Cụm từ và câu ví dụ

did not   (đã không)

Welles did not travel overseas during that period.

Those measures, however, did not satisfy everyone.

This time, the knuckleballer did not let him down.

did not want   (Đã không muốn)

Roosevelt did not want to disappoint any candidate.

However, "then Leslie did not want to participate".

Jive just did not want that album to come out.

did so   (đã làm như vậy)

And it did so because it was a true collaboration.

She did so in the hope of changing his behaviour.

He did so, replacing it with a sparkling "Allegro".

did not play   (đã không chơi)

He did not play in any games for Buffalo, however.

Thybulle did not play much basketball in Australia.

Kansas City did not play a home game since April 14.

did not make   (không làm)

The council did not make any political decisions.

However, he did not make the team's final roster.

However the song did not make the final track list.

did not take

Settlement did not take place right away, however.

The teams did not take team names for this special.

did not appear   (đã không xuất hiện)

That is, the Sambo model did not appear in Brazil.

Her name did not appear on general election ballots.

Conductor did not appear in this spinoff series.

did not know   (đã không biết)

The principals did not know then what we know now.

Her sisters went, but Finette did not know the way.

He did not know how to read or write growing up.

did not receive   (không nhận)

While there were talks, Peru did not receive loans.

The Silhouette however did not receive this update.

At the time, she did not receive any recognition.

did not return   (đã không trở về)

The team did not return after the 2015–16 season.

Li remained in exile, and did not return to Taiwan.

They did not return to the UK charts until 2000.

did not participate   (đã không tham gia)

The İzmir champions did not participate this year.

It did not participate in the municipal elections.

It did not participate in operations against Iraq.

did not win

In 2009 they did not win a game and finished sixth.

However, he did not win any trophies with Dinamo.

Her party did not win any seats during the election.

did not include

This amendment did not include ayuvedic physicians.

Viadana's continuo, however, did not include figures.

Unlike series 1 and 2, it did not include file cards.

did not get

He did not get elected, and ended with much debt.

They did not get any immediate response to the plan.

Sheffield did not get its own Bishop until 1914.

did not go   (không đi)

The success of Illinois Steel did not go unchecked.

The pursuit did not go completely smoothly for Wei.

Unfortunately, his tests did not go at all well.

did not allow   (không cho phép)

Mailer did not allow any retakes during the shoot.

Haines did not allow a hit after the third inning.

California did not allow children to work at night.

did not see   (đã không thấy)

However, the film did not see a theatrical release.

the referee did not see, and the goal was not awarded.

The referee did not see, and the goal was not awarded.

did not come   (đã không đến)

The victory did not come without some controversy.

In any case, the appointment did not come through.

His third victory did not come until 14 April 1917.

did not believe   (Không tin)

Meyer did not believe in Christianity's concept of love.

Peter I did not believe the letter and beheaded them both.

Authorities did not believe her when she reported the incident.

did not meet   (không gặp)

The bombast did not meet some critics' approval.

It also did not meet the authorities' criteria."

The attempt did not meet with any significant success.

did not become   (đã không trở thành)

Beef did not become a commodity until the 1849 gold Rush.

The College did not become fully coeducational until 1996.

Eindhoven did not become part of the Netherlands until 1629.

although he did   (mặc dù anh ấy đã làm)

Roeder "agreed to take the property, although he did not half like the idea."

Ryazanov, although he did not immediately adopt the Marxist creeds of its leader.

Miller worked on the script (although he did not receive credit) to expand the role.

only did   (chỉ làm)

The 'star' only did eleven days work in the entire film.

Lancaster disliked directing and only did it once more, in the 1970s.

They only did 30 episodes.

did not qualify   (không đủ điều kiện)

Cooksey, however, pulled back and did not qualify.

"defending champion Stacey Stable did not qualify"

The team did not qualify after a wreck in qualifying.

did not exist   (không tồn tại)

This track did not exist in the Hesder yeshivas.

Political parties did not exist in the council.

But the road now carrying WYO 59 did not exist.

did not reach   (không đạt)

All club teams who did not reach either the S.F.C.

