Cụm từ và câu ví dụ

many different   (nhiều khác nhau)

There are many different uses for the dative case.

Pornsak has hosted many different genres of shows.

These texts teach many different Chakra theories.

different types   (các loại khác nhau)

Two liquids can form different types of emulsions.

There are three different types of pressuremeters.

CDO refers to several different types of products.

several different   (một số khác nhau)

CDO refers to several different types of products.

There are several different types of mouse races.

There are several different covers for the novel.

very different   (rất khác nhau)

They are, however, very different from each other.

In the Maritimes the situation was very different.

A century later, the situation was very different.

different ways   (những cách khác)

Clocks have different ways of displaying the time.

This may be measured in a number of different ways.

There are many different ways to set up the game.

slightly different   (hơi khác)

Each faction endorsed slightly different policies.

This criticism appears in slightly different forms.

The last 2 were in a slightly different 1:28 scale.

number of different   (số lượng khác nhau)

This may be measured in a number of different ways.

The circuit had a number of different configurations.

There are a number of different classes in this sport.

different countries

Submissions originated from 22 different countries.

It was globally released in different countries.

MMM associates can be found in 12 different countries.

different parts   (các bộ phận khác nhau)

"Wagon Wheel" is composed of two different parts.

The tribe is present in different parts of Pakistan.

They were laid in different parts of the house.

between different

Rate of blood flow varies greatly between different organs.

The pizzicato style varies between different players and genres.

Hence, communication between different Muslim groups was difficult.

completely different   (hoàn toàn khác)

The sketches turn out to be completely different.

Suddenly we heard something completely different.

However, their music style was completely different.

different times

Cut three different times, this one sounds the best.

And the explanation for the different times was simple.

Different fruits are typically added at different times.

different species

Twenty different species of Orchidaceae grow in this area.

Records from Colombia probably represent different species.

The panda's diet is over 99% bamboo, of 30 different species.

different kinds

He identified several different kinds of names.

There are many different kinds of hardy tools.

Audi is a strong partner of different kinds of sports.

quite different   (khá khác nhau)

The versions are quite different from one another.

The rest of the song, however, is quite different.

This machine was quite different from Massey's.

different versions

Two different versions of this album were released.

There are many different versions in circulation.

Their functions vary in the different versions.

different forms

This criticism appears in slightly different forms.

There are different forms of taking this supplement.

A god can also appear in many different forms.

different levels

Children, then, enter school at different levels.

"Jannah" and "Jahannam" both have different levels.

These amendments require different levels of approval.

different locations

"D. vexillum" has different forms in different locations.

In Embrach 1,600 students are taught at different locations.

This massive sponge has varying forms in different locations.

different languages

Kelidar has been translated into different languages.

He also speaks over 40 different languages.

Equivalents in different languages include:

different areas

It takes various forms in different areas of the Caribbean.

These divide the work to be carried out into different areas.

Temperature amplitudes vary significantly in different areas.

different names   (tên khác nhau)

The paper was published under many different names.

They are not new quantities, simply different names.

Another ten have the same stars but different names.

variety of different   (nhiều loại khác nhau)

There are a variety of different types of encryption.

We are making a variety of different efforts."

The album was released in a variety of different formats.

different groups

These migrations vary among the different groups.

Based on numerous studies in different groups (e.g.

Nigeria and Ghana were seeded and put in different groups.

different styles

They were decorated with many different styles.

"Bachi" are also held in a number of different styles.

The degree of improvisation differs in different styles.

different regions   (khu vực khác nhau)

education by age and sex in different regions.

Differences in style exist in different regions of Ireland.

Zelenka was aware of the music in different regions of Europe.

entirely different   (hoàn toàn khác biệt)

Her view of Einstein was entirely different.

The beats and tempo that define house are entirely different.

The US reviews were entirely different.

different places   (Những nơi khác nhau)

He went to different places and preached the Gospel.

The actual amount differed in different places and times.

Remnants of ancient temples are seen at different places.

different aspects

The material included different aspects of BDSM, e.g.

Each examined two different aspects about public opinion on NAFTA.

But both spirits are regarded as different aspects of one supreme god.

significantly different   (khác nhau đáng kể)

The F2G-1 and F2G-2 were significantly different aircraft.

The 2012 race was significantly different from earlier races.

Females and males look significantly different in appearance.

different cultures

Tree deities in different cultures of the world include:

Gender differences vary to some degree for different cultures.

Both acts are understood very differently in different cultures.

using different

From time immemorial, the Mizo have been using different musical instruments.

There are numerous different types using different semiconductor technologies.

Broadcasters of analog television encode their signal using different systems.

different people

But it can be so many things to different people.

He added: "We're just two totally different people."

Business English means different things to different people.

different characters

She played four different characters in the said series.

Michael McKean has also appeared twice, voicing different characters.

