İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

more details   (daha fazla detay)

(See Black Sea Campaigns (1941–44) for more details.)

See the external links below for more details.

No more details were publicised prior to transmission.

further details   (daha fazla ayrıntı)

(See Southbank Centre entry for further details.)

No further details regarding payment were disclosed.

No further details or plans have been announced.

other details   (diğer detaylar)

No other details from the incident were reported.

No other details about the decision were given.

All other details of the cars were un-changed.

architectural details   (mimari detaylar)

The dating is based mostly on architectural details.

The remaining architectural details were auctioned off.

The architectural details of the building are rather modest.

details such

Interior elevations are used to show details such as millwork and trim configurations.

He turned his hand to the woodcarving of details such as finials and newels for his houses.

is similar, requiring the wetting of areas to be inked, and is used for details such as clouds.

many details

He discussed many actual events in his life, but greatly embellished many details.

Adam described Birka as a Geatish port town and had gathered many details about it.

Nests built by members of the related genus "Holochilus" are similar in many details.

technical details

Still, they differ in several technical details and a fundamental point.

The second paper, published in "BMC Bioinformatics", presented more technical details.

Enigma rotor details This article contains technical details about the rotors of the Enigma machine.

few details

The cut is simple, with few details, but original.

Externally they were identical except for a few details.

Very few details of Coleman's medical history have been made public.

specific details   (özel ayrıntılar)

See the candidates page for specific details on the candidates.

At the same time, she averred that she could not furnish any specific details.

No specific details of the workings of the claimed technology were made public.

no details

Jones is careful to provide the reporter with no details.

The case was settled in May 2013, with no details made public.

However no details on the construction of the machine are given.

book details

The book details Viva's experience with sex, drug, and love in Warhol's factory.

Her book details how the Mexican authorities took sides in the drug cartels' infighting.

The book details all of the players that have played for Knight and what degree they earned.

details regarding

No further details regarding payment were disclosed.

Media outlets noted that the details regarding the "attack" were still unclear.

See raceguns for more descriptive details regarding these specialized "Cup" guns.

details how

Her book details how the Mexican authorities took sides in the drug cartels' infighting.

Additionally, he details how laws against victimless crimes paved the way for organized crime.

A Chippewa myth details how a least weasel killed a wendigo giant by climbing up its anus and sickening it.

personal details   (kişisel detaylar)

This included names, addresses and other personal details.

Many of these provide more personal details than his official bio page does.

There is significant ambiguity concerning the personal details of Bartholomew's life.

full details   (tüm detaylar)

Then full details of the events are unclear and have various storylines.

The full details of that incident had been passed down through the generations.

Writing in 1988, Michael Schatzberg said the full details of the coup had yet to emerge.

article details

2013 Hull FC season This article details the Hull F.C.

This article details various releases of these sessions.

2012 Durand Cup Quarter-Finals This article details the 2012 Durand Cup Quarter-Finals.

details see

For the details see for example Brigo and Mercurio (2001).

(For more linguistic details see Etymology of electricity.)

For more details see reciprocal lattice.

all the details   (tüm ayrıntılar)

She sketched and photographed the figures and the motorcycles to make sure all the details were correct."

Rahul then finds out from Arnie all the details that Anu has a distant relative in Ooty named Uncle Peter who is an alcoholic.

In even other versions, Shikhandi is a male but transgender, due to Shiva's boon that Amba will remember all the details of her past life.

exact details   (kesin detaylar)

The exact details of the Wulff–Dötz reaction are still being discussed and argued.

The exact details of Sülde Tngri's appearance and entourage vary among artwork of him.

There was a system in place to collect these taxes, but the exact details have been lost to time.

biographical details   (biyografik detaylar)

The biographical details included reinforce Popper's idea that technology is humanized by art.

He wrote an unpublished "Vite de' pittori" relating mainly biographical details of Florentine artists.

However, as mentioned in the introduction, biographical details such as these should be regarded with scepticism.

additional details   (ek detaylar)

A few names are mentioned, but no additional details.

He fabricated the additional details.

See the latest package insert for ofloxacin for additional details.

contact details   (iletişim detayları)

Users have to pay get contact details.

The Parole Board may show the submission to the offender, after removing any contact details.

Gmail automatically saves contact details when forwarding e-mails to a previously unknown recipient.

details of how   (nasıl ayrıntılar)

The details of how these processes occur still are not understood.

The details of how they are to be implemented are left to member states.

Its website has educational material and details of how to visit Westmill Wind Farm.

provide details   (Detayları sağlamak)

Personal accounts from survivors provide details of the situation inside the villa.

The Gestapo wanted her to provide details about her activities and other members of the resistance.

The Associated Press also noted that Rasmussen does not provide details regarding its online-panel methodology.

small details   (küçük detaylar)

She's usually adept at spotting small details and piecing together evidence.

Thus, that company might lose a potential market because of small details of presentation.

There are two major accounts of the development of the FidoNet, differing only in small details.

minor details

The uniforms of the "Jäger" units were the same, except in minor details.

The assaults which were made upon minor details leave its main positions unharmed."

Trump's then-wife, Ivana Trump, was involved in selecting some of the tower's minor details.

provides details

It provides details on the prizes won by the students in various events.

At any given time, the site provides details on as many as 35,000 active projects in the developing world.

Urbański provides details of five methods of production, and he refers to this method as the (German) E-method.