began to develop   (开始发展)

There he began to develop real estate activities.

Huyck and Katz began to develop ideas for the film.

New malls opened and local industry began to develop.

helped develop   (帮助发展)

They helped develop New York City's manufacturing industries.

Def Rhymz, Spookrijders & Brainpower really helped develop the game.

During his leadership he helped develop the Digital Technology Center.

develop new   (开发新的)

For some, it is to develop new experience.

BankAxept AS develop new payment solutions in new channels.

Residents are also often commissioned to develop new work for the Ars Nova stage.

continued to develop   (持续发展)

The film industry continued to develop after 1945.

Ravenswood continued to develop during the 1880s.

Throughout the 1950s the sport continued to develop.

not develop   (不发展)

The Warsaw dialect did not develop a literary form.

Relations with the EPLF also did not develop smoothly.

It is not addictive, and tolerance usually does not develop.

develop a new

Kidde decided to develop a new plan for a new transfer.

The company quickly persuaded IUS to develop a new version.

Dufour went on to develop a new fuselage and tail to match the wings.

further develop

The council is also expecting to further develop soccer and hockey fields.

A new group of musicians began to further develop the "funk rock" approach.

These experiences served to further develop and refine his musical training.

help develop

The university hired Ann Kirschner in late 1998 to help develop this plan.

It brings together 200 volunteers who help develop more than 70 activities.

He was a foundation member of the North Otago Ski Club, and help develop Awakino.

order to develop

It is divided into three or four divisions in order to develop equitable competition.

Gluhareff began working with the U.S. Navy in order to develop Rotary Drones in 1960.

In 2006–07, Ben Carter bought parcels in the area in order to develop the Streets of Buckhead.

started to develop

Then it started to develop plastic model kits in earnest.

After the war ended, local parties started to develop in Chad.

It also started to develop an eye feature, based on satellite imagery.

used to develop

Anoto used to develop and sell the product C-Pen, a one-line text scanner.

Metronomes and beat counters are used to develop a sense of a steady pulse.

The money would produce profits that would be used to develop neighborhoods.

develop their own

from Dream Theater, while starting to develop their own sound.

Some military services develop their own concept of vulnerability.

However, some industries may develop their own, custom ranking systems.

plans to develop

The Nepal government plans to develop it as a model city.

The organization plans to develop public access to the site in 2018.

Neither tribe has plans to develop the site in the foreseeable future.

did not develop

The Warsaw dialect did not develop a literary form.

Relations with the EPLF also did not develop smoothly.

Word processors did not develop "out" of computer technology.

helped to develop

She helped to develop Lactaid and Beano.

Navy Ensign Rodd helped to develop the radio compass for these aircraft.

The Order's religious networks helped to develop Danzig's literary culture.

able to develop

The Club was now in a position of being able to develop plans for a new clubhouse.

He was not able to develop the plate until he arrived in Paris nearly a week later.

Those front-line employees are able to develop a relationship between the customer and the brand.

develop more

It brings together 200 volunteers who help develop more than 70 activities.

Funds have also been allocated to develop more robust energy control technologies.

People develop more sophisticated beliefs about knowledge as they gain in education and maturity.

decided to develop

Kidde decided to develop a new plan for a new transfer.

They decided to develop and manufacture their own version of the engine.

Skylum thus decided to develop the same photography applications for MacOS.

likely to develop

Walking hens are less likely to develop this problem.

Women are more likely to develop the head tremor than are men.

After the race he was described as "an improving colt that is likely to develop into a stayer".

efforts to develop

The problem of drug resistance in malaria has driven efforts to develop vaccines.

Shah Jahan insisted that things could be improved if Aurangzeb made efforts to develop cultivation.

In the 1980s and 1990s, there were efforts to develop fifth-generation programming languages (5GL).

continue to develop

Older children and adults continue to develop an understanding of mechanistic fragments.

The Readings are intended both to commemorate Primakov and to continue to develop his ideas through international dialogue.

The construction of the housing industry only received a small portion of state-allocated funds to continue to develop the industry.

continues to develop

They believe that this approach continues to develop.

The human immune system continues to develop after puberty.

Unisys continues to develop and market the A-Series, now known as ClearPath.

opportunity to develop

His goal was to give ordinary working people an opportunity to develop their artistic talents.

Creation's success with My Bloody Valentine's Glider EP created an opportunity to develop his interest in dance music.

These students are given the opportunity to develop their singing talents through individual and group choral activities.

project to develop

He was involved in a project to develop Louisiana.

Microsoft is working on a project to develop a machine called "Hanover".

The project to develop Pralay was sanctioned in March 2015 with a budget of .

aims to develop

It aims to develop as a storehouse of all terrorist related information.

As of 2004, the school curriculum stresses multiculturalism and aims to develop ethnic pride.

The EAU Section Office aims to develop specialist sections covering all sub- and super-specialist fields of urology.

time to develop

Projects tend to take a long time to develop here and their legacy felt long after.