It also starred Sung Dong-il and Lee Il-hwa, but as different characters.

different colors   (màu sắc khác nhau)

They manifested in different colors and shapes.

Amber occurs in a range of different colors.

Every school has the same pattern but with different colors.

different stages

The tournament was played in two different stages.

He wore four jumpers at different stages during the show.

Some songs went through different stages during recording.

different sizes

There are five different sizes of VPC installations.

The rooms are of different sizes and certainly different uses.

There are eight different sizes ranging from 190 cfm to 424 cfm.

different way

I really wanted to do the story in a different way.

We will take revenge in a different way.

He used the piano in a different way."

different categories   (các loại khác nhau)

There are different categories of free software.

Ghoshal received three awards in different categories.

Folklorists divide customs into several different categories.

different cities

He studied primary school in different cities of Turkey.

The calendar consisted of 10 races in 9 different cities.

Meanwhile, he worked as teacher in different cities in Bulgaria.

different directions

Everybody was running away in different directions.

There are services meeting in 3 different directions.

Many of the bloodied persons fled in different directions.

use different

Various online CFM services use different approaches.

Different groups of organisms use different proteins.

Different cuisines will use different types of ovens.

different teams

He earned offers from six different teams.

The title has been won at least once by 20 different teams.

The title has been won at least once by 16 different teams.

different methods

Many different methods of injection can be used.

Fab dose can be determined by two different methods.

The cast also had different methods of working.

across different   (qua khác nhau)

The details of its life history vary across different parts of its range.

The protein composition of neurofilaments varies widely across different animal phyla.

Starch granules vary in composition and location across different chloroplast lineages.

somewhat different   (Hơi khác)

The tale of Cassius Dio is also somewhat different.

It can be characterized in two somewhat different ways.

The arrangement of the teeth was also somewhat different.

different sources

The idea behind Aptoide came from different sources.

It comprises songs from a few different sources.

Top Ten Lists Top Ten lists were compiled from different sources.

different genres   (thể loại khác nhau)

Pornsak has hosted many different genres of shows.

The library needs an overhaul for books of different genres.

Trivedi dubbed the soundtrack the "baap (father) of different genres".

different points

From the Pole, we draw lines to different points on the Mohr circle.

There are different points about the numeration of the days of the month.

At one time, men worked at 48 different points along the length of the tunnel.

different approach   (phương pháp khác nhau)

The New York detective tried a different approach.

More modern authority suggested a different approach.

A film company with a different approach was Film d'Art.

different states

It on the NH27 and connected to different states.

All teams are from different states in Australia.

However, different states had different corporate laws.

something different   (một cái gì đó khác nhau)

I guess every verse has something different I'd taken.'"

According to the band "they wanted to try something different.

I become something different.

no different

Intellectual monopoly is no different in this respect.

This is no different with analytic theology.

It is no different than any other airplane."

through different

News can travel through different communication media.

Some songs went through different stages during recording.

Pensions are most important kind, but can be organized through different legal forms.

different classes

The order was awarded in five different classes:

Names can, of course, be reused in different classes.

There are a number of different classes in this sport.

different roles

Flags can play many different roles in religion.

Moen has been part of Larvik HK in different roles since 1997.

She performed in a number of different roles throughout her career.

between the different

A distinction was made between the different levels of pressings.

The hemicycle design is a compromise between the different Parliamentary systems.

He then began investigating links between the different civilizations in the region.

different periods

It also broadcasts for different periods of time day by day.

Vecsey's baseball books cover several different periods of the game.

Different latitudes rotate at different periods (differential rotation).

many different types

There are many different types of sweet bean sauces.

It is used on many different types of livestock.

However, there are many different types of compilers.

different schools

They are sent to different schools.

The group currently operates five different schools in Hong Kong.

Qasir taught in many different schools adjacent to Dera Ismail Khan.

different positions

Accordingly, in 2002-2004 he got different positions.

Both serve at different positions within the family group of companies.

The four fingers of the left hand can each be used in two different positions.

different things

At that time, they meant slightly different things.

Tujunga Tujunga can refer to a few different things:

For example, many different things can be red.

different time

They may have developed during different time periods.

A kokanee can spawn in a variety of different time periods called runs.

Characters were selected from different time lines in the X-Men universe.

different type

Each requires a totally different type of breech to the other.

Rather, it is a different type.

Each different type of analgesic has its own associated side effects.

radically different   (hoàn toàn khác)

1-17, Zona 10, are two radically different addresses.

Schwab set up a series of radically different policies.

Druze in different states can have radically different lifestyles.

different fields

That ideology spanned many different fields of interest.

Pelletier attended several schools in several different fields.

The vacuum tubes used in the different fields were indistinguishable.

different version

33a) has a different version of this miracle."

"The Times of India" reported a different version of the error.

In 2009 a new different version of MCL has been open sourced: RMCL.

different from other   (khác với các loại khác)

AIM was different from other clients, such as Yahoo!

