Cụm từ và câu ví dụ

determine whether   (xác định xem)

Later follow-ups determine whether they might receive more aid.

This means to determine whether the input program computes a "total" function.

The policymakers must determine whether the policy is justified by the evidence.

used to determine   (dùng để xác định)

they are used to determine Singles Chart positions).

Dice are usually used to determine the outcome of events.

Only the phone is used to determine distance, not the APs.

determine how   (xác định như thế nào)

that determine how notes should be drawn.

Seed size: The size of the seed can determine how filling it will be.

The test can determine how much the students understand basic chemistry.

determine what   (xác định cái gì)

Enzymes determine what steps occur in these pathways.

There it is used to determine what actions the organism is to take.

The history is important, but you can't let that determine what you do."

order to determine   (để xác định)

in order to determine if an address is associated with the credit card.

This matters in order to determine how culpable someone is for his actions.

A study which examines rock lichen in order to determine glacial retreat was begun in 1996.

difficult to determine

The end of the guardianship is difficult to determine.

The exact roots of the script are difficult to determine.

However, it's difficult to determine the book's audience.

determine the winner   (xác định người chiến thắng)

There would be a third-party group of judges to determine the winner.

If the game is still a draw, a penalty shoot-out will determine the winner.

The system used to determine the winner of the cup has a rather tangled history.

tournament to determine   (giải đấu để xác định)

There is currently no tournament to determine a national high school champion.

The fight was part of a tournament to determine the new UFC Lightweight Champion.

The winners qualified to a tournament to determine the only team promoted to 1946–47 Serie B.

able to determine   (có thể xác định)

Authorities were not able to determine a motive.

Police were not able to determine why the woman was driving the wrong way.

This method is only able to determine the radius of the planet, not its mass.

determine the national   (xác định quốc gia)

The match between the top finishers in the Third Stage will determine the national champion; the other will determine who finished third and fourth.

At the Division I FCS level, the teams participate in a 24-team playoff (most recently expanded from 20 teams in 2013) to determine the national championship.

The College Football Playoff replaced the Bowl Championship Series, which had been used as the selection method to determine the national championship game participants since in the 1998 season.

help determine

Fipke uses custom software to help determine the difference.

Testing for resistance during an outbreak can help determine appropriate future choices.

It is used to help determine the lifestyle and practices of people living in biblical times.

not determine

An autopsy could not determine a direct cause of death.

Furthermore, a man's legal status did not determine his economic position or occupation.

The results of such studies demonstrate that one's sex does not determine preference for sadism.

held to determine

A competition is held to determine who deserves the armor.

A competition was held to determine who would design the facilities.

In 1967, a second plebiscite was held to determine the fate of the territory.

determine the number   (xác định số)

determine the number of donated electrons (1, 3, 5, etc.).

It is difficult to determine the number of Jews who survived the German occupation, hiding among Poles.

Each party's vote in each district was divided by this amount to determine the number of seats won outright.

possible to determine

It was not possible to determine whether this also causes a student to be treated less well.

It is not in general possible to determine whether two such expressions are equal (the constant problem).

Nilson also studied the gas density of metals which made it possible to determine the valence of various metals.

determine the best   (xác định điều tốt nhất)

Such properties can be used to determine the best rules to use under given circumstances.

The attending, medical student and patient collaborate to determine the best course of action.

Then the judges do a second round of voting to determine the best 2 contestants among the 4 losers.

impossible to determine

In 1,350 cases it had been impossible to determine the background.

As such, it is impossible to determine a composition of units inside Cassinga.

As he did not collect specimens, it is impossible to determine what species he saw.

determine when   (xác định khi nào)

Using the BEFORE and AFTER options determine when the trigger is called.

Investigators were not able to determine when Kotz and Markopolos became friends.

unable to determine   (không thể xác định)

The investigation was unable to determine the cause of the thrust reduction."

If the referee is unable to determine which fencer has right of way, no touch is awarded.

A military inquiry was established but was unable to determine the identity of those involved.

determine the effects

Male and female animals underwent a standardized phenotypic screen to determine the effects of deletion.

As nanotechnology advances, many studies have been conducted to determine the effects nanoengineered materials can have on the environment.

determine the final

The final matches will determine the final standings.

To determine the final eight, sixteen men duked it out.

No ordinal rankings are used to determine the final results.

match to determine

They also played an extra match to determine the team to face relegation.

In case of a draw, the younger wrestlers would face each other in a singles match to determine the winner.

After Richter left the company, she wrestled Candi Devine in a match to determine the new champion on December 6, 1989, which Devine won.

determine the cause   (xác định nguyên nhân)

A post-mortem failed to determine the cause of death.

The investigation was unable to determine the cause of the thrust reduction."

If the fever disappears off treatment, then the drugs need to be tested individually to determine the cause.

needed to determine

Context is needed to determine the usage.

