Phrases and example sentences

dialogue between

The author ends her book with a group dialogue between the exiles.

Lycomède enters and interrupts the dialogue between Céphise and Straton.

He also calls for a dialogue between all parties in Syria to end the civil war.

spoken dialogue

In the DS version, there is no spoken dialogue, only subtitles.

Chaplin intended to use spoken dialogue but changed his mind during rehearsals.

Pibby Tawles is not actually given much spoken dialogue, or much in the way of description.

interfaith dialogue

Kader has further sought to involve women and youth in the interfaith dialogue process.

In 2009, Griffith was awarded a Rumi Peace Award for his efforts in interfaith dialogue.

In 1990, he met a delegation of Jewish teachers in Dharamshala for an extensive interfaith dialogue.

no dialogue

The film is notable for having no dialogue or character names.

(no dialogue is heard again from this point on until the end).

The series had no dialogue.

through dialogue

He said that "All problems must be solved through dialogue, through talk.

At least three times it is revealed through dialogue that the gun can be set to 'Fatal Intestinal Maelstrom'.

Dr. Nairman, who has progressively revealed to the viewer her preference for John through dialogue with Jonathan, tells John about Elena.

line of dialogue

The line of dialogue "Me so horny.

() after a line of dialogue the Brigadier had in the 1971 "Doctor Who" serial "The Dæmons".

The next day, the Driver murders Denny in his hospital bed with a clipboard while disguised as a doctor, and says "No One Lives", the last line of dialogue in the film.

lines of dialogue

A single viewing in such conditions could result in mishearing some lines of dialogue.

There are a few satisfyingly funny lines of dialogue, and there are two sly throwaway appearances."

You start editing down and you end up with words and single lines of dialogue that were once scenes.