Complications may occur immediately following the myocardial infarction or may take time to develop.

He took time to develop as an elite athlete, initially competing in a variety of sprint and hurdles events.

worked to develop

She has worked to develop numerous books, articles and magazines.

Together they worked to develop methods of culturing tissue samples.

From 1942 to 1947, he worked to develop a vehicle that could cut down on resurfacing time.

develop his own

Eventually, he began to develop his own church organs.

He went on to develop his own approach in his "Chaitanya" and "Pilgrim" series.

While performing with others, Raposa had begun to develop his own musical projects.

develop its own

For 150 years Prussia — unlike all other European powers — declined to develop its own navy.

Frederick II ("the Great") took the view that Prussia should never seek to develop its own war fleet.

It would however be the 1980s before Feminist Philosophy of Science would develop its own unique identity.

develop and implement   (开发和实施)

The NDEB committed to develop and implement an Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE).

Later, Pittman and Vidal joined the company, where they helped develop and implement the application.

He works closely with Southwest Airlines to develop and implement Amadeus SkyMAX and SkySYM by Optym.

sought to develop

President Alexander Lukashenko sought to develop a closer relationship with Russia.

More recently Bertrand Russell sought to develop a formal language based on logical atoms.

In mid-1967, New York City mayor John Lindsay sought to develop closer ties with leaders of impoverished neighborhoods.

effort to develop

Project 640 had been the PRC's indigenous effort to develop ABM capability.

Also in recent years, there has been an effort to develop HDIs for cancer therapy.

In 2009, ISC started an effort to develop a new version of the software suite, called BIND10.

wanted to develop

The new Czechoslovak republic (1918–1938) wanted to develop sciences.

Britain wanted to develop the frontier of Upper Canada on a British colonial model.

In 1982, Kaplan was approached by a number of investors who wanted to develop a new game platform.

begins to develop

He begins to develop a masochistic complex as a result.

Once settled, the colony begins to develop.

At this time the company begins to develop the models "Renn".

required to develop

Stored data must also be held long enough to complete processing required to develop new tracks.

The district was required to develop a three-year implementation plan for the participating school.

The district was required to develop a lengthy literacy plan, which included outreach into the community.

years to develop

The larvae feed on local grasses and take two years to develop.

took three-and-a-half years to develop and cost over $81 million.

The surrealist design of the game took around two years to develop.

develop feelings

Over time, the two begin to develop feelings for one another.

While Suraj trains Naina they develop feelings for each other.

Michelle and Will spend time together and develop feelings for each other.

begin to develop

Over time, the two begin to develop feelings for one another.

In the lungs, they enter alveoli and begin to develop to the fourth stage.

He soon begin to develop a relationship with Asuna and later married her in-game.

helping to develop

Borg is credited with helping to develop the style of play that has come to dominate the game today.

In 1996 he left Palestine to work in Central Asia for several years, helping to develop the NGO sector there.

Baruch acquired a practical and theoretical knowledge of statistics while helping to develop tests to measure those traits.

develop a plan

They develop a plan to get out, however, in which they set up fun mini-games in their cabins to earn party favors.

They develop a plan with Slim to seek revenge, but their plans fall apart when Hank and Jed kill Slim at their rendezvous point.

Determined to get the love of her eternal crush, Renata will have to develop a plan to separate the couple, complicating everything in this hilarious comedy.

develop a more

This obliged the GNR to develop a more powerful engine.

At the same time the Char D1 was ordered, a plan was made to develop a more modern tank.

Her responsibility was to develop a more effective approach to the museum's presentations.

develop the first

It was during this time that Monet began to develop the first signs of cataracts.

The company is planning to develop the first global championship for driverless cars.

They went on to develop the first practical photographic colour process, the Lumière Autochrome.

plan to develop

Brower came to Georgia in order to stop Fraser's plan to develop Cumberland Island.

Rajgarh Fort was sold to Oberoi Group and they plan to develop a tiger resort there.

Eventually researchers plan to develop HI-MEMS for dragonflies, bees, rats and pigeons.

attempt to develop

Micurà de Rü undertook the first attempt to develop a written form of the Ladin language.

Following the August 1918 flu pandemic, in an attempt to develop a vaccine, 62 volunteers were selected from 300 prisoners.

The following year (1951) the CDA encouraged the ten DRA's to meet in an attempt to develop a satisfactory plan for a National Examining Board.

develop further

This saw Callan develop further than before.

As they develop further, they start receiving nourishment by absorbing uterine fluid from their mother instead.

In 1978, the Toleman team agreed to a partnership program, with Toleman providing finance to develop further Hart engine designs.

first to develop

He went on to be also the first to develop anti-scorpion and anti-spider serums.

Augustine of Hippo was one of the first to develop a theory that sexual feelings were sinful and negative.

Herrold was among the first to develop a radio transmitter that could also be used for audio transmissions.

develop skills

They also will also develop skills in all areas at Sangam.

It provides pre-training and experience of life in the British Army, with opportunies to achieve and develop skills away from home.