They needed to determine in which portion the city of Cuzco was located.

Again, a more detailed study is needed to determine the potential benefits of white-eye pollination.

way to determine

Immunofluorescent imaging is a way to determine red–green color coding.

They can thus be used as an alternative way to determine the mass of candidate black holes.

There is no way to determine the cash value of an asset in the assignment process, regardless of past estimates.

determine the exact

Due to the fire, time, and natural deterioration, it is difficult to determine the exact location.

However, it was difficult to determine the exact molecular weight and number of amino acids in a protein.

It is impossible to determine the exact number of victims of executions carried out in the ruins of the Warsaw Ghetto.

determine the winners

A public poll is held among listeners to determine the winners.

The remaining two teams then played each other to determine the winners of the Qualifier 4.

The remaining two teams then played each other to determine the winners of the Qualifier 3.

determine the champion

The winners of each advance to the finals to determine the champion, who wins a $1,000,000 grand prize.

It was the 101st Memorial Cup championship which determine the champion of the Canadian Hockey League (CHL).

Prior to the introduction of automatic playoffs, tie-breaker games were only used to when needed to determine the champion.

conducted to determine

Studies were being conducted to determine sensible technologies this size and scope.

Studies have also been conducted to determine the success rate of this method of motivation.

At least two peer-reviewed studies have been conducted to determine the effectiveness of taking the Pro-Truth Pledge.

hard to determine

Whether that was the artist's intention, as for subsequent gardens, is hard to determine.

The lack of proper natural history makes it hard to determine population density and size.

Bottlenose dolphins live in captivity across the world, though exact numbers are hard to determine.

screen to determine

Male and female animals underwent a standardized phenotypic screen to determine the effects of deletion.

determine the extent

unidirectional or plain weave) can determine the extent of the anisotropy of the bulk material.

The DNC contacted city officials in Chicago to determine the extent of Republican inroads into the urban neighborhoods.

The use of hydronyms is generally accepted to determine the extent of a culture's influence, but "not" the date of such influence.

determine how much

The test can determine how much the students understand basic chemistry.

The player rolled virtual dice to determine how much a character moves across the board.

A writer's personality, Mailer observes, can determine how much attention readers give his work.

necessary to determine   (cần thiết để xác định)

Further observations will be necessary to determine if the orbit is hyperbolic.

The study reported more information would be necessary to determine the outcome.

After each split, a test is necessary to determine whether each new region needs further splitting.

determine the team   (xác định đội)

They also played an extra match to determine the team to face relegation.

The third placed teams in Groups B and C play off to determine the team that completes the quarter final lineup.

determine the amount

Correctly diagnosing respiratory compromise requires a screening to determine the amount of gas in the patient's bloodstream.

The first player rolls dice of three colors to determine the amount of food, parasites and shelters that will be available in the next phase.

Rainfall patterns and seasonal temperatures influence photosynthesis and thereby determine the amount of water and energy available to the ecosystem.

required to determine

However, further studies are required to determine the clinical usefulness of these and other interventions in prenatal TMD.

It is very similar to "Cyrtostylis oblonga" and more investigation is required to determine if they are distinct from each other.

In a common law jurisdiction several stages of research and analysis are required to determine "what the law is" in a given situation.

determine the rankings

If two or more teams are equal on points on completion of the group matches, the following criteria were applied to determine the rankings.

The final four remaining teams determine the rankings for bronze, silver, and gold medals, in knock-out matches that are termed the BBL-TOP4.

trying to determine

Investigators are still trying to determine the type of bombs that were used in the first attack.

While trying to determine who stole Lisa's Malibu Stacy car, Homer holds Bart as his prime suspect.

Police were trying to determine the identity of a vehicle that had been spotted driving away from the site of the explosion.

study to determine

Because of the transfer, MDOT initiated a speed study to determine what speed limits should apply on the extension.

He hired fire insurance expert, engineer John Ripley Freeman to conduct a study to determine the various causes of the fire.

GO Transit undertook a study to determine whether to use the tracks of Canadian Pacific Railway or Canadian National Railway.

test to determine   (kiểm tra để xác định)

Courts use a subordination test to determine whether someone is an employee or is self-employed.

Soils are tested with an oedometer test to determine their compression index and coefficient of consolidation.

The test to determine the legal capacity of a child will depend on the particular circumstances of the case and the law concerned.

attempt to determine   (cố gắng xác định)

Ecosystem ecologist attempt to determine the underlying causes of these fluxes.

The experimenter adjusts factors and measures responses in an attempt to determine an effect.

It is more properly thought of as an approximation rather than as a serious attempt to determine a precise number.

determine the location

Washington did not need any calculations to determine the location of Jones Point.

Using his years of training to determine the location of the jump, Laurin concluded that D.B.

The spotting crew determine the location of a smoke sighting by taking a bearing and then calculating distance using topographic maps.