detail.

studied in detail

The life cycle of "E. elaphi" has not been studied in detail.

The life cycle of "E. sagitta" has not been studied in detail.

This is also known as a β-expansion, a notion introduced by and first studied in detail by .

detail below

These examples are described in more detail below.

Each of these is covered in more detail below.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., who is addressed in more detail below.

describes in detail

His book "Nigamasara" (1673) describes in detail the "Vargavi Varuni Vidya" (Vedanta).

Burns also describes in detail Valerie Solanas' near-fatal shooting of Warhol in 1968.

Livy describes in detail the humiliation of the Romans, which serves to underline the wisdom of Herennius's advice.