İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

determining whether   (olup olmadığının belirlenmesi)

would give the steps for determining whether "x" evenly divides "y".

There is a simple recursive algorithm for determining whether a QBF is in TQBF (i.e.

Distributists usually use just war theory in determining whether a war should be fought or not.

role in determining   (belirleme rolü)

The interpretative model has a central role in determining entropy.

Loan activity by banks plays a fundamental role in determining the money supply.

Vegetation plays a major role in determining the biological composition of the soil.

when determining   (belirlerken)

OPS is also useful when determining a pitcher's level of success.

They are also useful when determining the extent to which certain pollutants have affected an individual.

Most association football leagues only consider points, then goal difference and then goals scored when determining final standing.

determining how   (nasıl olduğunu belirleme)

Albedo affects climate by determining how much radiation a planet absorbs.

In determining how long to retain records, their capacity for re-use is important.

An example of estimation would be determining how many candies of a given size are in a glass jar.

determining what

Stage One is the immediate result of an action, without determining what happens then.

Wu begins composing a new image by determining what he calls points, masses, and lines.

Fact finders often have the job of determining what facts are available and their relevancy.

determining factor   (belirleyici faktör)

Divorce in itself is not a determining factor of negative child outcomes.

The actual critical path is ultimately the determining factor of every project's duration.

Size is the determining factor in agonistic encounters when the individuals have the same condition.

factor in determining   (belirleme faktörü)

Location was an important factor in determining who was punished.

Many luthiers consider the top the dominant factor in determining the sound quality.

Shearwise updrafts are the most important factor in determining cyclonic growth and strength.

method of determining

This method of determining variable importance has some drawbacks.

The standard method of determining chemotherapy dosage is based on calculated body surface area (BSA).

In 1980, Dickey developed a practical method of determining p- or n-type using the spreading resistance tool.