Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

economic development   (desarrollo economico)

He studies growth theory and economic development.

Friends, all of us here are for economic development.

It also would enhance the economic development of the City.

research and development   (investigación y desarrollo)

They list it for urgent research and development.

Many acoustic scientists work in research and development.

Private-sector research and development (R&D) is negligible.

further development   (mayor desarrollo)

There's no plans for further development of this core.

Activities were stopped and no further development took place.

None of these pilots were commissioned for further development.

sustainable development   (desarrollo sostenible)

The central idea of green politics is sustainable development.

It works to fight poverty and promote sustainable development.

It works to combat poverty and promote sustainable development.

community development   (desarrollo comunitario)

Many U.S. trends in community development originated in Eugene.

He also co-chaired the municipal community development committee.

DAMAC Hills is a golf community development located in Dubailand.

software development   (desarrollo de software)

Robinson's primary career is audio software development.

Greve's first software development was when he was 12 years old.

Testing is the feedback mechanism in the software development process.

professional development   (desarrollo profesional)

Emphasis on training and professional development is for officers only.

Another benefit of ERGs is the professional development that they foster.

She also spent three cycles of professional development in three different .

development team   (Equipo de desarrollo)

Abellán joined the development team of in 2004.

The development team was four-person strong.

Its development team was based in Toronto.

residential development   (desarrollo residencial)

The former site is now a residential development.

Most residential development was completed by the early 1980s.

This led to the residential development of the surrounding area.

development projects   (proyectos de desarrollo)

All development projects are reviewed and approved by DPI.

in support of cancer research and development projects in Ethiopia.

This allows communities to take on much larger development projects.

housing development   (desarrollo de vivienda)

The 1870s brought the railroad and a housing development.

The site of the park now holds a private housing development.

The school building has been replaced by a housing development.

development of new   (desarrollo de nuevos)

Thus it might contribute to the development of new species.

The profits from these product families funded the development of new drugs.

Neo-Luddism calls for slowing or stopping the development of new technologies.

urban development   (desarrollo Urbano)

These indicate an urban development and commerce.

Sustainability has become a key factor in future urban development.

We see the city through an eye disturbed by rapid urban development.

village development   (desarrollo del pueblo)

This is 2 ward of the village development committee.

This village development committee has a long history.

The village development committee has 9 wards.

development committee   (comité de desarrollo)

This is 2 ward of the village development committee.

This village development committee has a long history.

The village development committee has 9 wards.

early development   (desarrollo temprano)

It is also involved in the early development of the heart.

The early development of the basin went hand in hand with volcanism.

The game was originally named "Project Automata" in early development.

village development committee   (comité de desarrollo del pueblo)

This is 2 ward of the village development committee.

This village development committee has a long history.

The village development committee has 9 wards.

new development   (nuevo desarrollo)

Construction on the new development began in 1967.

The new development must be away from the cities.

This completely new development sold extremely well.

industrial development   (desarrollo industrial)

From that time the industrial development of Ekibastuz started.

Xixia District has seen rapid industrial development in recent years.

Further, the airport could promote industrial development around Mason.

commercial development   (desarrollo comercial)

The latest commercial development in the area is Main Place in USJ 21.

Today the sites are generally covered with residential and commercial development.

In its place are 3 residential towers with commercial development on the lower floors.

development company   (empresa de desarrollo)

Nexity operates as a real estate development company in Europe.

is an American video game development company based in Frisco, Texas.

Novomer Novomer is a venture-funded chemistry technology development company.

character development   (desarrollo de personaje)

However, the character development is less successful.

It also focuses on positive character development and peer pressure.

The series afforded a great deal of character development to secondary characters.

human development   (desarrollo humano)

Wynn majored in human development and family sciences.

There are many different theories related to human development.

Engineering is a key driver of innovation and human development.

social development   (desarrollo Social)

Kashf had used theater for social development.

Unusual social development becomes apparent early in childhood.

For Russia, it was important to overcome slow social development as compared to Europe.

business development   (desarrollo de negocios)

often has a background in engineering or business development.

He then headed MSN business development at Microsoft and was employee no.

State incentives include tax incentives and a business development department.

product development   (desarrollo de productos)

This initiative is to boost product development in the country.

The Pyrex® Test Kitchen played a large role in product development.

Intunex received an innovation and product development fund from TEKES in 2010.

game development   (desarrollo de juegos)

(Lua is widely used in game development.)

is an American video game development company based in Frisco, Texas.

Profits were strong owing to low investment in game development and marketing.

development program   (programa de Desarrollo)

She also became a member of Toyota's driver development program.

It follows that what we today would call economic development program.

In 1999, Merck started a drug development program on DPP-4 inhibitors.

growth and development   (Crecimiento y desarrollo)

In children, growth and development may be at risk.

Temperatures above 32 °C increase growth and development.