This artist did not reach the success of 50 Cent.

Fourth capture: "Invincible" did not reach Halifax.

did not run

He did not run for reelection on 21 August 1881.

Hébrard did not run for reelection on 4 January 1903.

They did not run on the LLR during their stay.

did not last   (đã không kéo dài)

However, the steam tramway did not last very long.

However, Bush's high approval ratings did not last.

However, this peaceful coexistence did not last.

did not apply   (không áp dụng)

In 2007–08, the district did not apply for the grant.

The law did not apply to Alderney and Sark.

(It did not apply to Scotland or Ireland.)

did not use

Leibniz, however, did not use the term "psychologia".

Jonas Edvardsen did not use the surname "Daae".

Police did not use force in attempting to calm the crowd.

so did

The hotel changed its policy and so did the Order.

As the press grew, so did the size of the volumes.

Geumwa's seven sons resented Jumong, and so did he.

did not seek   (không tìm kiếm)

She did not seek election in her own right in 1956.

He did not seek re-election in the 2012 election.

He did not seek re-election in the 1953 election.

did not find   (không tìm thấy)

Feller did not find any contrast effect for gibbons.

Subsequent research did not find more samples of the genus.

Deputies did not find a gun on Weber.

did not compete   (không cạnh tranh)

They did not compete at the 2010 World Championships.

She did not compete in the following seasons.

team did   (đội đã làm)

The team did not return after the 2015–16 season.

The Australian team did not medal at these Games.

The team did not qualify after a wreck in qualifying.

did not finish   (không kết thúc)

Head coach Roger Neilson did not finish the season.

He rode in the 2003 Giro d'Italia, but did not finish.

did not give   (không cho)

Consumers generally did not give high ratings for the album.

Nasution and the YLKB did not give up.

He had wanted to play, but his doctor did not give him clearance.

did well   (làm tốt)

John Coleman also did well, registering 6 majors.

It is a low budget movie which did well overseas.

Everything he applied himself to he did well.

did not attend   (đã không tham dự)

The Grand Prince of Tver Mikhail II did not attend.

However Cojuangco did not attend the TRO hearing.

Allen did not attend any school the following year.

did much

Other stations across the country did much the same.

King Charles ll did much to foster the rebuilding work.

He did much other work for the Jewish People.

did not support   (không ủng hộ)

Rampon did not support the Second French Empire.

Only Wasden and 16 other A.G.s did not support the measure.

Wilson telescope did not support the expanding universe theory.

did not begin   (đã không bắt đầu)

As a result, construction did not begin until 1909.

Work did not begin on the building until 1929.

However, roundarm did not begin in earnest until 1827.

did not accept   (không chấp nhận)

Iran's Shi'a clergy did not accept Kemal's position.

Emperor Dezong did not accept his suggestions.

The court did not accept these protestations.

did not start   (chưa bắt đầu)

They did not start again for at least thirty days.

Nick Ward again did not start, but played 11 minutes.

Grote did not start swimming until the age of fifteen.

government did   (chính phủ đã làm)

The Lim Yew Hock government did not fare any better.

The government did not look kindly on his activities.

Until recently the government did not keep data on race.

nor did   (cũng không)

Spencer never married nor did she have any children.

No one saw the murderer leave, nor did anyone hear a door opening.

Wyatt did not get involved in the incident, nor did James or Newton.

though he did

Kampantais, even though he did not score, played a good match.

Justin accepted, even though he did not want to become a Nazi.

Darwin was the inventor of several devices, though he did not patent any.

did not provide   (không cung cấp)

Carr did not provide the source of this information.

Alabama did not provide a separate declaration of causes.

These bones were lost and he did not provide for a holotype.

did not stand   (không đứng)

UKIP polled 37% in 2014 but did not stand this time.

UKIP polled 17% in 2014 but did not stand this time.

UKIP did not stand this time but polled 27% in 2014.

did not work   (đã không làm việc)

There is every likelihood that this did not work.

Apart from "Junoon", most of them did not work.

When that job did not work out, he moved to Winter Park.

did not occur   (đã không xảy ra)

However, this increase in services did not occur.