The eye structure is very different from other octopods.

They are different from other Jita in terms of physical appearance.

among different

Tonewood choices vary greatly among different instrument types.

The efficacy of the signal varies among different neuronal types.

The overall incidences among different cancers vary across countries.

different kind   (loại khác)

He undertook a different kind of geology training.

My body runs on a different kind of nourishment."

Both "loves" are based upon loyalty, but of different kind.

totally different   (hoàn toàn khác biệt)

He added: "We're just two totally different people."

On another, it feels like a totally different world."

But the NBB, the story was totally different.

different direction

Both lines are named S2 but with different direction names.

He headed in a different direction and attacked Corunna instead.

However, they move in a different direction, and they fall off the tower.

different approaches

Meditation teachers have different approaches too.

Various online CFM services use different approaches.

Two different approaches have been used.

different sports

Chaminade offers over 60 teams in 18 different sports.

In Garapan there is Carolinian Utt where you can play different sports.

"Nil", "love", and "duck" are used by different sports for scores of zero.

different set

It also had a different set of voting mechanics.

Every trail may have a slightly different set of rules.

Three versions of the single were released, each with a different set of B-sides.

different social   (xã hội khác)

They were of different social positions.

Pagan's society was highly stratified among different social classes.

They are women of different social classes, values and lifestyles opposites.

different ethnic

pepplesof different ethnic groups live happily here.

The different ethnic groups have their own individual cloth.

Chad is home to over 200 different ethnic and linguistic groups.

different companies

There are numerous types of ERGs existing at different companies.

Haldar also took part-time jobs in different companies in Kolkata.

Several models of the Clavioline were produced by different companies.

different musical

However, the bass guitar has a different musical sound.

The touch pad can be set to different musical scales and keys.

While their next two albums followed a different musical direction.

different name

One feature of the game was that everything went under a different name from normal.

There were other regional variations as well as going by a different name in the USA.

Each story is titled with a different name and consists of different star cast members.

much different

In Zone 1, things are much different.

The terrain in Maple Grove is much different than Brooklyn Park.

Average temperatures are not much different throughout the year.

different meanings

"Professor" has different meanings in BrE and AmE.

Elsewhere, some terms are used with different meanings.

According to Rummel, genocide has three different meanings.

different models

Roadrunner used two different models of processors.

The initial range comprised eleven different models.

The following tables highlight features of the different models.

different occasions

He departed the show on two different occasions.

On four different occasions, Bangladesh hosted the Asia Cup.

In addition, he represented Poland on 8 different occasions.

range of different

Amber occurs in a range of different colors.

Fish exhibit a wide range of different reproductive strategies.

Monroe's young boy was unsettled with a range of different carers.

different character

Sunil's comedy and Tarun in totally different character.

Each different character has at least one special ability.

Meanwhile, air combat on the Western Front had a much different character.

different location

The city would later be rebuilt in a different location.

Since then, they have been held in a different location every year.

On October 26, 1737, bury a corpse of different location of this mountain.

different political

Use of the exact motto is found in two quite different political groups.

Both candidates did run as independents but were supported by different political fractions.

During the Roman occupation, Sierra Suroeste belonged to several different political regions.

different color

Commonly, the cock feather is of a different color.

Each track personifies a different color or hue.

The two models also have different color paint.

different sections   (các phần khác nhau)

Finding and jumping to different sections was often difficult.

The spire was delivered to the site in four different sections.

Another common use is to partition land into different sections.

different varieties

Several different varieties of hepatotoxicity have been reported.

There are different varieties.

Many textile shops in the city sell different varieties of Kota doria.

different clubs

He was promoted four times with four different clubs.

There are currently 66 different clubs students can join.

There are also different clubs and organizations on campus.

ten different

For the shows, Beyoncé adopted ten different looks.

Fifteen riders from ten different nations competed.

Thirteen riders from ten different nations competed.

different reasons

Resettlements could be done for different reasons.

More people come up to the roof for different reasons.

Classical sources give different reasons for this deed.

different artists

"Guitar Hero 5" features 85 songs by 83 different artists.

MICOM also gave different artists their first chance on television.

This is where she met different artists and became the secretary of the society.

so different

It's so different from a lot of his other stuff.

She suggests that perhaps human and Cylon are not so different after all.

But are they so different?"

different style

This book was written in a very different style.

They danced a different style than the others.

They have a different style.

various different

The radio station has had various different formats in its history.

The group continued with various different lineups in the mid-1980s.

He provided various different definitions of this term over his career.

different wrestlers

There have been 18 reigns shared among 13 different wrestlers.

Overall, there have been 18 reigns shared among 13 different wrestlers.

131 different wrestlers appeared in matches during CMLL's Super Viernes shows.

different materials

Beads can be made of many different materials.

The building's floors are made of three different materials.

Ruyi is made of different materials, including porcelain and jade.