The growth and development occurs without fertilization by a male.

development process   (proceso de desarrollo)

The entire development process takes about 20 days.

The development process officially began a few months later.

The name "Civilization" came late in the development process.

during development   (durante el desarrollo)

Vexx's design changed several times during development.

All have been destroyed during development of the city.

The targeting system was also changed during development.

estate development   (desarrollo inmobiliario)

and real estate development (Open Investments).

He now works in real estate development.

Nexity operates as a real estate development company in Europe.

rapid development   (desarrollo rápido)

DTIs have undergone rapid development since the 90's.

Because of rapid development Kemayoran has transformed into a modern city itself.

Through the 1970s the hand-held electronic calculator underwent rapid development.

real estate development   (desarrollo inmobiliario)

and real estate development (Open Investments).

He now works in real estate development.

Nexity operates as a real estate development company in Europe.

development project   (projecto de desarrollo)

The engine development project was canceled in 2013.

The development project is headed by Deutsche Wohnen.

Realsoft had started a new major development project around 1994.

international development   (Desarrollo internacional)

Some think the doctrine could aid international development.

She has written several articles and co-authored books about international development.

The plan calls for raising the priority given to NCDs in international development work'.

development plan   (plan de Desarrollo)

Work on the development plan started in 1992.

By July 1989, the amphitheater was removed from the development plan.

The Governor asks for a balance in the development plan of the two zones.

future development   (desarrollo futuro)

The 1960s was a time of wealth and high hopes of large future development for Haiti.

The south side was proposed for possible future development even through the late 1990s.

The site will become a pocket park with grass & landscaping until future development takes its place.

development work   (trabajo de desarrollo)

Additional development work was carried out by Bryan Bouffier.

The development work began in 1983.

The result of this development work is the European DataWarehouse GmbH.

development block   (bloque de desarrollo)

The western part of the region shown in the map is covered by Dhanbad (community development block).

Rural area under Madarihat (Community development block)|block consists of ten gram panchayats, viz.

development programs   (programas de desarrollo)

Alternative development programs were introduced in 1999.

RugbyWA has also established a series of development programs.

She participated in tribal, state and national development programs.

community development block   (bloque de desarrollo comunitario)

The western part of the region shown in the map is covered by Dhanbad (community development block).

Farakka Barrage Township is located in Farakka (community development block) in Murshidabad district.

rural development   (desarrollo Rural)

It also promotes rural development and welfare.

The visit confirmed her understanding that more actions should be directed towards rural development.

IATP develops alternative economic models that integrate environmental sustainability into rural development.

began development   (comenzó el desarrollo)

The series began development in January 2007.

"Before Crisis" began development in 2002.

Mitsubishi began development in 1997.

stages of development   (etapas de desarrollo)

As of now, it is only in the planning stages of development.

The firm has partnered with enterprises in various stages of development.

C19orf44 is expressed in all stages of development, except for in infants.

youth development   (desarrollo juvenil)

He works as the head of youth development at Bari.

II to ensure the youth development squad; Selangor F.C.

In 2007, he became a youth development coach at Örebro SK.

player development   (desarrollo de jugadores)

In 1978 Mattick was appointed the director of player development.

He will focus on player development and be involved in business initiatives.

He was promoted to associate head coach in charge of player development in 1999.

property development   (desarrollo inmobiliario)

Mukundapur has been witnessing a property development boom.

The company grew to include steel distribution, mining and property development.

The commons were reduced in size during the 20th century for property development.

design and development   (Diseño y desarrollo)

NAA continued design and development in 1940 and 1941.

Her work includes the design and development of educational software and experimental media.

The ARC became the driving force behind the design and development of the oN-Line System (NLS).

development began   (desarrollo comenzó)

Construction on the new development began in 1967.

India's nuclear power plant development began in 1964.

This development began in the early 1990.

child development   (desarrollo infantil)

Detrimental parenting behavior can also affect child development.

By 2010 APNTS had become "a world leader in the area of holistic child development."

Wilford taught courses connecting child development principles to educational practice.

personal development   (desarrollo personal)

The schools primarily assess students through reports on individual academic progress and personal development.

The intention of this process is that it is tailored to suit the individual baby and their personal development.

These organizations expect proactivity, initiative and responsibility for personal development from their employees.

during the development   (durante el desarrollo)

The Zotye T700 name was actually used during the development phase of the Zotye SR9.

or how events during the development of an individual may alter life history trajectories.

It was created during the development of Forum Central sector of Halles in Forum des Halles.

cultural development   (desarrollo cultural)

Fire was an essential tool in early human cultural development.

After 1945 Kumanovo experienced fast economic, administrative and cultural development.

Hip Hop had a large influence on the cultural development of Kirchheim in the 1980s and 1990s.

embryonic development   (desarrollo embriónico)

Neurogenesis is a vital part of embryonic development.