Fortunately the anticipated riots did not occur.

A proposed reunion tour in 2003 did not occur.

did the same

Ira tells the daughter to move out, Roth did the same.

In a parallel ceremony in Milan, Maximian did the same.

"Gladiator" did the same movie without the ape costumes."

did not require   (không yêu cầu)

The extension did not require any ports be opened.

However, her role did not require her to sing.

They also desired, but did not require, a range of and a speed of .

because he did   (bởi vì anh ấy đã làm)

during the interview because he did not understand what Rebellious is for.

Tiberius Gracchus objected to this because he did not want to lose the veterans.

John Waters was asked to direct, but refused because he did not write the script.

did little   (làm ít)

The next shot hit the walls but did little damage.

Also, 2 out of 3 adults did little or no exercise.

Charles did little to help against Guy, however.

did not stop   (không dừng lại)

But her musical talents did not stop with the piano.

But the freedom-loving woman did not stop this.

But Kisiakbika did not stop before the fear of being burnt.

did not wish   (không muốn)

However he did not wish to enter Parliament.

He did not wish to renew the loan after the 2012 season.

Atkinson did not wish to continue writing for the second series.

did however   (đã làm tuy nhiên)

He did however increase the boiler pressure from .

It did however influence a few historical novels e.g.

He did however pop his planned 2nd triple axel.

did not enter   (không vào)

However, he did not enter the field during the match.

Noiljadae did not enter the lake, but Yeosan Buin did.

However, he did not enter the line-up including bench.

did not consider   (không xem xét)

(Stewart did not consider the film to be such.)

Hume did not consider himself a pure Tory.

The issue was that many did not consider it a foreign language.

did not feature   (không có tính năng)

He did not feature in Triestina's 2 strikers formation.

The PlayStation 2 version did not feature a career mode.

He did not feature in the 1–1 draw with England due to injury.

did not change   (không thay đổi)

The interior workings, however, did not change much.

Hence she did not change faction in the Verkhovna Rada.

Those districts did not change until the 1968 elections.

did not survive   (không sống sót)

The two other daughters did not survive childhood.

Martin did not survive the 1973 season as manager.

Over five hundred of the passengers did not survive.

government did not   (chính phủ đã không)

The Lim Yew Hock government did not fare any better.

The government did not look kindly on his activities.

Until recently the government did not keep data on race.

team did not   (đội đã không)

The team did not return after the 2015–16 season.

The Australian team did not medal at these Games.

The team did not qualify after a wreck in qualifying.

did not agree   (đã không đồng ý)

Ukraine did not agree on the terms of the Treaty.

Gilbreth did not agree with women who wanted abortions.

The Court did not agree with the arguments of the respondent.

did not think   (không nghĩ)

Beach, the author of the book, did not think highly of the film.

During this early stage, Balzac did not think much of the project.

Thomas Simpson, however, did not think as highly of Dease as others.

did not sign   (không ký)

However, he did not sign a contract with them.

He did not sign the form on this occasion.

The United States did not sign the Berne Convention until 1989.

did not live

Branwell did not live in the house as Anne did.

He did not live to enjoy the success of his next series.

She did not live to receive her Pulitzer Prize in May 1946.

did not answer   (đã không trả lời)

Kimmarie did not answer the question in the finals.

Rav Zeira spoke to him, but he did not answer.

The remainder did not answer this question.

did nothing   (chẳng làm gì cả)

He reported the theft to airport staff, who did nothing.

And I did nothing except get back in my car and go home.

The then President Goodluck Jonathan did nothing about it.

did not follow   (đã không làm theo)

You cannot complain that he did not follow the rules.

Brooke did not follow the retreating Americans.

The mulberry culture did not follow the fate of viticulture.

did not show   (không hiển thị)

Bush did not show much improvement in with the Pirates.

The only wasted ballots are for those who did not show up.

The announced athletes from did not show.

did not happen   (đã không xảy ra)

That did not happen, according to Evenson.

However, this did not happen until the end of World War I.