VR is used to help learners develop skills without the real-world consequences of failing, especially useful in realms with life-or-death implications.

later develop

At first, they are white, but later develop yellowish tones.

It was the first of four consecutive waves that would later develop into tropical cyclones.

In 1886, he started a theological college in Qingzhou that would later develop into Gotch-Robinson Theological College.

program to develop

It has developed its own R&D program to develop UAVs.

Russell used a rigorous diet and exercise program to develop a lean and muscular build.

RAT-C was a program to develop a stand-off ASW weapon that used a nuclear depth charge.

students to develop

These disciplines provide opportunities for students to develop clinical skills.

This encourages the students to develop their own means of how they will discover more information.

She encouraged undergraduate students to develop experiments for K-12 teachers to use in their classrooms.

failed to develop

The project later failed to develop.

He had been promised jobs in California, but they failed to develop.

Yet viewers left CBS for that half-hour in droves, as "Ichabod and Me" failed to develop a loyal audience.

develop the area

Trump wanted to develop the area immediately: his plan called for Television City to break ground by 1987.

After its initial acquisition, the company was unable to secure enough funding to further develop the area.

King David Kalākaua had granted the U.S. the exclusive rights to enter and develop the area earlier that year.

planned to develop

McCord planned to develop Willowick Place on the former Willowick Court site.

The company planned to develop four to five ventures per year, ranging from stand-alone web destinations to social media applications.

Zappa planned to develop an international consulting enterprise to facilitate trade between the former Eastern Bloc and Western businesses.

intended to develop

Cohen and Flax had intended to develop the four sites themselves.

The team stated that they intended to develop the same approach in humans.

At this time the Earl of Home had intended to develop the grounds into terraced housing.

ability to develop

Telz was especially noted for its ability to develop its talmidim in lomdus.

She is known for her ability to develop mutually beneficial community partnerships.

To steal another's property is also stealing from one's own potential ability to develop.

develop within

First stage larvae (L1) develop within the eggshell in 30–36 days.

The incubation period is 5–20 days, and all signs usually develop within a month.

The digestive complaints usually develop within half an hour of ingesting the allergen.

needed to develop

Stems needed to develop structures similar to those normally found only in leaves.

They needed to develop new methods to regulate their body heat to cope with fluctuations in ambient temperature.

However, this changed when the company realised that in order to attract and retain workers, they needed to develop the area.

develop and produce

Carbon Motors was formed to develop and produce the E7, the first purpose-built police car ever made.

Emerson spent heavily to develop and produce both an improved Implantable cardioverter-defibrillator and a pacemaker.

The company spent heavily to develop and produce both an improved implantable cardioverter-defibrillator and a pacemaker.

students develop

In this program the students develop so-called CubeSats.

Mentors motivate, inspire and help students develop critical study skills.

This model asserts that students develop either agentic/shallow processing or reflective/deep processing.

develop between

A third mechanism involves the van der Waals forces that develop between molecules.

Ideological as well as personal differences began to develop between Tommassi and Koehl.

Mercedes resents Carmel's behaviour, and a power struggle begins to develop between them.

develop during

Ravenswood continued to develop during the 1880s.

A new town began to develop during the reign of Sher Shah Suri.

This way cooperatives continued to develop during 1960 and 1970s.

develop and maintain

Sharab or Shart was 1/10th of crop production levied on farmers to develop and maintain water supply facilities.

The TEAF has been designed to help both the bureaus and the Department develop and maintain their Enterprise Architectures.

Meanwhile, Luke Leighton continued his work on his own fork through a new domain and continues to develop and maintain pyjamas on this branch.

fully develop

(The brown may take between one and two years to fully develop.)

At the University of Waterloo, Hansen began to fully develop her political consciousness.

Because of the funding challenges to fully develop the project Brancaccio took to the streets.

develop the game

Def Rhymz, Spookrijders & Brainpower really helped develop the game.

Sierra gave him the okay to develop the game after he presented his concept to them.

Sega chose Sumo Digital to develop the game because of its experience with the "Sonic" IP.

trying to develop

The EV industry is trying to develop an “inductive” charging solution.

Crompton, who was trying to develop cross-country vehicles for the Army.

This was made possible by parliament trying to develop feminist policies.

begun to develop

Over the last fifty years a tertiary sector has begun to develop.

Yeoju University has begun to develop an international studies program.

While performing with others, Raposa had begun to develop his own musical projects.

eventually develop

About 30% of people with a spinal cord tumor eventually develop a syrinx.

Chronic ulcers involve larger area and may eventually develop into squamous epithelioma after 10 years or more.

The students start by brainstorming the prior knowledge about the topic and then eventually develop curiosity about the topic.

attempts to develop

There were a few attempts to develop a direct sequel to "Franko".

As a consequence, there were attempts to develop an updated AEW system for use on Royal Navy carriers.

He was Heisenberg's closest ally in their attempts to develop a unified field theory of elementary particles.