The embryonic development of the larva occurs as a series of stages.

During embryonic development, a choriovitelline placenta forms in all marsupials.

development through   (desarrollo a través de)

Taylor Farms invests in new technology development through the THRIVE program of the CSUMB.

CSG’s primary goal is to promote community development through pooling resources of community members.

DAC also supports all aspects of ammunition operations and activities from development through disposal.

infrastructure development   (desarrollo de infraestructura)

A leap forward in the direction of infrastructure development.

Earlier capital investment for infrastructure development was a paltry sum of Rs.

on information technology projects, with emphasis on e-government, human resource and infrastructure development.

agricultural development   (desarrollo agricola)

It was responsible for overseeing the nation's agricultural development.

In the 1950s, the Dragoman Marsh was drained to make room for agricultural development.

The foundation supports the use of genetically modified organisms in agricultural development.

policy development   (desarrollo de políticas)

The main policy development was Henry's taking full control of the Church of England.

Political parties and the state perceive caste as an important factor for mobilization of people and policy development.

Membership is not required to participate in ARIN's policy development process or to apply for Internet number resources.

development and production   (desarrollo y producción)

It generally focuses on oil development and production instead of exploration.

Mrna described the development and production process of the game in detail for

The corporation pioneered the development and production of a synthetic leather materials.

stage of development   (etapa de desarrollo)

These fuel cells are at an early stage of development.

The last stage of development should be completed in 2015.

It has been dated back 7040 BC at its earliest stage of development.

development of modern   (desarrollo de moderno)

The theory to some extent anticipated the development of modern genetics.

Furthermore, he claimed Jews were not active in the development of modern art.

The Pentax series remains pivotal in the development of modern SLR photography.

development plans   (planes de desarrollo)

Pune's development plans were put on hold till normalcy was achieved.

In August 1999 the local government put a stop to any development plans.

The course was created as a part of the development plans of club founders K.T.

regional development   (desarrollo regional)

In 2011 Tokram worked as the PNGRFL Highlands regional development officer.

The event was a lower-end WCT event, created as a "regional development series".

Tunnel-induced regional development is small compared to general economic growth.

recent development   (desarrollo reciente)

Ørestad now has seen most of the recent development.

There has been considerable recent development.

In a recent development, news bulletins are subtitled.

major development   (desarrollo importante)

Realsoft had started a new major development project around 1994.

Vocoder technology was also a major development in this early era.

One major development was the intake system for the rotary engine.

leadership development   (desarrollo de liderazgo)

Both play a vital role in leadership development in Royal Rangers.

The network serves as a non-profit, providing leadership development.

In 1957 Bánáthy began enlarging a concept for a leadership development program.

development activities   (actividades de desarrollo)

Life science is a key sector with extensive research and development activities.

KASE is the apex agency for all skill development activities in the state of Kerala.

In this role Kim oversaw all of Merck's drug and vaccine research and development activities.

land development   (desarrollo de la tierra)

Established in 1962, the airport was intended to promote land development.

After 1978, Uhlman largely retired from politics, turning his attention to land development.

He is the owner of Highlands Properties, which specializes in construction and land development.

historical development   (desarrollo historico)

And this may well be attributed to Morvant's historical development.

See Fourier series for more information, including the historical development.

It therefore views Jewish law, or "halakha", as both binding and subject to historical development.

development environment   (entorno de desarrollo)

The commercial version of Esterel is the development environment Esterel Studio.

In 2001 Delphi 6 became the first integrated development environment to support web services.

GNAT Pro includes the GNU GCC based GNAT with a tool suite to provide an integrated development environment.

technological development   (desarrollo tecnológico)

Recently, food has been a source of technological development.

Germany has one of the world's highest levels of education, technological development, and economic productivity.

Preliminary studies and technological development of Gaganyaan started in 2006 under the generic name "Orbital Vehicle".

later development   (desarrollo posterior)

Only in later development do particular differences appear.

Kyōgen provided a major influence on the later development of kabuki theater.

However, the collection of coins for their artistic value was a later development.

development within   (desarrollo dentro)

Since then, there has been substantial development within the city.

As governor he focused primarily on economic development within the state.

The female selects her host nest by assessing the stage of development within that nest.

technology development   (desarrollo tecnológico)

The ICE 2005 was a technology development project for iris recognition.

Later the technology development was continued under Tosco's own directions.

Novomer Novomer is a venture-funded chemistry technology development company.

significant development   (desarrollo significativo)

Since the 1980s, Cardiff has seen significant development.

In 1935, another significant development was made in Germany.

A significant development in clairvoyance research came when J.

development during   (desarrollo durante)

Sumerian literature continued in rich development during the Akkadian period.

The development during 1942 to 1947 was not very noteworthy because of the World War.