This did not happen, however, because of the outbreak of war.

did not advance   (không tiến)

She did not advance to the semi-finals in either event.

Vitiny did not advance to the semifinals.

Daniel did not advance to the semifinals.

did not chart

This single, unlike "Empire Song", did not chart.

The second single, "Modern Love", did not chart.

It was followed by "Slow Down", which did not chart.

did not contest   (không dự thi)

The party did not contest any further elections.

He did not contest the January 1910 general election.

Chambeshi did not contest the 2006 general elections.

did not join   (đã không tham gia)

Curiously, Barley did not join them until 1606.

Ultimately, Serbia did not join the military alliance.

Even so, she did not join any political party.

did not succeed   (Đã không thành công)

They did not succeed however, in kidnapping Nicholas.

They planted and cultivated vineyards that did not succeed.

The effort did not succeed, as the B&M was bankrupt by 1976.

did not feel   (không cảm thấy)

Schwartz did not feel he was well-suited to the job.

Brian did not feel it should be released.

Starting the show, he had complained that he did not feel well.

did make   (đã làm)

He did make enough money to pay back his debtors.

Al-Fihri eventually did make another bid for power.

That did make some people squirm; make some people think.

did not perform   (đã không thực hiện)

The Palace did not perform its original function.

The film did not perform well at the box office.

did manage   (đã quản lý)

However, Gibbs did manage to score in the first Test.

He did manage a draw in his first bout with Langford in 1920.

However, he did manage to play in part of the Preseason games.

did not even

This did not even grant freedom to those in slavery.

He did not even spare the residence and factory of Indigo planters.

Until that time, the concept of an NP-complete problem did not even exist.

did not complete

He began but did not complete a number of books.

He did not complete his medical training.

Chu did not complete his second term.

did not hold

This initial success did not hold.

He did not hold any public office between August 1930 and March 1932.

Despite a fairly good performance, the Vikings did not hold on to him.

did not affect   (không ảnh hưởng)

These ailments did not affect his desire to perform.

The change in the law did not affect the incumbents.

Ultimately, this did not affect Binns joining the club.

never did

"I never did know your name", Mordecai says.

He never did get his hands on the fortune.

Booth promised to pay me for my trouble, but he never did.

then did

Only then did the orator raise his client's needs.

He then did move out into a room in their pool house.

The fighters then did a low fly-by as the plane landed.

did not recognize   (không nhận ra)

The clerk on duty at the time did not recognize her.

Namseonbi was blind, and thus he did not recognize his wife.

I did not recognize the man as he crossed the stage as being Booth.

what he did

After this, "what he did is now a matter of history.

Vakama needed to pay for what he did.

After friends and family saw what he did, they encouraged him to publish it.

did not end

His political life did not end with his presidency.

However, the compromise did not end the dispute.

This did not end the manufacture of fake wines.

did not intend   (không có ý định)

He did not intend for anyone to be dismissed in particular.

Despite being 36, he stated that he did not intend to retire.

Statoil reportedly did not intend to file a suit against them.

did not understand

Aegeus did not understand the prophecy and was disappointed.

33 persons said that they did not understand Faroese at all.

She did not understand Japanese when she first arrived in Japan.

film did   (phim đã làm)

However, the film did not see a theatrical release.

The film did not perform well at the box office.

did not leave   (Đã không để lại)

If he did not leave the church, he was to be starved.

Kucinich did not leave the race officially until July.

The last unit did not leave U.S. Navy service until 1973.

did not speak   (đã không nói)

When he first arrived he did not speak any English.

Upon arrival in the U.S., he did not speak English.

For the first three episodes Krieger did not speak.

did not approve   (không chấp thuận)

Aristobulus did not approve of his father's wishes.

John's father, Sir Walter, did not approve.

From 1871 to 1898, the Senate did not approve any treaties.

did not actually   (không thực sự)

That issue did not actually appear until May.

Lloyd George himself was ill and did not actually join.

Lord did not actually do it.

did not fit   (không phù hợp)

in large type did not fit in a column.

Van Gundy's coaching style did not fit Francis's style of play.

She too did not fit into the gender dichotomy of female stereotypes.