The NFC Information System database has evolved since its original development during the 1980s.

development along   (desarrollo a lo largo)

The project stimulated retail and residential development along the loop.

To the west, Prospect Cemetery separates Fairbank from development along the railway.

Construction of the Beltline has stimulated new and related development along its path.

application development   (desarrollo de aplicaciones)

It incorporates a programming language and an environment for application development.

Thus, when things work out correctly, both firms profit from the application development.

C and later C++ became the languages of choice for professional "shrink wrap" application development.

continued development   (desarrollo continuo)

The game is under continued development as of August 2017.

Canadair continued development until the Arrow was cancelled in 1959.

The Spanish government selected the Modelo 2 for continued development in July, 1952.

through the development   (a través del desarrollo)

By 1921, this rose to 110,000, largely through the development of shanty towns.

Nobel invested in these and amassed great wealth through the development of these new oil regions.

Both Hinduism and Buddhism emphasize that one overcomes "dukha" through the development of understanding.

influenced the development   (influido en el desarrollo)

Crosby influenced the development of the postwar recording industry.

Halley's work strongly influenced the development of actuarial science.

Alexander's work has also influenced the development of agile software development.

led the development   (lideró el desarrollo)

Peter Sharpe led the development of Author/Editor.

He led the development of clinically grounded research methods.

She has led the development of graphene-based detectors at NASA Goddard.

national development   (desarrollo nacional)

She participated in tribal, state and national development programs.

Dr. Zhan has expertise in trade and national development strategies.

Members are tasked with spearheading national development initiatives.

development programme   (programa de desarrollo)

AstraZeneca then terminated the development programme.

He then coached at Portsmouth in their youth development programme.

From 2000, the school began a modernisation and development programme.

development and implementation   (Desarrollo e implementación)

It also advises agencies on development and implementation of national health initiatives.

He was also responsible for the development and implementation of the firm's strategic plan.

During the discussions, the goals and plans for further development and implementation of program were noted.

development efforts   (esfuerzos de desarrollo)

So researchers turned to other development efforts.

Research and development efforts form an integral part of the economy.

A 2007 parliamentary review suggested placing the development efforts on hold.

development costs   (costos de desarrollo)

Combined development costs were estimated at $3.5 to $4 billion.

Both approaches feature high infrastructure costs and/or development costs.

Terminal Reality reported total development costs between $15 and 20 million.

suburban development   (desarrollo suburbano)

I-295 turns southwest past suburban development containing some farmland.

The opening of the train line kickstarted a suburban development of the area.

Early-20th-century population growth coincided with lower-density suburban development.

cognitive development   (desarrollo cognitivo)

He developed the theory of cognitive development.

Piaget identified four stages in cognitive development.

Jean Piaget is inexorably linked to cognitive development.

career development   (desarrollo de carrera)

They cover a specific topic related to management or career development.

A wide variety of AP classes and career development classes are offered here.

The foundation also funds instruments, vocational training and career development for blind children.

s development   (s desarrollo)

Lisy Fischer’s development as an artist was adversely affected by World War I.

There can be risk assessments at each of the various stages of a robot’s development.

In his program, Dorozhenko places skating skills ahead of puck control skills in a player’s development.

drug development   (desarrollo de fármacos)

In 1999, Merck started a drug development program on DPP-4 inhibitors.

T98G T98G is a glioblastoma cell line used in brain cancer research and drug development.

It focuses on drug development in several areas of medicine, in particular cancer therapy.

support the development   (apoyar el desarrollo)

2 was established on March 19, 1999, to support the development of the manufacturing industry.

The organisation aims to support the development of sustainable, internationally competitive petroleum products industry.

The content was also available as downloadable MP3 tracks to those who donated money to support the development of the album.

planning and development   (planificación y desarrollo)

They are also responsible for planning and development new parks.

The stage was opened in 2005 after four years of planning and development.

The main tasks of the regions are regional planning and development of enterprise and education.

years of development   (años de desarrollo)

The game was the company's first title after 6 years of development.

After two years of development, its public beta release went live in 2012.

Following three years of development, "Dungeons & Dragons" 3rd edition was released in 2000.

development tools   (herramientas de desarrollo)

tvOS ships with all-new development tools for developers.

VADS provided a set of development tools including a compiler.

Borland developed a series of well-regarded software development tools.

initial development   (desarrollo inicial)

The initial development was split into two phases.

The initial development kit from Atari included a computer and manuals.

The project was in initial development in early 2015 but failed to start.

brain development   (desarrollo cerebral)

Lack of basic resources may also impede child brain development.

Such affection has been shown to influence brain development in infants.

Early childhood experience accounts for a large part of human brain development.

development time   (tiempo de desarrollo)

A typical development time frame for a PAS is around 6–9 months.

As the Swan had acted in effect as a prototype, development time was short.

Consequently, developers pushed back the game's release date by a year in favor of increased development time.